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How To Tap Into Your Intuition & Connect With Spirit Everyday with Katie Helliwell [Podcast Ep 76]

Jun 21, 2021

In this episode, Spiritual Business Coach, Katie Helliwell discusses spiritual in business and how Spirit can elevate our growth, the definition of spirituality and how to ask for signs to guide you in the right direction.

  • What it means to “connect on the go” and use quicker tools to make a great deep connection even on a busy schedule
  • The difference between hearing your own inner voice and hearing a spirit guide
  • How to trust spirits to guide you and push you forward in the right direction
  • Why everything you’re putting out there is energetically connected to you 

Katie is a psychic medium with a difference, not only is her clientele list full of celebrities she has created her own psychic development courses which she calls “Psychic skool” She also works closely with female entrepreneurs using her gift to uncover where they can grow, prosper, develop, connect to Spirit to build businesses beyond their wildest dreams.  Katie also provides training on how to incorporate the spiritual practices alongside strategy, this is where her clients rocket fuel and become incredibly powerful.

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Instagram: @katiehelliwellpsychicmedium

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Welcome to the elevated entrepreneurial podcast. I'm Janessa McKenzie, an intuitive business and mindset coach to inspired success, driven solopreneurs like you who are ready to show up like a bad-ass boss and create the impact and income they desire. It's my mission to help me see who you were created to be. So you can share your gifts with the world and make a difference.

My approach to business is not what most people call normal. Thank God, because being weird and unapologetic about it is my jam on this podcast, or mix the Wu with the do to help you create the space energetics and strategy to attract the clients and cash you really want, but unapologetically showing up as who you are. So you can design the business and life you desire from the inside out.

So if you're ready to say peace to settling, hiding half-ass and dimming your light, and yes, to having the abundant, profitable business and life of your dreams without living on the edge of exhaustion and overwhelm, listen up as I hit the BS button on the extremely outdated perception that you need to hustle to be something you're not successful so much for being here today.

Now let's do this. Hi everyone.

Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I am here today with Katie Halliwell. She is a celebrity psychic medium and a spiritual business coach. So I'm really excited. We're going to talk today about elevation with spirit and how spirit can help you elevate your growth and your business. So personally and professionally. So this is going to be a good interview, Katie, how are you? I'm so glad you're here.

Hello, Janessa. Darlene. Thanks for having me. You are my first ever podcast interview.

So excited. We were just talking about that before we, before we introduced and I'm so, so excited that I am your, I am your first.

I know. Yeah, it is. It's lovely to be here and it's so nice to have the spiritual element, getting a bit more publicity out there as well, in terms of business. I don't think it gets enough high as it should really based on what it can do.

Yeah, absolutely. Um, you know, I am a spiritual business coach and, um, uh, and life coach, but I, I don't, uh, I am not a medium, so I do not communicate for others. What spirit, um, like you do, like we were just talking, we were, I was in a clubhouse room that you were on a while ago and, and you did a business reading for me, which was very cool. Um, I don't, I I'm not, you know, in that capacity, but spirituality in general is starting to gain momentum.

Now I think because people can, are seeing the benefits of, you know, integrating something like that into your life and your business. Um, you know, we call spirituality and when people say that, I think they think like all the woo woo things. Right. But I love the fact that spirituality can look, however you want it to, it doesn't have to be a specific religion or belief or, um, you know, rituals or things to do every day or prayer or whatever it can be.

However you want it to look to be a walk in nature. It can be just time with yourself or whatever. And a lot of people, I don't think we're looking at it that way. They were looking at it as like a S a structured religion or something completely out there that they can't wrap their heads around. Yeah,

I totally get that. Yeah. I think when I was growing up, because I'm literally an eighties baby, right. And there wasn't spiritually isms only just really become like cool in speech marks here and acceptable. And for that reason, I think people did actually think it was all witches and all a bit scary and got a bit spooky. And I used to think like that.

I used to think that way as well, because that's what we're made to feed in the media and in those ways, but she, like you said, spirituality is down to just one thing is connection. So what I feel I do for people is help them connect. And that's what spirituality is. It's about guide the connection to yourself, connecting to your guides, connecting to the higher energies out there, connecting to God, if that's what you resonate with. Um, connecting, if you have a psychic ability to spirits, any of the signs to bring our messages, it's all about connection, but it all starts with connection to you.

