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Business By The Moon: The phases and the energies in a lunar cycle with Jenessa MacKenzie [Podcast Ep 55]

Feb 01, 2021

Do you plan out your business based on lunar cycles? In this episode, I’m sharing the benefits of business planning based on the moon, what the energies are and what to focus on based on the different phases of the moon.

  • Learn the four major phases of the moon
  • What each stage of the moon means and how you can use it to plan your business
  • How to take action and observe how the universe to take you where you want to be.

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Hey, welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. So today I'm going to talk about something that I've been doing in my business for a while, and it's using the lunar cycles to plan out things in my business and my life because the energy of the moon is really like this ongoing cycle, kind of like the seasons. It has this beginning metal and all these in-between awesome energies that you can use to really, you know, know when, to step on the gas, full throttle, or when to hit that break. And it's, you know, it keeps you right out of overwhelming and burnout and exhaustion, and it's one of my favorite things to use. So I'm really excited to share this with you. And today, I just want to talk about using the moon for business planning and what the energies are, and what to focus on in the different phases.

So, you know, the visibility of the moon and the phases are dependent on its position in the orbit, with the earth and the sun. So where is the moon? Where's the sun and where's the earth. And then that's how we see like how the moon is lit up on different days in different weeks. So what is a lunar cycle? It's the time that the moon takes to orbit the earth going from the new moon, through all its phases, and back to a new moon. And it lasts about 29 days a little over that. And it's really where we get like our month from like the time in a month. So we have, you know, usually between 30 and 31 days in a month, and that's really based on the orbit of the moon around the earth. And there are eight phases in a lunar cycle.

There are four major phases, which are the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon, and then the last quarter moon. And then there are four minor phases like stuck in between there and the energies are, they call them a waxing and waning. So waxing is growing energy. It's getting bigger. It's going from the new moon to the full moon. And then waning is going from the full moon to the last quarter moon back into the new moon. So it's like decreasing. So the four minor phases are waxing Crescent, waxing, gibbous waning, Crescent, waning gibbous, some of this might sound like, what the hell are you talking about?

But I just wanted to lay this foundation for you so that you could have some context into what the heck I'm going to be talking about next, which is, you know, breaking down these phases and then helping you understand what energies to focus on in which phases. So I had a lot of fun, you know, right. I have a whole bunch of notes here because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. And I had a lot of fun doing that. So this is going to be good. And if you have questions, I'm sure you're going to listen to this episode and be like, Whoa, you just like put a whole bunch of information on me and that's totally cool. Or maybe you know about the moon. And I'm excited if you know about the moon phases and the energies they bring.

I would love to hear about that too. But if you have questions, please send me messages because I want to help you because it really has helped me to do a lot of things. It's helped me to be very intentional. It's helped me to plan out my month in a lot of ways, you know, when am I going to create content? When am I going to, you know, do record podcast episodes? When am I going to launch, when am I going to, you know, do all these little different things that we do all the time as entrepreneurs that can be like this ridiculous list of stuff? And we're like, Jesus, when are we ever going to get this done? And, you know, do all this other stuff that we have to do in our actual, you know, in life, right. And how do we balance it all? Like this helps you balance it all. So I'm really excited. So let's just dive in. So the first phase of the new moon is the new moon. And it is when you can't see the moon in the sky, it's totally dark. So it is exactly like we're all lined up, we're all lined up, earth, sun, moon. So you can't see, there is no sunlight hitting the moon, reflecting us.

And what does this phase mean? And what are the energies behind it? It's new. So it's a new beginning. It's a clean slate. This is where I set my intentions. This is where you should set your intentions. If you're going to follow the phases. So what is an intention? What will you focus on this month? And it's not like a goal. It's not, you know, want to make $10,000 this month. It's, you know, what intention, what feeling, what do you want to bring more of into your life in this, in this cycle? And it's where you plant the seeds of your intentions. And you want to reflect on the past month and think about what you want to call in more of, and then what you want less of, or what you want to let go to help you set your intention.

