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4 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2021 [Podcast Ep 51]

Jan 06, 2021

Are you ready to have a successful 2021? In this episode, I break down the four steps to set yourself up for success in the new year, why you should reflect on your intentions, and how to create a plan to reach your goals.

  • Why it’s important to know the reason behind the goals you set for your business
  • How to prevent burnout when trying to reach your goals
  • Why you need to take action to become visible, put yourself out there, and connect with your soul clients.

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast and happy freaking new year, who is glad that we are starting a whole new year because we all know that 2020 was a little crazy. Right. So I know that you know, we've all been really looking for connection and support, and I've also seen so many people, people just up awesome and blow up their businesses this year. And it's been incredible to watch how humans just overcome adversity this way. And I think we all had a really great year to reflect, and within ourselves so that we could really see what it is that we wanted. And I think a lot of 2020 was definitely doing that, right. It was really saying yourself like, Whoa, here are all of these things that are kind of just, you know, blowing up the world right now. And we had to change a lot of things.

We were now connected virtually through zoom way and other ways to way more than we were before. And we had to make that work for us. So going into 2021, you know, how are we going to set ourselves up for success this year? So that's what I want to talk about today. I have four stages, I guess, or, you know, things that I'd like to talk about today on how you can set yourself up for success in this new year. You know, we may come across a lot of changes this year as well. Things may go back to, you know, a little more normalcy than what they are now. I don't think that you know, we're actually not, it's never going to be the same again, right. Because once something happens, it's like that chapter in a book that like, you turn the page and you're like, Oh, okay.

So this book is, you know, now we're just moving forward. The book is never, you're never going to go backward, you know, in the book, you're going to always go forward. So how do we go forward? How are we going to set ourselves up for success in this new year now, knowing what we know and knowing that things can change at any second and completely change our trajectory, our outlook, our perspective, the way we are being the way we are doing can completely change in seconds just as our lives can? So the four things I want to talk about today that can help you set up for success in this new year, our intentions goals, a plan, and execution. So we're just going to dive right into it. You know, intentions are the first thing that I always set.

If you have been following me for a little bit, or listening to this podcast, or are in my awesome Facebook group, by the same name as this podcast, the elevated entrepreneur, you know, that intentions are a huge part of my way of being, they are a big part of what I help my audience with and, and my clients. So that's what we're going to start with here. Intentions, we're going to reflect over the last year and it, you know, I guess maybe we should start with what the heck is an intention, right. And an intention to me, my definition of an intention is to call in something or ways of being or feelings or, they are achievements, but it's not a goal. It's how do you want to project or what do you want to project in your life or call into your life this year.

I do this on a lunar cycle. So every 28 days I'm setting an intention or I'm tweaking my old intention. I also do this every year as well because it brings a lot of clarity. So here is how to, you know, think about setting your intention. I want you to reflect over the last year, what was amazing and what worked for you because there were amazing things. Things did work, whether you think they did or not. I really want you to think about this. What can you celebrate from last year? What, you know, what worked for you, what were you excited about? And then what wasn't so amazing, what could you let go of and what do you want to call in more of this coming year? What are some feelings that you want to have more of? What ways of being, could you know, called towards, to show up in a better way or in a moral of a leadership role or more of a, you know, who are all experts in our own, right.

But in, in a more expert role, and if you're having a hard time with this, and you're just kind of coming up with tangibles like I want to make a hundred K this year, I want to grow tribe to 10,000 people. I really would like you to think about why you want those things and how you'll feel already having that in your life or business. And how are you being, from what place are you making decisions from? What is your mindset of all of the things that you want to have? Like, I want you to think of all of those things have a place that you already did, having the things that you want, that you want to call more in, more of, and ask yourself those questions. Why do you want it? How will it feel already having it?

And from what place are you making decisions from and what kind of mindset do you have already having? And then think about those same questions as you are right now in the same situation, in the same place, right this second in the present, how are you being now? And there's no judgment, no shame, no guilt. This is only for you to get clarity on what you really want. So I want you to, you know, make sure you understand that because this, even just these questions can bring up so much stuff for us. Old patterns, old beliefs, all kinds of crap that probably held us back last year. Right. And it's, you know, there is no wrong or right answer here. And I don't want you to judge yourself. Don't feel shame, no guilt, only clarity. Okay. And then set your intention for this year in an affirmative way.