So I think when people start to understand that when they're connected to themselves, it opens up this whole realm of possibilities all around. That's got nothing to do with religion, faith, or anything like that. It's all starting from yourself and grounding yourself back to work. And it's just truly incredible and unaccessible for everyone.

Yes. And I think that's the biggest misconception is that it's like hard work to, to, you know, or it's just an addition to something that they're already, you know, they feel like they've got this full calendar or all these things that they need to be doing already. And they're like, where am I going to fit this in?

You can fit it in for five seconds in the morning when you're making your coffee. Like, it doesn't matter where, or when you fit it in that's, that's the best part about it. It can even just oxalate as you're driving. Like you don't have to, you know, have crystals and candles and incense and all of those things to do to be spiritual. You just have to believe and like, do it while you're driving your car.

Absolutely completely. I call it connecting on the go. So we're always on the go aren't way, literally. So, um, I'm a mom to three girls, so I'm always working, always running around, chasing after them dance mom as well. So it's about connecting on the go. But when I first went to psychic school, like spiritualist church, I named it psychic school.

And when I went there, it was like, you must sit in meditation for half an hour and listen to clanging drums. And I'd never met these people. It was my first ever session. And they wanted me to sit and hold hands with them and start chanting in a circle for half an hour. And I was like, but where are they going to take me? What if it's something weird and hypnotic? So I had the association for about 10 years. That that was the only way that you could actually connect.

I didn't have the understanding or even the mindset expansion to even think that I could do it a different way and I could still have the same effect. So I very much speak to spirit all the live long day, but I'm not actually open to them. So I'm not openness in tuned in to get a message through or to, to get something back from them necessarily for me. But it's almost like you're leaving them a voicemail.

So it's like, they're having pizza at the phone, but you're leaving a voicemail. So when the kettle's boiling up, like, how's your day spirit? What you've been up to oh, today I'm finding this or, oh, I feel like I need an energy injection or I'm not too sure what to say to this client. Or I only, you know, do you like my new patio ex, which is, I'm not God.

And like, things like that. So it is on the go, but the biggest connection and messages you get through all those times, because you kind of give yourself clarity as to where your vibrations at what's going on within you, as you learn about yourself. But then also you're given instructions to your team that they can get on with.

So they're getting the messages whilst during a meeting, so to speak, right. So that's that connection on the go. So, yeah, it's about being open to different ways, but what I've noticed as well is that it doesn't always work like that for everyone. If you are a particularly a lot, and this is where spiritualism needs to be adapted for you personally, if you are a type of person that is in depth and wants to spend hours in meditation, that's brilliant do that.

Don't try and connect on the go because it won't necessarily work for you. But if you are a person that doesn't really resonate with meditation, or doesn't really want to do that, then you can use the other quicker tools and still make a great deep connection. So it's finding what works for you.

Yeah. I love that. I love that because that's so true. I, I like to meditate, but I find that I don't do it every day. And it's, and I'm like, you know, talking in my head all the time, it's myself, well, probably not to myself. And I think that's the other thing that, you know, I never really realized. I'm like, oh, the thoughts that come to me are probably from my, you know, they're probably from my guides and I'm here. I am like this all my life thinking that they're just random thoughts popping in there. Well, where the heck else would they be coming? Right.

So it's so funny that like my oldest, my son, so he's not my oldest child, but he's, um, 18 and his whole life, like he has talked to himself. Hm. Um, and you know, a lot of people that, not a lot, but people that have heard him or like he like has full-blown conversations with themselves. I'm like, Hmm. Yeah, I do too. You just, I just don't say it out loud. I do the same thing, but I, and so to me, it wasn't weird at all.

Like he doesn't like do it at school or any of that. He would like be in his room or, you know, whatever and in private, but you could still hear. Um, and he has like, sometimes he has conversations with themselves and I'm like, yeah. I talked to myself all the time, but do you answer yourself? Yes, I do. I love it.

So, so it's so funny, you know, I think that probably most people do that and don't even realize they're doing it. And then don't even realize that they're probably speaking and talking to their, you know, spirit guides or team or whatever you want to call them their higher selves or whatever. Like you're, you're having a conversation every day in your head with them. And you just don't realize that that's what you're doing.

