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How to Create a Crystal Clear Message, Fill Your Calendar and be Fully in Alignment with Keely Stawicki [Podcast Ep 63]

Mar 29, 2021

In this episode, Keely Stawicki shares her story on how she turned her life around from facing bankruptcy to building a successful business. She gives us tips on how to create a crystal-clear message, fill your calendar and be fully in alignment.

  • How to overcome your fear of failure when starting a business
  • The importance of being aligned with your business and who you want to serve
  • Tips on finding the right coach to support you
  • Mistakes you could be making in your marketing funnel

Keely is a certified master marketer who works to empower sex, intimacy, and mindset coach through strategic marketing strategy, well-designed funnels, and Facebook ads so they can generate leads and sales in their sleep without wasting time and money on strategies that don’t work. Her unique life experiences and interests give her a unique insight into the world of kink and spirituality which allows her to help coaches of all things spiritual and taboo to create massive momentum in their businesses. Over the last decade, she has successfully started and grown two businesses to over 6-figures in revenue, through digital marketing strategies.


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Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I'm here today with Kelly still Wiki. And I love the fact that you Keely, create a message around your stuff that says that you help coaches of all things, spiritual and taboo generate leads and sales in their sleep, which is the coolest thing, which is the thing that I was like, Ooh, I get to know more about that.

So welcome to the podcast, and please introduce yourself, tell us who you are, who you help, and how you help them.

Hey guys, I am a certified master marketer through the funnel gorgeous program. I've been a self-renowned funnel nerd for over two years, two and a half years. Now I got into the world of funnels by trying to scale my brick-and-mortar vintage consignment store. I no longer have that business and decided to pivot recently, but I'd hit an income ceiling. And so I kept trying to figure out how to scale that business cause it was a small town. And then I came across the wonderful world of online businesses, digital marketing, and funnel building and funnel buildings. Really what kind of put all of my natural superpowers into alignment because you know, I'm a very systematic person. And so once I understand how systems work, then I can just tweak and run with it to maximize results for anything that I'm doing.

So that's kind of how I came across it. And then as I launched my business, rebel funnels, I got into helping people or coaches of all things, spiritual and taboo because it kind of goes in alignment with, with me and what I like. Like, I am not that type of personality. Like if you get into my email sequences, you will find grammar errors. You will find where I missed putting a comment because I'm the get it did, kind of grow. Like I'm just going to get it done, get it out there and then perfect it as I go because oftentimes I have to rewrite it, you know, months later anyway. And, what makes us human is that we are perfect. So I typically work with people who are more like the, you know, the more spiritual they're more out there, more rebellious because I understand them because that's how I am. I now, you know, I was living that life of like going to college and you meet the man and then you like, you know, you're supposed to live happily ever after and like climb the ladder and like all that stuff. And I found myself on a nontraditional life path. And so I love to help people who encourage others to live in alignment with themselves as well.

I love that. And tell us about your big move.

So in March, when we had the COVID shutdowns, it hit me hard, not just financially. It was just like I was going through the night of the soul. Prior, even before that, I had had a brick and not a brick and mortar, but like a service-based business, a sawmilling business with my ex-fiance. And he, unfortunately, turned out to be like a crazy narcissist and that's a whole another story. But some of that baggage from that relationship, the financial baggage from that business carried with me. And so his, the success of his business, because we had loans together still, even after two years of being separated, we're affecting my situation with my brick and mortar even years later. And so that piled on with the stress of my own business, not doing well on his business, not doing well, and it was coming on me and then not the uncertainty of everything.

And I also love dancing. So I was going out salsa dancing, tango dancing, and you know, like west coast swings almost every day of the week. So that was my community and my friends. So all of a sudden I found myself sitting with myself in my little apartment, which was attached to my brick and mortar business, and being like, I don't have any friends. I don't have any way to, you know, release all of this anxious energy because I was like-- I wasn't dealing with it. I wasn't dealing with the root of the problem. Cause I was always distracting myself with going dancing with going out with my friends, with like, you know, things to do. And all of a sudden, like the universe, took that all away from us. I'm sitting there and I started all of that energy, started manifesting itself and other like health issues.