So we need to do this because this helps us focus on our month going forward. And with this intention, like we're seeding this to ourselves as well. We're seeding it to the universe and we're seeding it to ourselves. What are we going to be focusing on? So every time, you know, for me, every time I look at something and I'm like what am I doing right now? My brain can get scattered. And it goes in all different directions. Okay. What is my intention this month? What, what was my intention this month? This is my intention. So I know that that is what I am moving towards. And the cool thing we, you know, we do this new moon meet every month and moon circle magic. And it really helps to clarify and set intentions for this new cycle.

So the next phase is called the waxing crescent. And it is like, you know, three days after the new moon, because it takes, you'll see the moon in those three days. But it's like when you hold out your thumbnail sideways, and it's like that Crescent that your thumbnail makes, like, that's what you're going to see in the sky, in the waxing Crescent. And it's three days after the new moon to seven days after the new moon. So it lasts for about four days. And this energy is, it's like a drawing in energy and it's a growth and increases energy manifestation and planning. So this is where you will really anchor into your intentions and clarify them. If you need to gather information and tools to help you plan out your mind,

These are the days where planning is in your it's in your benefit to plan this at this time. And to ask yourself some questions, like, how will I enter my intention here? What do I need to accomplish this intention? What do I need to, you know, think about what kind of support do I need? Do I need support, whatever it is, how are you going to kind of bring yourself back in when you, when you get to that place where you're like, Oh, scattered like we just talked about. And tweak your intentions if necessary. You want to make sure that your intention is very, because you're not only, like I said, CD Ms. To you, you're seeding it out into the universe and you are asking for this to come into your life this month. And so what does that mean?

Like manifestation energy. Hell yeah. Right. So it's really the perfect time to practice visualizations and affirmations and to be acting and being as if your intention is already done. If you have tips on how you manifest and what you do to manifest things into your life, please share them with me. I would love to hear them. Yes, this is waxing Crescent, growing, drawing in energy, increasing things, manifestation, and planning. So the first quarter moon is the next phase. And this is when it is a half-moon. It looks exactly half of the moon in the sky, and this is also growing, but this is allowing and abundant, creative, and self-healing energy. Your own energy levels are going to be higher. And new ideas are going to come flooding in, tap for this to be every month.

It's like, Oh, energy, energy, energy. I get all these creative ideas and all this new stuff comes in and I'm like, Whoa, like what's happening right now. And it's so easy to get all those new ideas coming, flooding in, and then you want to just do them. All right. So here's my advice. Don't, don't do them all, write them down, write them all down, and put them aside so that you can look at them later and keep your focus on your current intention and goals. And then, because this is growing abundant energy, you want to take massive actions towards your intentions and your goals to make really great progress and then allow the right people and opportunities to come to you and attract the important things that you were just saying. So, yeah, this is also another, like there's a lot, you know, it's a lot of energy it's growing, it's growing the lights growing, the energy is growing and we forget to take care of ourselves sometimes.

So in this phase, make sure that you are taking care of yourself emotionally and spiritually. Take time out. If you need to take a few hours to yourself, five minutes, whatever it is that you can take, and just take a breath, go take a breath for yourself and be like, Ugh, I love to take baths. So we'll usually every week in every, I take a bath like 20, 30 minutes at night and just relax. And it's just, you know, time for you. And it's like a renewal of, okay, like we're in this and we're doing it. And you know, we're gonna, we're doing the work and we're doing all this stuff and we also need to take care of ourselves. So do that. However, that looks for you to do that.

The next phase is waxing gibbous. And give us just means that it's like getting the moon's getting bigger, whether it's, or you're seeing more of the moon and the waxing is growing, it means growing so waxing gibbous just means growing light, growing energy. And this is 10 days after the new moon until the full moon. And it usually lasts about three days. And at this point, like, so already, you've gone through three phases, the new moon, the waxing Crescent, which is like, Hey, here's my air. We're starting some energy. Like here it comes, it's growing. And here it comes. We're increasing staff first quarter, we're halfway there. We're halfway to the full moon. So more abundant, more growing, you know, more creative, like things are starting to really go and happen and you're taking action. And then the waxing gibbous is right before the full moon.