Yeah. That absolutely when people start psychic development and they get answers back, but when they start opening up and they're like, oh, is that definitely me? You know, I feel like it was my voice or is that spirit? And it's the first sign of connection where you start thinking, oh, cause it can come through as a different voice, complete you when you get answered by your team, depending on what type of channels right from within you.

But then also it can come through as your voice. And it can come through as just not even a voice. It can just come through as words or kind of like a knowing. That's the only way I can describe like a Noah, like a knowing, um, and then understanding that sense. But it's really exciting when it starts happening, but yeah, but they used to say years ago, the first sign of madness is talking to yourself, but actually the first sign of clarity, in my opinion,

Honestly, in calmness and you just brought up a good point too. So, I mean, I know for me, it just, it sounds like me, it's not, it's like just a thought, it's an answer, but it's like, I don't hear voices audibly. I just, they're just kind of in my head, I know some people are going to be listening to this going, what is she talking about? Either that, or they're going to go, yes, me too. That's what that

Is. I think, I think you'll find that it'll be the latter. Lots of people have like, yeah, I resonate. Yeah.

It's funny because I say all the time and I, it's probably my own, you know, insecurity sometimes or I'm like, you might think I'm crazy, but, and it's so funny because I've learned not to say it so much because everybody that I talk to about it is like, no, you're not, it doesn't sound crazy to me. Like not much you're going to tell me is going to sound crazy to me. So I've definitely,

Yeah. Every email I get is literally, you're going to think on crazy. However, every single one, when I know it's psychic development and our like, right, this person needs help with psyche development. So it's always like, you're going to think I'm crazy because you do think you're going crazy because even though it is being more socially accepted now, spiritualism, you still feel a bit, oh, is this a bit too much to share that? Or how much do I want to share?

So I'll just give a snippet and see what the reaction is. We've kind of still doubt ourselves and doubt the connection. Even though we know that there's so much more out there that we can't even begin to fathom.

Yeah. Yes. So I would love to talk a little bit more about, you know, when you just brought up a good point where you said, you know, somebody's just starting out in this journey might say, is this me like, is that my, like, where are these answers or these thoughts coming from?

What are some like really good tips that you might give somebody to be like, no, this is definitely spirit. This is your imagination. Like how can people differentiate between the two?

Yeah. So when you start connecting, so when you start, it all starts with the little process. So before you even begin, you kind of need to know what you're desiring. So with every outcome. So even if you use this as like an experiment on some thing, read a really simple, um, so for the purpose of like business, we'll just use business, how to grow your mailing list.

Something really simple, straightforward. So it's like, well, I desire to grow my main illness by 500 people by next Friday. Okay. So that's what I desire to do now. Why do you actually really want to do that? What do you feel it's going to give you so attach something, that's going to give you some sort of like bus or going to give you some kind of transformation. I always think that's 500 new souls coming into my energy space that might expand and develop and go on to do something I've always dreamed of.

And as a result that could end up traveling and I get excited about those 500 souls, do you feel the energy behind it? So it's more and more people and expansion. And obviously then it creates the ripple effect, which get me more excited. So if you think about it in that light, your desire and you want to do it. And then if you think about connection, so it's about how you like to connect.

So if you are personally mean you connect on the go, it's very, I'm ready. This is what I want to do. So you're in your car and you drive anything. Thank goodness for coffins now. Cause it's like a crazy person, but you're driving along in your car. You can just say, pretend you're on the phone and just say, holy spirit. Um, you know, I really want those people to come in those gorgeous souls.

I'm so excited to welcome them as a result of being in my energy space, they're going to have this, this and this. And I'm going to keep them the space to elevate and grow and just get really excited. Explain to spirit what you want. Help me find these people, help me reach the people that need my support or would benefit from being in my energetic space rather than seeing them as a number it's like, will they benefit from it?

So it's a mutual exchange of energy. And then you go into I trust and allow you to do this. So show me the right way. Show me if there's any action I need to take because you can't just sit there with your crystal ball and your arms in the air and hope for the best brains on it. You've got to take some action. You know, you are here to have a human experience and spirit here to help you and support that human experience.

So when you've done that, then it's about waiting for the signs. So it's putting spirit to the test, I call it. So I always ask for a sign that they've understood, and this is what I encouraged people to do that work with me, like ask for a sign, the, my signs, white feathers. I actually love white feathers and this big story attached that that's for another day, but I love them. So I always asked for a white feather. I asked them to send it in an obscure way. So it's not just a random feather on a floor. It's something that is unusual. So I'll find them like in the toaster.