And then I couldn't see a doctor because of COVID. And then finally, one day I was calling my doctor cause I had listed this horrible skin rash from the stress. And I was like, why won't you see me? Like, help me deal with this. It's on my face. Like somebody helped me. And he's like, you know, Keely, I think what you need is antidepressants. And I was like, I just started balling because I was like, that's your answer to my situation? How dare you? Like you have no idea the stress I'm going under financially. You have no idea the stress I'm going under because I have no social outlets. And like, my life was falling apart. I don't need it, I don't it. I told them on the phone, I was like, you know what? I don't need antidepressants. I need a radical life change. And so at that moment, I think that was like April, mid, April. I was you know, I was-- that's when it got the ball rolling, like I'm like, okay, I'm going to do something different. Like I'm going to get my own business going. I'm going to quit doing this cycle that everyone's expecting me to do. Cause everyone's like, Oh Keely, we need you to keep running the business. My mom was relying on me for the business. I had tenants in the building. I own the commercial buildings had other tenants relying on me. I had an employee, I had vendors that wanted money. And I was like, you know what? Like, no, you guys like, I'm not happy. And if I'm not doing, yeah, screw you. Like I, you aren't helping me at all. Like, you know, my place still wants to pay.

I was using all of the PPP, the payment payroll protection money that I got from the desk VA loans. I was using that to pay her because if I didn't pay her, I had to pay unemployment. I was at risk of paying the unemployment wages because she wasn't on unemployment. So that was stressful. If I didn't continue to provide her with work, even with the shutdown, I still have to pay the mortgage. Like I was just like scrolling it. So I quit paying. I don't-- this is what I did. I don't, I'm not giving financial advice to anybody, but I quit paying everything. I just sat on my money. I quit paying for everything. I quit doing anything. And I was like, you know, I'm going to solve everything. And so I started, I told my mom, I said, I'm closing the business. I'm selling off everything over the next three months.

My goal is to shut down. What was it? September 1st was going to be our last or our last day was August 31st. And so September 1st I was going to be done and I didn't know where I was going. I think I was going to, at that time, I was like, okay, I'm going to go hop Airbnbs because, by time, September comes around then October, then it will get cold. I'm gonna hop Airbnbs and run my online business in Arizona or Texas somewhere warmer. And that was my plan. And I got to my birthday, which is the end of July. And I was like, you know, what, what about Mexico? You know, I started looking at Airbnbs in Mexico because in Arizona, Texas, a furnished house type Airbnb, it was still 1500 to $2,500 a month. And I was like, wow, let's still, you know, if I'm pushing, you know, 5,000 trying to get to goal $5,000, 50% of my income is going to have to go to like paying rent in an Airbnb by myself.

Like that doesn't sound fun. And so I started looking at places in Mexico and I had a Mexican boyfriend at the time. Cause, of course, I met him salsa and he said to come to a stopper and I think he was hoping I'd come and then go back to him. But it didn't work out the way I ended up staying. And I sold off everything. When I got to Mexico, I remember I landed and I bought myself a first-class ticket. Cause at the time with COVID it was like $400 first class, like very front first class. So I was like, okay, my new life, I'm going to fly first class, Mexico. And I remember looking out the window and all of these butterflies lifted off the runway and flew with the plane as they landed. And I then knew that I had made absolutely the right decision and it was right where I was supposed to be.

And since then with those changes, my body feels so much better. My energy is so much better. I sleep better. Like I eat well here. I just, for the first time I feel deeply happy, but it took letting go of so much stuff that I thought I needed to hang on to to get here. Like it was the night of the soul, like tons of tears. I remember my business coach. One day I had a meeting with her and I was like crying so much before it, and right before I got on, I was like, okay, Keeley, pull yourself together. Like, don't let her see you like this. And it's the first question she asked me was how are you? And of course, I pulled the whole girl like, oh, I'm fine. And then I started balling because she was like, are you really fine? And she gave me that look and I was like, no. And she just started bawling.