And it's so the full moon is like the massive energy of the whole cycle. So waxing gibbous is like, Whoa, we've done all this work in the last few weeks too, or the last, you know, couple of weeks to really, you know, anchor into our intentions and do the things and take the actions. Right. And, you know, really, I think about and pull in what we want and the waxing gibbous, although it's growing energy is it's really steady patient observant energy. This is where, you know, you've got this momentum happening and you want to stay the course and be consistent. So it's like you rolled this Boulder all the way up the Hill in the previous phases, and you just tipped it over the other side. And now you're standing at the top, like waxing gibbous as you standing at the top, watching it, starting to roll down, watching the momentum that's happening, like what's going to happen next. So it's kind of time to pause and check-in and be patient and let the universe do its job. Like you've told it what you want. You've given it, you know, all of your actions and thoughts and visualizations and affirmations in the last, you know, 10 days you've said, this is what I want. This is what I'm focusing on. This is my intention.

And you know, took actions and now it's just time to wait. This is a great time to write an appreciation or gratitude list. Keep practicing visualizations with more clarity. Like really, if you're a visual person visualize with as much detail as possible in your visualizations if you're more of like the feeler type, the feely type, feel those, visualizations when you're in them, what does it feel like? What does it feel like to, if you're visualizing like a new house? Like, what does it feel like to step on the floor? What does it feel like to go from room to room? And if another great thing to do is like taste it, like, what does the air taste like? What does being outside, like the smells and the taste, like try to use all your senses in your visualizations if you can.

But the most important thing about the waxing gibbous is because you're kind of waiting and you're being steady and you're patient, and you're observant is that you gotta have faith and you got to remain open because it, even if it doesn't seem like it's happening right now, or it's not happening the way you want it, you have to be open and have faith because the universe knows the fastest way to bring you the place you want to be. And it's all working in your favor, and this is literally you set it to work. You set it into action and now you're waiting for it to come back. So these few days about three days is going to be, might be the hardest time if you're not a patient person. So, but just keep being consistent. Like, don't go over the top. It's kind of like this who's steady.

Now we're going to be steady. All right. So then we move into the full moon, which is like, Oh, I love the full moon, especially I love looking at the full moon. And this was usually just about two weeks after the new moon. And this is one of my favorite moon-meets in moon circle magic because we get to celebrate and we get to you know, really congratulate each other on our actions and all of the awesome stuff that we've done in the last two weeks and lift each other up and just, you know, raise the vibe. It's a very cool moon meet. So this energy actually lasts three days and the most powerful days are the day before the new moon of the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after. And this is like full, powerful energy that can make you feel wonky if you don't focus on it.

So if you're ever heard, you've all, we've all heard of the word lunatics, right? And that comes from Luna which means moon. And it's, you know, the full light of the moon kind of just makes people feel or do or say weird things sometimes like you can feel off during a full moon. So if we learn how to focus that energy and use it to the best of its ability, then it's like, this is like manifestation goddess right here, right? Like it's amplifying energy. So anything that you're saying or doing or speaking or anything during this time is going to be amplified. So it's super important to be intentional during the full moon and know how to focus this energy. And as I mentioned before, it's celebratory and it's gratuitous. So this is where you're going to start to see things come together.

Like all of your work from the past two weeks starts paying off. And it's like all coming together and you're like, Oh my gosh, it's all working. Your intention or whatever you're manifesting into your life. Isn't going to be like, Hey, here I am like on the full moon while it could be, it's more of a, wow, like this is really happening. Like this is it's coming and it's, I can see it. I can feel it. It's, it's working. And this is an awesome time for communication, social interactions, and forgiveness. We don't think about that very often to go back in our month and be like, what do I need to forgive? And it's not just somebody else. It could be you, it could be you or somebody else. It doesn't make any difference. But think about that, forgive and, and release.