Yeah, exactly. How the heck did it work? So they're getting the type of stuff, but they do. And it's just like, it's really obscure. So it's about finding what suits you. So if it's angel numbers, if it's a song, if it's a Robin, if it's something like, um, send me the right person to assist me with this, you could get a phone call with somebody asking, you know, oh, do you want me to help you with X, Y, Z, I've got this mailing list system.

So it's about opportunities. It's been open and receptive, but it's about trusting that they will send this through to you. So, but when you get the inspiration, our call them downloads. So when spirit taught to you, when you get the insight of what to do next, and the next step, it can come through as like a download. So that's where we ended up getting in kind of a voice or it's a knowing, or it's an action.

We just feel, we have to take that spirit guiding you and pushing you forward. So it's different for everybody. But to know when it's you is when we've over-thought it. So when we hear cause humans say to think so when we sit there and we're like, right, well, I'm going to do this now. And I'm going to get this list up to 500, but it's Wednesday.

And I said a do by Friday and only have 200. Now, what can I do? What I do that when you were saying it like that, that's you going into your head? So anything that comes through there will be practical. It will be something that is really well thought out that you think is great. And that's the best way. But when you just go, I'm ready to be guided. Show me what to do. I surrender to this.

The desire of this is to make it expansive for the P pause. So they feel the energy, they feel the love. Like you put all that out there and you could feel the energy builds. And within you, you feel the excitement. Then the inspiration comes through to you. And it's just different. It flows. It's easy. It's not hard. You don't feel stressed. You don't feel pressured. It's like eliminates all of that happiness around it.

So when it's something too practical, have you sat there over thinking each year, but when it's easy, there's a sign and it flows and it's working and it you're enjoying it that spirit. And that's how, you know, cause it just gets easier. It's just more of a flow to it all.

Yeah. And it's just like a very easy decision. Yeah. Like, wait, you're not really even thinking about it. Yes. Yeah. That sounds exactly it. So I want to tell you a quick story about that. And that's a lot of, you know, trusting yourself and understanding your intuition as well as like that little GPS that guides you. So it's like you have this intuition, but it's like your spirit teams up here going go this way, do this, do that, you know, nudge, nudge this way.

That way you're sending things into your universe. Right. So I've told this story before, but I don't know if I've told it on my own podcast. I've told it on other podcasts. Um, but there was a time my kids were younger and we were on the highway. And um, my daughter who was not quite two yet just figured out how to unclip her car seat buckle in the F from the front.

Right. So I had her buckle like twisted and turn so that I didn't think she could get it while she got it. And, um, my son who was like, I don't know, six, maybe seven at the time was too small to reach her without unbuckling his seatbelt to clip it back in. So I put my blinker on and I was going to pull over into the breakdown lane, get out, fix, you know, fix it and then keep going.

And I didn't even really think about it. It was, I hit my blinker and I pull into the breakdown lane. No, you know what? I'll just wait till I get to the weigh station just to like a truck waystation like, right. Not even a mile. I was like, then that way I can just pull off a highway and I don't have to worry about anything.

So not 10 seconds after I made that decision, a car came down, the breakdown lane going over a hundred miles an hour, followed by a state trooper. And if I had pulled over into that breakdown lane, we'd all be dead. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Wow. So that is the most, that's like the lifesaving moment of spirit guides and my, and you know, really trusting yourself saying she'll be fine for, you know, not even a quarter of a mile until I get into, into this place.

And I couldn't even stop there because the chase was still kind of going on, like when it's crazy. Um, but it's those things that like, you just don't, you're not, you don't even think about and you don't know why. Like, I didn't know why I was like, no, just wait til I get to the weigh station until, you know, 10, 20 seconds later.

I realized why I was, you know, guided to wait. Um, but yeah, I mean, that's a big one, but there's little things all throughout your day that, you know, especially for me, I have learned to not question something. So that's when I know that I'm in my head, like you just said is when you start questioning things and I really try to, even if it feels like the most ridiculous request coming into my head, I'm like, go water the plants or, you know, go outside for five minutes on the porch or whatever it is, even if I'm in the middle of something.