Well that takes a lot of courage to just be like, you know what, this isn't for me, this, you know, um, like societal expectation life is not for me. And I'm going to do what everyone is going to tell me exactly not to do.

And every one that cares about you wants you to do the safe quote-unquote thing. Right. Because it's safe. So you say, I'm sure too, you know, family or friends or whatever, like, Hey, I'm like selling everything and I'm moving to Mexico. They're probably like, wow.

Cause as I'm closing the business, I have vendors and conservators that have been with me for over three years. And they were like, what are you going to do next? And my mom even asked me, she's like, Oh, well, you're going to have to get a job in Mexico. Like, and people were like, well that that's not even safe and mixed with the pandemic. Is that even like, you know, they're telling us not to go there and I was like, whatever, I'm going to go. Like, I think it's gonna be fine. My boyfriend is Mexican. I don't think you'd send me somewhere. That is not safe. I'm just gonna go and see what happens because what else? Like my alternatives, other alternatives don't aren't as good.

They have no like, they don't light me up.

And I remember when my mom asked me that question, she was like, well, what are you going to get another job? I was like, no. And she's like, well, what if your next business doesn't work? And I'm like, well, there is no plan B. So I'm going to make it work.

Exactly. It's funny because I was on a client call today and we were talking about, you know, that moment when you're just like a ride or die. Right. You're just like, this is-- I am going to do this and this is just the way it's going to be period. And it was, you know, I was like,  you know when you do that, there's, you know, the three things that happen when you do that is you decide like you concrete in the sand, draw the line, put the stake in. However you want to put it, you decide and then you commit and then you take the action. Right? Those are the three things that happen. And it's in that split-second moment where you're just like, nope, this just isn't the way it's going to be anymore. And it's going to be this way now.

Yes. And when you decide, you have to actually, you have to do it and make that promise yourself that you don't break. Like, be that person that always does what they say they're going to do.

Stay in integrity. Absolutely. And then back it up with confidence and that's, I think one of the hardest things for a lot of people, right. Is the confidence, especially entrepreneurs, because they're, you were constantly diving into an abyss, right?  Constantly. We're like, oh, I'm going to try this new thing. Like I have no freaking idea. If it's going to work, I have no idea if what's going to happen when I jump or what's going to catch me, but I have to just have faith that something's gonna, you know, that it's going to work. That there's going to be something there that's, you know, picks me up and lifts me back out of this abyss that I just jumped into.

Absolutely. And the one, like when I was sitting there, so I was trying to get my building sold because I own the real estate. And of course, during COVID and I had a realtor and all this stuff, and I remember sitting there and being like, Oh my God, I was talking to one of my friends. Who's an NLP specialist. And he gave me advice. He's like, well, you know, because I was facing bankruptcy at the time, due to the debt from my ex and my business debt and like just everything that was happening. And I was trying to decide, I was like, okay, Jeremy, his name was Jeremy. He's still, he's not dead. Okay. Anyway, he said something that changed all perspectives of decision-making for me and taking away the anxiety of, you know, is this going to happen?

He said, well, you know if you filed bankruptcy, what does that look like? I said, Oh, well, it's like instant relief. It's a little shameful, but I get to move on and I get to keep blah, blah, blah, amount of money, all these things. And he's like, well, what does it look like if they're building cells? It's like, well, that would be a better outcome, but it's going to take longer. And it's going to be a little more stressful and all this stuff. He's like, great. You're in a position where no matter what happens, it's going to be an awesome adventure and an awesome story later. And so I use that thought process all the time. And so when you're having to face difficult decisions and you're like, oh, I want this thing to happen. And there's this anxiety about making it happen, sit with it and be like, well, you know, even if it doesn't happen, there's always like an another, sometimes even better outcome. And you're in a great place of like, celebrating if either of them happens.

 And that, no matter what, no matter what you choose, the universe is just going to fully support you anyways.