So instead of saying, I don't want to be as scared this year, or I want to let go of fear this year. What will you do instead? So using I will, or I am, are great ways to start doing that. And you know, your intention can just be a word. Like I know a lot last year, I saw a lot of people posting things about what is your word this year. And that word can drive you. It absolutely will drive you. So it can be a word, you know, write all this stuff down, please pull out a journal and do this. If you're not a journaler, that's okay too. But I do really, I would really love for you to write it down somewhere, whether you're typing it or writing it, pen and paper doesn't make any difference, but do this exercise in writing form somehow so that you can go back and look at it because you're going to be shocked at the stuff that you find when you look at it even like a month, two months, six months, or when you open it back up next year.

And you're like, Whoa, look how far I really did come. Like, and then you can compare your year to year and it's really fun.

So the next, next one is your goals, right? So intentions and goals are actually totally different. I know that a lot of people might mix these up sometimes because intentions, sometimes can feel like, or sound like it's just a goal, right? Something that you want to achieve. But its intentions to me are more of a way of being, and feelings and something that, you know, you can follow with your heart goals. To me are tangibles like specific things that you want to accomplish this year. So this is where you're going to start thinking about numbers and revenue growth, things like that. And it doesn't always have to just be those things, but in your business, we're going to talk about business goals. So this is where you're going to start thinking about those things, the numbers, the revenue, the growth, right?

So I want you to release the how, while you're making this list, because that, so gets us stuck. One word, we're creating this goals list. And we're like, okay, well I want to, you know, do this, this and this. And then you're, you know, you're like, Oh, uh, how am I going to do this? It doesn't matter right now. I don't want you to think about how I want you to just write freely about what you'd like to see happen for you and your business within the next year. And these things should be expansive. They should be more than where you are right now. They should be a little uncomfortable because growth comes from that, you know, going through that uncomfortable crap that we all have. That's how, you know, you're growing when you're in that space. And you're just like, Ooh, this kind of feels a little weird, but I know I have to go through this to get to where I want to go.

And they should also feel exciting. So what I want you to realize is that fear and excitement actually feel the same in your body. The energy is the same. The difference between them is the story you attach to it. And what I mean by that is the story you're attaching to the situation that's in front of you. That is making you feel that feeling, making you feel that feeling right. That's the only difference. So next time you're like, you feel like a little fear, and then the next time you feel excited, I want you to like, stop and feel the feeling in your body. Like I usually mine's like in my gut between like my chest and my stomach, like above my belly button, that's usually where I get my excitement and my fear. And it's like that, I dunno, like butterflies almost like, you know, shooting around in there going, Ooh, Hey, like, it's like your gut saying, Hey, something's going on here? Are we happy? Are we scared? What's happening?

And you're, you know, when you write this, when you write your goals, you're going to have these feelings that come up. You're going to have fear again. You know, we just talked about fear and excitement are the same thing. So think about, think about that. Doubt is going to come up, you know, all these things you're going to start telling yourself about yourself. Like, can I really hit that goal? Or I can't really hit that goal or Holy crap, who the hell do I think I am trying to hit that goal. And your brain's gonna feel like it's being scrambled.

I needed a drink. Cause my throat just got dry. So your brain is going to feel like it's being scrambled because you're giving it direction. Right. And, but you're asking it to take you somewhere. You've never been, and it doesn't know how to get there, which is why I'm asking you to please release the how, but understand that your brain, as you're writing these goals are, it's going to say, well, I don't, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if I can do that, but all these things. Right. And it, and it's okay. But the how doesn't matter right now. So just keep writing and then I want you to take a look back at the intention that you would just set and see how they connect because they will connect somehow.

And then we're going to talk about a plan. So planning is, you know, you either love it or hate it, right? The plan is, you know, you're like, Oh, can I just wing it? You can, you absolutely can just wing it. Do you want to just wing it? No, probably not. Not if you tend to get to your goals. Right. So I want to share a little bit about how I like to plan. Uh, I personally like to plan in quarters because it's like this nice 90-day timeframe and gives me time to see what's working. And then I get to tweak. What's not working it's, you know, longer than 30 days, because 30 days sometimes is just, not enough time to see if something works. So in 90 days, I have that little bit of extra time. And then at like 45 days, I go back and I, you know, look at everything that's happened in the last 45 days.