And I get that thought that says, go sit outside for five minutes. I just go sit outside for five minutes. Like why? I don't know. I must've needed a break and spirit saying who take your break for five minutes. You know? Um, whereas before I would question or argue with the voice in my head, I don't need a break right now. I'm just, I need to get this done or, you know, whatever it is. But that's what I have been doing for the last, almost a year now, just listening, being like, oh, okay, I need to go outside for five minutes or

Whatever, because I think it is, you know, you run in a business and when you've got family life as well, you need to be in tune with yourself and what you need to be in it for the long haul, really. And to be able to serve at a high level for people, especially in kind of what we do where people need you to be in tune and they need you to be on form and you need to know how you tick day to day.

So you can kind of gauge how you need to be looking after yourself day to day and what you need vibrationally. But like you said, you get those moments where you just get, well, actually, you know what the, to do list is just going out the window and I'm just going to spend half an hour going for a walk and then I'm going to come back and you're far more productive and you create something more magical with more energy.

And I think, you know, some social media posts and even some videos and live streams. I think if you will energy, energy's off energetically. You can feel it in people and you can feel, you can feed it coming through. You don't have to be a meeting. You don't have to be psychically connected to any business or spiritual necessarily. You can feel it and you can feel that coming through.

So it's about listening to yourself and knowing what you actually need and in that moment, and just allowing yourself that space and that time and no, the world won't combust. If you do do that, you're actually okay. It's all right. The world's still going to be there for you. And we don't have to be there and do everything all the time. Perfectly. It just doesn't work that way. It's not life. It's not normal,

Not human. Right? Exactly. And you know what? You were just talking about lives or even posts. Like I've talked about this before that even when you create the words that go into a post, if you're feeling yucky, when you're creating the words, do something else and then come back and create the words later because your energy goes into your words.

Like this is how we communicate as humans, as you know, but energy energies in everything. So even if you are posting a post, you're putting energy out there. So if you put energy out there with this feeling behind it, or a lot of, you know, my clients will, I work with a lot of clients that are in, you know, um, some type of spiritual business. So they're either, you know, healers or, or coaches or Lightworkers or something to that effect.

And they have a hard time fully expressing what they do, how they can help, um, in their business because we feel it so much that sometimes expressing it gets all jumbled up.

That's that was me for a long time too. I was like, I don't know how to explain this. Like, there's so many different pieces that I wanted to tell everybody in one post, you know, and a lot of other business owners that are not either connected or, you know, energetically aligned to you are giving strategies that are not aligned energetically to you.

So it doesn't mean that they're wrong. Like, you know, the gurus and marketing people out there are not wrong in what they're saying. It just might not feel good to you to do it that way. And for you to be able to fully express yourself in your business, it has to feel good to you. So understanding that everything that you're putting out there is energetically connected and you're putting your energy out every time helps. It helped me to understand. Okay. Um, you know, if they're telling me to go DM five people every day and I'm like, Ooh, you know, I do look at that.

Like, when I feel like, Ooh, I don't want to do that. I look at it. Is this fear, like, is it a fear that I, you know, I'm gonna be judged or, you know, all of those things that we think about, or is it, you know, just not energetically aligned to me because, you know, we have multiple parts of our brain and two of them are ego and you know, our, our higher self. Yeah.

So is it your ego talking or is it your higher self going? No, that's not how we do things that, that doesn't feel right. And you know, a lot of the things I have found, especially in the beginning, I was like, this just feels gross to me. You know? Like, I don't want to do it like that, but then you think that you have to do it like that because that's what the successful person that you want to be like, told you to do.

Um, and that's why I love working with clients that, that are, you know, connected in some capacity to the energy around them, because they understand that, you know, or I can help them understand better that they don't, you know? Yes.

This five step strategy may be amazing, but maybe you just tweak it a little bit to what feels good to you. It doesn't seem like, yeah. Um, and then, you know, in business, I think, like I said, we, we feel so deep that the words, when they come out, they can, when we're typing a post can feel like desperate because we desperately want to help people that sometimes when we're like, and this and this and this and this and this and this and this, and then we don't realize, and we're like, why are we not getting any engagement on these posts? Or why is nobody buying my stuff? Or why is nobody, you know, joining my group or whatever it is. Um, it's like you said, the feeling behind it. So

Energy is everything.

Energy is everything.

