Attract ideal clients who totally vibe with you making sales easy and not sleazy!


Attract Your Soul Clients

Hosted by Jenessa MacKenzie - The Elevated Entrepreneur

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Hey! I'm Jenessa. An intuitive business and mindset coach. 

I help online experts, coaches, course creators, and other soul led entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients by connecting with their people on a soul level through their brand story, values, and personality, and also to create content, messaging, and offers that hit at the core of their soul clients being, making sales easy and fun.

In this masterclass we will:

Zero in on who your SOUL CLIENTS are and who they are not so that you know exactly who you want to work with and who you don't, making soul attraction and visibility a breeze because you know who they are and what they need on a deep level.

Nail your brand story so that you are totally super clear on who you are as a business owner and who you're not so that you can show up with extreme confidence, attracting your soul clients that totally vibe with you.

AND as a bonus I will show you my super easy method to create 30 days of posts in one day!

So if you're ready to discover your soul clients identity and speak to them powerfully to attract an audience of raving fans, hear "YES" and "How do I work with you?" more often from people you want to work with and are READY to work with you, and NOT feel like you're leaving anyone out or leaving money on the table...

Then get your buns in here!

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