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I'm Jenessa, an intuitive business and mindset coach

It's my purpose to help you, the soul led entrepreneur, attract your soul tribe by connecting with your ideal client on a soul level through your brand story, values, and personality, and also to create content, messaging, and offers that hit at the core of your ideal clients being, making your marketing and sales easy and fun.

I am committed to helping you build your dreams from the inside out, it's my mission is to show you how to become who you were created to be, so that you can share your talents with the world, make a difference, and create a business and life by your design.


Soul Client Attraction Masterclass

Join me December 1st if you're ready to:

Discover your soul clients identity and speak to them powerfully to attract an audience of raving fans

Hear "YES" and "How do I work with you?" more often from people you want to work with and are READY to work with you

And NOT feel like you're leaving anyone out or leaving money on the table...

Free Masterclass

Ready to attract soul clients who are "all in" making sales EASY & FUN?
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How can I help you?

Work together 1:1

You are an elevated entrepreneur ready for more massive impact, confidence, and ease in your business, so ready to fearlessly show up in your biz and for yourself so you can create a life of abundance and freedom and you need some guidance & support. Click here to learn more...

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Soul Marketing Group

A 90 day group program where we will attract your soul clients and create a bomb marketing plan so that you're making sales while changing lives.

(aka kicking ass and taking names)

Next group starts Jan 4 2021

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Brand Photography

A great photographer (aka Me!) will help you infuse your personality, make a strong brand statement, and give you the kind of images that will set you apart from the crowd. Click here to learn more...
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Trying to attract YOUR soul clients can be frustrating, am I right?

I got you boo...

"Jenessa is an amazing coach! She got me to see things I didn’t even realize I was holding onto or too afraid to admit. She virtually held my hand and guided me through to my own discoveries in my entrepreneurial journey"

Keila Nicole Coaching

"I knew that I needed a facelift and before I came back on social media, I wanted to make sure I was emotionally ready to do it the right way. I hired Jenessa to help me build a personal brand that resembled who I AM TODAY, not who I was back then or who I wanted everyone to think I was. I am so glad I put myself first and invested in her. She keeps me honest and real, which I love. It feels so nice to know that I'm more than okay the way I am today, in this moment. It took me a long time to be able to say that."

Onyx Boudoir Studios

"Jenessa is an AMAZING business coach! She gives me the space to be my creative CEO self- here there and everywhere, then she just cuts away all the BS in what I just said, and lays it out straight for me- I need AWARENESS to make the mindset shifts, so she tells me what I'm not seeing myself do, and then POOF! I do the work and make it happen! She's the! So much love for you!!!"

Owner, Holistic Business Company

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