And I think he's one word that literally were bringing me out in a rash and that's blueprint. So you know how you see people that go through your Instagram posts today? God, did you see it? Yeah. So I'm just like, when I hear a blueprint to go start, should the rent. Oh, because it won't work for everyone.

Like the people are successful, but there's all different versions of success everywhere. And if I asked you what success is, you will have a different opinion. Say what I would say and what your listeners would say. So it's some people, success is, is major millions. And some people it's a hundred pound a week. It's totally different. And it's not even measured in money.

A lot of people it's about what is important to you and exactly the same in terms of you can look what all these people have done that are in similar industries TA and go, oh, well, if I just copy their way or their way of doing things that will work.

And sadly, it's not that way at all. It's about the aligned way. So I'd never copied any set rules or routines. I've kind of gone off on a tangent on my own thing. So, and just followed spiritual guidance and just, don't what works for me. And the way to do that is it's very similar to how you connect to spirit. So in order to grow your audience and your, just to grow your business, it's exactly the same way.

So it's about communication. How do you communicate best day to day? So I'm a video person, as you notice somebody shoot, I put video on here. So a video texts, I like to see people's faces. I like to see people. I like to talk. I like to engage with people. So which case I'm writing a book wouldn't necessarily be aligned to me or writing lots of posts.

Wouldn't be fully aligned to me. In fact, emails, the worst things I always say to people don't bother signing up to my mailing lists because the emails are just rubbish because I don't want to wrong. My, my team were like, please stop saying that we're going to people going to worry about that. Getting better, getting better up there, but it's about communicating in the way that feels good to you.

So it's again, connecting in a way that feels good to you on the go or in depth, long meditations, finding a route that suit you. So it's same exact same thing with spirituality in business. Like how do you like to show up? Because if you don't like writing these posts and you feel cringy, or if you don't like sending five messages to people, because it makes you feel your co whatever, that's gonna make them, they're going to feel that it's going to be Sikh vacated on the other end.

So if you actually feel good, sending a video message, then do that. You know, that might be more in line with you. Or if you want to just create something really simple and know that people will come, if you feel excited by it, people will come. People will be attracted to it, but you don't have to be everything because people think if I've got this over here and I've got that going on over there, then I've covered every angle. But what you're doing is actually scattering the energy.

So in terms of connection as well, if you were to be in depth one day and the next day, you quick, and then you're also going to write to spirit before you go to bed. And then you're also going to do something else. It's too scattered energy. You need to channel your energy predominantly in one area that works for you and know that's enough and have the faith that it's enough and learn to hold the energy that that's okay.

And you're not going to have shiny object syndrome because something else is going on over the quarter and you might miss it. It's you've got to let that go. Cause you're just going to zap all your energy and come from a lower vibration. And obviously from a low vibration, you're not going to attract what you really desire.

Yes. If, if, if you're listening to this right now, rewind and listen to that again, because that was perfect. That was exactly, you know, the thing. And if I had heard that, I mean, I know that now, if I had heard that a year ago, it probably would've changed a lot for me a year ago. So if you're listening to this, please rewind and relisten to what you just said, because that was so on point it's so true. Well, I think one of the biggest problems is, is that we put something out, right?

Like an offer. And we put it out once or twice and it doesn't work, quote unquote. So we go onto the next thing or, um, you know, we feel like we need to be on five different platforms at once, um, and have a podcast and be writing a blog and be guest blogging for somebody else and trying to get into the media and, and, and, and, and all these things, except we never really committed to one thing.

So when you commit to that one thing and you know, do it for like a year, we know that that's sounds like a year Jenessa. You want me to do the one thing for a year, even if it doesn't work over and over again. Yes. Because even if it doesn't work the first time you're going to learn from it and then you're going to tweak it and make it better and then do it again.

And if it, you know, you're going to get better results, you're going to get different results. And then if those results, aren't exactly what you want. You do the same thing again, you tweak it, you make it better and you do it again. I keep hitting my cup here. I know nobody else can see, but I'm using my hands are waving all over the place. And I keep hitting my cup. I'm afraid it's going to fall over.

I'm not, I'm not the only one who waves the hands around. It's passionate is

So, you know, yes, do it for a year. And if it doesn't work, then you know, if it still feels heavy, then you know, do something else. But

I think if something excites you, if you feel excited by what you're doing, and you feel excited by, like, I used to love Facebook lives was terrified. I was like, I love Facebook lives, but my little legs would shake, but I kept doing it and it kept showing up and no one knew my legs were shaking. I'd have to wrap them up in a blanket. And when you get that cold shake, when you're nervous, I was like, I'm freezing.