So if you do live challenges or launches, do them now, this is a great time to network and to be very giving generous and in service to your people, the more like what you do, as I said before, what you do will be amplified, what you do will come back to you, threefold, you know, tenfold, whatever it is, it's big energy. So three days after the full moon until the seventh day now we're moving into the waning phase. So the waning phase is decreasing. This is, um, the moon has come all the way to full. And now the light's going back to the other way. So we're decreasing now. And this is the time to turn your energy inward. Like your own energy will probably start to slow down a little bit at this point. It's like you had the part like you planned the party, you took all the actions to get the party together.

You had the party, he had a great fricking time at the party. And now it's time to be like, okay, the party's over. Like now we have to take care of ourselves and rest. So that's what the waning part of the phase is. It's slowing down and it's actually asking you just start slowing down and it reminds you that it's a necessity to do so. It's also a two-way street. So waning gibbous is a two-way street of releasing and receiving. And it's just a time to reflect into any blocks that came up or obstacles, that you came across either energetical mindset related or something that just didn't work for you and take stock of it, acknowledge it, accept it, release it, and make space like that is the energy that's happening in these three to four days, you're kind of, kind of turned back on yourself and look at yourself and look at what's happened in the last few weeks and be like, okay, like, this was all amazing.

What, what came up though? Because it does, right. It always does. And this is, this even helps you to look at those things cause we often will not, right. We often will not look at those things at all. We're like, Oh, uh, I don't want to admit that, you know, I have a block or there is a mindset issue that I need to work through or that I did anything wrong or that you did anything wrong either. It's just, you know, that's what comes up in our heads. So what is coming up for you, you need to like really take stock in that, think about, you know, so far in the cycle, did anything random happen, which is, could be good or bad, right. It could be weird or not weird. And what were your biggest blocks? What, when you're like, okay, here was my intention.

Here are the little things I did. What was blocking me or what stopped me or what kind of made me feel off or weird, or I know I should be doing that, but I didn't. What were those things? And then really start following in this phase, start following what feels good, like focus this intention, what feels good because excitement and ease are the universe's breadcrumbs. And they lead you exactly where you want to go. So start looking at the opportunities that came up and go with what feels good. It's that was actually my very first intention was for an entire month, I was going to just follow what felt good, like follow the universals, breadcrumbs. That was my intention. And it was actually a really, really cool month. Some awesome stuff happened and you know, then all the time we always have these blocks, sometimes they come up and they do, they came up for me too.

But some of the awesome things that happened were let's see, I went to the optometrist to get new glasses. Cause I had, you know, some flex money on my medical card and I was like, Oh, well I gotta use this app, so let's go get this done. So I go there, I get my eye exam. I'm like, okay, well we need transition glasses. Awesome. Like, Ugh. And then from what I hear, they're a little, I haven't, I haven't gotten them back yet. They're actually a little difficult to get used to because there are all these different views in this one set of glasses. So it's almost like you can kind of get seasick from just trying to get used to the transitions. Right. So I said, okay, well I really want a pair of sunglasses too, for driving because I hate having a set of my eyes when I'm driving and having a regular pair of sunglasses.

Can't see a thing. So, well, I can see, but signs are pretty blurry until I get right upon them. So I picked out a pair of sunglasses. I picked out a pair of frames that I liked for my transitions. And I get up there and she's like, Oh, you know that if you buy when you get one free right now, and I'm like, really awesome. So I got to pick out two more pairs of glasses. So I can like when I'm reading, I don't have to wear the transitions. I got a pair of reading glasses and then I got a pair of faraway glasses. So when I'm driving at night, I'm like, I'm not flipping through transitions when I'm looking around at things. I don't know. We'll see how it goes. But, uh, that was kind of me staying in the safe zone for that.

No. What else happened? Let's see. My fiance one, has like a thousand dollars on a scratch ticket, like twice that month. And it was, what was the other one? Oh, it was a parking spot. I was going into a store and went down an aisle, like to park my car in the parking lot and a spot, and was like, Oh cool. I'm going to go into that spot. And then somebody came around the corner and just like pulled into that spot. And then I looked to my left where the store is. So I'm like in the second lane I looked to where the store is and there's a spot right in front of the store. Yes. See, like that happened for a reason, so I could have that or something better. Right. And it's also recognizing those things, you know, like if I wasn't being intentional about following what felt good or not like not making it a big deal that that guy parked in the spot that I wanted that or something better came along and I noticed it and I recognize it and I thank the universe for it.