Yes. And it's going to be okay, like really think of a time where, where it's like, well, did you die?

Right. Exactly. Exactly. It's so funny because I say that all the time, I'm like, look, the fear that you're having is something that is just trying to keep you safe. And that ultimately at a primal level is keeping you alive. So if this decision is not going to kill you, then the fear is, is not valid. Right. It's just the fear of not knowing what's going to happen next

And sometimes the fear is something that was programmed into us and it's not our own. And I did a presentation. I was asked by the chamber of commerce to speak to like this freshmen group of kids and about being a business owner and all of their questions were related to the fear of failure and like, Oh, what is the worst thing that's happened? What is the worst thing that could happen? What is this? What's that? And it was interesting because I felt like they were all programmed, to be afraid like that because we always were like, well, what are the consequences? What are the consequences? Well, what if we started asking, like, what is the possibility? Like, what kind of doors will that open instead of like, Oh, well you could lose $5,000. Oh, you could embarrass yourself in front of five people doing a Facebook live, like, who cares? Like it's just money. You can go make more money.

Yes, exactly. In it. And that's another, that's like a whole another episode right there.

Oh, totally. I was just watching something on, I want to say it was like discovery channel or something. And it's about like the people that have like created the food industry and in the United States. Right. And this particular one was about, I don't know his first name. I don't remember it, but then, this guy had a business and sold it for like a million dollars. Now, this is what, that's like a billion dollars. Right. When-- and invested the entire million dollars into creating Hershey's milk chocolate, the town, the company, all of the factory, all of that stuff before he even had the recipe to make the freaking chocolate. Oh, wow. And spent the idea. And he invested in and started building and it was just like, I'm like, Oh my God. Like that is, if we all had that type of courage, like just freaking do it. You would have, I mean, this guy talks about not having a bad mindset. Like he was just like here. Yep. Here are the million dollars I just made from my previous business. This is my dream. And I'm just going to do it.

And it kind of goes back to following the intuition and going in with a hundred percent belief, because like, if you want a hundred percent sign, believe it's possible. And then you back it with doing whatever it tastes together there is, that's the way you, you have a hundred percent chance of succeeding. Like there's a 0% chance of failing when you go into something that kind of what that kind of mindset because you can always pivot. And I'm sure during his building phase, he had to pivot a lot. And there were some things he built before that you were like, Oh, I didn't need this. But that's the way you learn. You can't possibly build a business without paying fiver, you know, for like paying freelancers on Fiverr for things that you ultimately don't end up using. Like we just all do that.

Yes. We all spend money on things that we don't necessarily need right. At the moment. Absolutely. Yes. 100%. So I love your story and I love that all that happened, and I love that you, you know, have a niche down. So specifically to, you know, the spiritual and taboo coaches. And I'm wondering if you know when you work with clients in those specific niches, do you find a lot that they have a hard time finding like coaches or you know, people to work with that are comfortable working with those niches?

One of my best clients had the most success, she came to me when she already had paid a coach, it was several thousand dollars. And she had been with them for like a month or two. And she's like, they're just not excited about my business. And they don't think they understand my business. And so she was frustrated. She's a sex and intimacy coach. And the reason I niched down was that when I found myself, you know, talking to and helping other coaches and different like fitness or, you know, other coaches and marketing, I just, wasn't excited to talk to them. And if you're not excited to serve the clients that are paying you, or even if they're not paying you, then you're misaligned. And I think early on a lot of coaches will just help anybody because they just need the money and they're trying to figure it all out.

And so I think coaches can fall into that trap of being, you know, being the victim of those coaches in an early business model where they just haven't figured it out. And they're just trying to do whatever. And they'll say whatever to get clients where, when I have people come to me and I'm not that excited about their business, I try to find other coaches to send them to because if you know, you need to be excited about the work you're doing otherwise, you know, you're not going to spend a lot of time and energy on it and you won't get your client's results. Right. So, I think it's more that there's a ton of coaches out there that don't necessarily know what they're talking about, especially when it comes to marketing strategy and funnel design. I think that's the big issue because we can all go take the one funnel away challenge. We can all go take a course on how to do Facebook ads. We can all go build a couple of funnels and call ourselves a funnel expert, but it comes down to do we understand how to get results for our clients? And that's the big question.