I'm like, okay, what's working. What's not, what can I tweak? What, you know, what's happening. So like our life has just all these cycles. And we have a beginning, middle, and end to all of this, all of this stuff. So if we look at planning like that, then it will help us to, you know, know when energetically and logically when it's time to, kind of stop for one second, go back and look at what's happening or what has happened. And then, you know, is it working? Is it not working? Do I need to do something different? What can I do differently? Not just throw up your hands and go, Oh my God, it's not working. I'm just going to stop doing it. No, please don't do that. Let's not do that. That's a whole nother episode. Maybe we'll do that one next.

But planning in 90 days also helps me to look at my own energy and my time bandwidth, like how many hours do I actually want to work in a day in a week or a month? Because remember, it took me a little bit to remember this too, that it's your business and it's your life, and this is by your design. So we need to make sure that we're planning in time for us, for our family and our friends. And then, you know, some days or weeks are going to look different depending on what you're trying to achieve. Some weeks might look, you know, you're might be working more hours or you might be working fewer hours.

We, we need time in there though to rest and rejuvenate ourselves because if we don't do that, we just burn out the most important thing, that you don't overload yourself because you know, burnout is no Bueno and it only becomes an unnecessary obstacle. If you take nothing else away from this episode, please know that burnout is an unnecessary obstacle. Okay. So breaking, breaking this plan up, we break our goals into quarters. So if you said, you know, you wanted a hundred K in revenue divided by four, so quarterly, your revenue would be 25 K. Great. So now, you know, every 90 days, what you need to make in revenue to reach your goal of a hundred K, and then we get to think about our offers and our products. What are we offering? What products do we have, how much do they cost?

And do you have a maximum amount of people that you're calling into a certain program or offer, or a certain number of widgets, whatever your product, you know, if it's a physical product, whatever that is, how many of those do you need to sell to reach that goal? So really quickly, here's a breakdown of kind of how I think in my own business when I'm doing this like I know that I am excited to hold space for 20 people in. So marketing my group, my 90-day group program. So every 90 days I hold space for 20 amazing people in there because I want it to be intimate and I want it to be high touch. And I want it to be like a true tribe, a little community that works together and supports each other on reaching all of our true potentials because I learn things every time. Right. You know, I may run the group, but I learned so much from the incredible people that I get that come in and share.

So that's, you know, that's what I want. I want everyone to reach their true potential while creating a bomb marketing plan that attracts and converts like that is the goal of that program to create a marketing plan that attracts and converts. And then for my moon sight circle, magic membership, there's open enrollment all year and there's no limit on the number of members. While that's still a trot, a true tribe community and we learn and grow and we do awesome stuff, you know, that is the moon cycle, the lunar cycle, energetic awesomeness that helps you just flow through business in life. And then I only take six one-on-one clients every six weeks. So I need to think about all three of those things when I'm trying to figure out, you know, what it's going to look like. So if your goal is 25 K for the quarter, based on your program and your energetic capacity, how many Seoul clients you'll call in to reach your goal.

And then another thing that I do is I put my launch dates for the year on my calendar. And if you don't launch that's okay, too, what programs or offers are you looking to fill or sell in that 90 day period or products, right. So thinking about all of those things helps you just to get more clarity on, I love doing, I'll tell you why I love doing this. I love doing this because when you break it down like this, you're like, oh, I only need 10 people to do this, this and this. Like, I need to call in 10 of my soul clients for this specific thing in these 90 days. Great. How am I going to do that? And then that plan breaks down.

And then the last one is to execute, right? Execute. People go, Oh my God action. Each week, like here comes to the house and this is where most of us freeze, or we get so flustered that we're just like, ah, I don't even know. And we'll we either give up or we show up half-assed or, you know, I don't know. We just don't believe in ourselves at this point because it's like the execution part is where everyone in my, you know, I don't want to say opinion. That's not the word I'm looking for. It's-- I don't even know. You guys have to know the word I'm looking for, but it's where everyone gets flustered. We want someone to just give us a step-by-step action plan. We're like somebody, please just tell me what to do. Right. This is why we join or get freebies.