So, you know, it wasn't a very cool month and it was very, it was actually a very easy and relaxing month because when you just allow and release the pressure and when you release the how and you release the why, like, why is this, why is this happening or why, you know, why can't I, or, you know, all those things. It just makes it so much easier to really not stress and just allow it was, it was a very cool mom.

So what is the next one? We were waxing gibbous. Okay. So now we're going into the last quarter and this is also a half-moon. So it's this half-moon going the other way. And this is seven days after the full moon to the 10th day. So it's about another three days and this is a finishing easy energy. This is where you want to start buttoning up unfinished things. So if you have a monthly task list, which we're going to do another episode about that, cause I don't like the word task list or to-do list. So we're going to talk about that in another episode. But if you have this list of unfinished things, it's time to either finish them or delegate them. So you wanna make this as easy on you as possible because this energy is you're slowing down.

You're, you know, finishing, this is like not, this is buttoning up, unfinished things, delegating tasks and rest, and it's time to clear out negative energy. So no matter how your month has gone so far, we all pick up negative, right? Whether it's on social media, from the grocery store, from the news, from loved ones, even sometimes even from ourselves. Right. So clear out your negative energy, however, that works for you. I have a little ritual that I do, and I'll share that with you. Probably in a blog post. I'm not sure where we're at on this. We're about 30 minutes in on this, so I don't want to make this episode too long, but follow me, make sure you're following me on Instagram and Facebook or that you're in my Facebook group, the elevated entrepreneur, get in there and I'll share the blog posts in there too, but this is where you're going to clear that out, clearing out your negative energy either.

You know, however that looks for you, whether it's meditating, whether it's doing some kind of a ritual, whether it's doing something fun and just shaking off the crap, whatever it is, clearing out that that stagnant negative energy is very important. All right, so now we're at waning Crescent. So this is right before the new moon. This is when the moon is almost dark again, back at the new moon. And this is the 10th day after the full moon to the night before the new moon, this is closure and reflection. So this is where you're going to look back at what you've accomplished. You're going to look at what you could improve. And you're going to start thinking about what your next new moon intention is going to be. It can be the same one. Like if, if your intention didn't fully manifest during this cycle, it's okay.

You can create the same intention again, you can create the same intention with some tweaks or you can create a whole new intention. It's totally up to you. But this is an important time to really write that gratitude list and a thank you list and get ready for the new moon. And this is a really, really good time to write down a release and let it go list. What are you letting go of? So sometimes in this cycle, you'll have an intention and then you'll go through the cycle, and then you'll be like, Oh, I guess I didn't really need to call that in. Or like this piece of it. I didn't need to call this piece of it in. So in setting your intention for the new moon, you could, you know, um, make the intention and leave this part of it out.

Or was there something that you just want to let go of? Like, it doesn't have to be, even in your intention, it could be like, okay, I want to let go of that piece of stress. Like, I don't want to have stress around this thing anymore. I don't want to keep having this type of mindset around this thing. I want to let go of the, you know, how I want to, just whatever you want to let go of, it could even be like a relationship. It could be, no feelings that you have around a certain situation or feelings you have around yourself. Right. But you can let go of that crappy self-talk, this is an amazing time to do that. This is like a release. Let it go, like banish the crap in the Waning Crescent. And this is the time to relax and renew your own inner energy. Fill up your cup. You need to do something fun that fills you up. It is your time right now. Like this is really relaxing.

So that is it. We're good. Then we go back to the new moon. So can we start all over again? So I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode, and I'd love to hear, you know, questions or whatever you got for me. You know, where I am. Instagram is a great way. Always screenshot your episode and send me a message, a DM message at the underscore elevated underscore entrepreneur. You can send me messages anywhere you'd like. So I hope this helped you. And I'd love to hear your thoughts and we will see you in the next episode.

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