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I'm Jenessa, a business mindset coach and brand strategist for online experts ready to tap in to their true badassery and create and grow powerful brands that attract their soulmate clients and make sales fun & easy.

My passion is supporting entrepreneurs who are ready to end their battle with self-sabotage, regain their kick ass confidence and create the business and life of their dreams.


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The Biz Lounge

C O M I N G  S O ON 

THE membership for entrepreneurs who want to grow their biz with a tribe of other abundant, impact driven entrepreneurs while getting marketing, mindset, and business education.  It's like your getting a coach, a mastermind, your own cheer leading squad, kick ass training, support, accountability, and a ton of new biz besties all in one place! 

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You're ready to be the elevated entrepreneur with massive impact, confidence, and ease, fearlessly show up in your biz and for yourself so you can create a life of abundance and freedom and you need some guidance & support. Click here to learn more...

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Brand Photography

A great photographer (aka Me!) will help you infuse your personality, make a strong brand statement, and give you the kind of images that will set you apart from the crowd. Click here to learn more...
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Trying to attract YOUR dream clients can be frustrating, am I right?

I got you boo...

"Jenessa is an amazing coach! She got me to see things I didn’t even realize I was holding onto or too afraid to admit. She virtually held my hand and guided me through to my own discoveries in my entrepreneurial journey"

Keila Nicole Coaching

"I knew that I needed a facelift and before I came back on social media, I wanted to make sure I was emotionally ready to do it the right way. I hired Jenessa to help me build a personal brand that resembled who I AM TODAY, not who I was back then or who I wanted everyone to think I was. I am so glad I put myself first and invested in her. She keeps me honest and real, which I love. It feels so nice to know that I'm more than okay the way I am today, in this moment. It took me a long time to be able to say that."

Onyx Boudoir Studios

"Jenessa is an AMAZING business coach! She gives me the space to be my creative CEO self- here there and everywhere, then she just cuts away all the BS in what I just said, and lays it out straight for me- I need AWARENESS to make the mindset shifts, so she tells me what I'm not seeing myself do, and then POOF! I do the work and make it happen! She's the bomb.com! So much love for you!!!"

Owner, Holistic Business Company

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