We'll get freebies. We join groups. We pay for courses because we want somebody to show us what to do, right. Underlying everything else that that course person freebie, PDF, ebook, regular book. I don't even care what you are investing in underneath. It all really is the desire to understand what to do next. Right? And that's not a bad thing. I'm not saying that like, that's a bad thing because we also learn, we also grow. We also get new perspectives. We find what works for us and we find what doesn't work for us. And I think that is one of the very most important things. When it comes to execution is knowing that, you know what Sally Mae is doing in her business to make 10 K a month might not work for you to make 10 K a month. That is what your goal is.

Right? Understand that when we learn and we invest in ourselves, even in coaching or masterminds or anything else that we need to take, what works for us and leave what doesn't behind. And it's okay to do that. You do not have to follow step-by-step. Every single thing somebody says to do, if there is something that doesn't resonate with you, that doesn't align with your goals, that doesn't align with your energy and be careful with that one, make sure that it's not avoidance or that, you know, it's not your ego saying this doesn't align. Like there's a difference there too, but just, you know, try test tweak, try test tweak. Like that's how we do here, right? This is how we do it. And that's how we grow. That's how we get success. And everyone's execution is gonna look different and then it's going to involve, and then it's going to transform because you are going to evolve and transform execution stage is where knowing your soul client, your tribe and yourself play the biggest role because this is where you're actually going out and doing the action.

This is where you're actually going out and, and being visible and putting yourself out there, writing your content, doing your lives, collaborating with other people, doing ads. This is where the action takes place. So knowing who your sole client is, is like understanding who is already in your tribe, because you have conversations with them because, you know, you understand what they want because you called them in. After all, they're your soul clients. Right. And knowing yourself so that you understand the energetic pieces of you, you are bandwidth when you feel, you know, in alignment with the universe when you don't. Right. Because there are gonna be days and there's, especially during the month, especially for women, there are, you know, times and days that are more energetically aligned naturally. This is, you know, moon circle, magic one-on-one right here, that, you know, nature and the lunar cycle. It's a way to understand when to do something or when did you things and when not to, or I don't want to say not to, but one to really pay attention to what is happening around you in your business and why you might feel some resistance or heaviness at certain times of the month where you're like, I don't want to create content right now, like, or a whole week where you're just like, Ugh, I am tired.

And I have, you know, less energy than I did last week. Like, what the heck is happening right now? There is a reason there's the pro you know, I'm sure that the moon and the energy of the lunar cycle might not be the only thing. The only reason that you feel differently during months, but what the heck, like if you have the opportunity to understand nature's energy, I mean, the moon, like it creates the tides of the ocean, right? Like if it can affect the ocean, that is water. Imagine how it is affecting our bodies. We've got a lot of water. I don't know the exact number. I was just going to say like 70%, but I don't want that to be the wrong number. But we are made up of mostly water, mostly fluid in our bodies. So the moon in a different lunar cycle or a different phase of the cycle is going to affect all kinds of things for you personally, I know went off on a little bit of a tangent there, but I want you to understand that the strategies become less daunting and clarity is inevitable when you're comfortable with knowing who your, so the client is your tribe and yourself, and it becomes a flow because you know what they want and then you know what you need.

And that's so super important when it comes to execution. Like we, you know, I've heard so many times before we're entrepreneurs, we show up, even when we feel like we don't want to. Right. Yeah. That's true. But what if you could plan what of, you could plan your execution. You're awesome. Menace to be put out into the world at a time when you did feel like it, and you felt like it every time you did it, like, heck yes. Right. So right now I want you to look back at your intention. And I want you to think about ways that you can take action from your intention, so that you're in alignment with yourself, your energy and your goals, and the three things that we should be thinking about when it comes to execution and calling and soul clients, and, you know, nurturing our amazing tribes and nurturing ourselves, right.

Is service value and self, you know, not necessarily in that order, but they are key to your execution. So I hope all of this helped you. And I would love for you to let me know either on Instagram, DMS, or, you know, any way you can get in touch with me. Right? So how are ways you can get in touch with me and go check out the website the elevated or connect with me on Instagram at the underscore elevated underscore entrepreneur, send me a DM screenshot of this episode, send me a DM and say, Hey, I have some questions. Hey, can you, you know, go deeper on this. I love what you said about this, but I need some more clarity. I would love that because that helps me help you, which goes right back to execution guys. Right? Like, I want to know what you think. I want to know how you feel about this. I want to know what you want me to go deeper on and how I can help you. So please do that. Get in touch. Let me know. I love hearing all of the things from all of you guys. So until the next time, we will talk to you later. Okay.


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