So I was wrapping myself up like a moment. Um, so if you don't want to see me below the chest, go to heck is wrong with her mermaid, like can move. And, um, yeah. And I just kept doing them because I enjoyed it. But I always focus on two platforms, like two areas. So mine was Instagram and Facebook when I first started out and I just grew those predominantly.

And then as I got more confident with those and stabilized and got good with those, like you said, and trial and error, different things and just had fun with it and just took it to wherever. I thought I wanted to go with it and learned all the fast changes, especially Instagram put in place, but then in all of those along the way, and then I started to implement, oh, YouTube might be quite fun.

So went onto YouTube and started to build that now. And then, oh, I suppose it would have built this email list. Well, I might do that now. So it's about, you can branch out. You don't have to just stick to one thing all the time. You do have to just make sure it's aligned to you. Like everyone is doing books at the moment. If you notice that Janessa everyone's writing books and I have no desire in my heart to write a book.

Absolutely no, zero. There will not be a Katie Honeywell book coming out anytime soon because I do not have any desire. So I don't have FOMO over that fear of missing out. And I need it. I just let it be. I know one day my book will come and I'll do it, but I have the faith and the energy to know that what I'm doing is enough. And like we were saying about clubhouse before we went live here, like the past, we used to be really populating there.

And then it's like, well, do you all need to be on clubhouse? You do. If it feels good to you, you don't have to do all the time. So it's about finding something that suits you. So you can adapt this to everything, to connection, to what courses, to bring out what offers to sale. If they excite you, the energy will be felt by the audience and they'll feel excited as well. But don't scatter that energy too thinly by trying to be everything to every platform. And every one it's just not going to work. It would just be draining your energy and your growth will be so slow. It would take you 10 years to do something you could do into

Yes. And really pay attention to that too. Because, you know, I got caught in that trap too, in the beginning that, you know, I have to have a course and a one-on-one offering and a group offering and all of these things. And I, oh my gosh, just thinking about it, like exhaust me.

So it just thinking about it exhausts you, then griefing rethink it because I know that I don't, you know, have to have all of those things I have, I want to have what is aligned with me and my energy and the, and the best possible transformation and serving my audience and clients at the highest level possible. So if having multiple offerings doesn't do that, then that's, I'm not going to do that. And sometimes it takes a little while for you to realize play

That's it and know that that's okay. And that's exactly,

Exactly. Exactly.

So Katie, this, uh, this conversation was amazing. And is there anything, any last words that you feel like would completely tie this up?

Um, okay. So if you are stuck or feeling your cap capacity, where you are at the moment, or just feeling your insure of the growth, just stop for a moment and just connect back to yourself and just ask yourself why you're doing this and how is it serving you? Don't just think always about serving others.

That's something, a soul led entrepreneurs worry about an awful lot. Is everyone else getting enough? But actually is this serving you? And if it's not, what could you be doing now? What changes need to be put in place to enable it, to serve you, to set your new boundaries, connect to yourself, go within and ask yourself that question because it has to serve you before it serves anyone else.

Perfect. Perfect. Ending.

Thank you for having me. I've looked there.

Oh, you're very welcome. I'm so excited. You're here. And, um, let everyone know where they can connect with you on, on the, the universal website.

Yeah, I'm on Facebook. So I'm Katie heavyweight psychic medium on Facebook. I run a spiritual group called spirits and white feathers, which you're all very welcome to join on, on the ground. Katie Hallowell, psyche medium.

You'll find me on Insta stories all day long, doing something or other, a lot of life, a lot of normal life and lots of business in there as well. Um, I'm on YouTube, Katie Hallowell, psychic medium. And if you want to, you can sign up to my mailing list. It's getting better. Beautiful.

So as always, please screenshot. And, uh, this episode, you're watching this episode or just on your phone, tag us on stories and tell us what you thought and give us your takeaways, your ahas questions, DMS your questions, or just tell us you love the episode or tell us you hated the episode. Whatever you want to tell us, tell us we can take it, um, and go give Katie some love in all the places.

Thank you.

All right. So everyone, I will see you in the next episode. Bye bye.

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