And underlying that is understanding, like you just said, what lights you up, right. Because when you're working with somebody and them not necessarily they, but their business and you're going to help them with like messaging or, you know, their brand story or how to be their true selves, but you don't even understand like you can't connect.

You can't-- you don't know how to be your true self, or you're not in alignment with your mission and struggling. How are you supposed to, you know, help a coach who's--that's their mission. And so for me, when I work with, you know, sex and intimacy coaches and coaches of all things spiritual, like I'm a very spiritual person. Like I have crystals, I even bought a set of Mexican, terrible cards. And I was in the kink community and I still am like, I'm into that stuff. Like I understand their target audience because I am their target audience. And so when I write copy and I build funnels and I put out messaging and I help them dial on messaging as I can, I can say it back to them because I know what I want to hear when, when I get targeted with that stuff. And so that's what makes me unique and be able to serve those clients on a higher level.

Yes exactly. And when you're, you know, helping them to get close crystal clear on their message, give us some tips on, you know, what you would say to them, like, what kind of questions do you ask them to be like, okay, you know, if they're like, okay, my message. Like, people know what I do. They know that I'm a sex and intimacy coach, but what, you know, how do I dial in my specific unique message?

So when the first thing you asked people and coaches,  when they come to me and they're like, Hey, I'm trying to build this out. The first thing is like, okay, well, what is it that, who is it that you're serving? What is it that you're helping them get? How is it that you're helping them? And what are you helping them to avoid? And if you can't tell me that in 15 seconds clearly, so I understand then you will struggle to build out any other content, right? Any other emails, like do any other messaging for your business because those that are the foundation for your business. So that's the first thing. The second thing is what I call the bathtub strategy. So I call it this, because back when I was going through my night of the soul, I spent a tremendous amount of time in my bathtub.

I don't have one now because it's too hot in Mexico. Like no one puts them in, but in Oregon, I would spend like forever in one. And I'd be thinking about like all of the woes of my day, all of the woes of my life, like poor me, like that whole conversation. And then I'd be having the dreams like, Oh, I wish I was feeling this. Oh, I wish I had that. All, all those things. And so we build-out, we work on that messaging because our offer and our business is the bridge that connects where our clients currently are and what they're currently thinking and where they want to go. Like, that's the secret of online businesses. We create something of value that people need, but we have to know that what they're thinking and where they are now, and where they want to go, so we can connect the dots for them. And so that's the second step of building out. Any of the messaging is diving deep into that. Because when I asked people, what, who is it that you're serving? They normally give me like, Oh, they're like 50-year-old women. And they like cats, you know, that tells me nothing. Like, I can't write any copy or help you create any content based on that information. Like, it's pretty useless. Even if you're running Facebook ads like literally, I have to talk about them that nobody else wants to say out loud.

It's the embarrassing stuff. Like we have to dig deep into the very same stuff. And oftentimes as coaches, we've already been through that and we have like a mental block. Like, we don't want to remember how terrible it was, but we need to because we need to meet those ideal clients where they're currently thinking right now. And that's that moment in the bathtub where they lit some candles, they put on some music and they have a glass of wine and maybe some chocolate like that for an hour and maybe cry. Or for me, I was Tiktok, bingeing. And because I was still, I felt so alone that it was like my way of feeling reconnected to people. Again, we have to really look at what they're doing and meet them there. And then we can build out messaging and get clear on who we're helping and how we're helping them.

So if somebody, if you would come across an ad or even a post or a blog post or whatever it was at that time when you were in the bathtub, bingeing Tiktok and drinking wine and feeling lonely and feeling like helpless. If somebody had painted that picture and said, girl, I know sitting in that bathtub, binge, and TikTok because you feel alone, blah, blah, blah. You'd be like, what the hell?

I was like, put my phone down and look around and be like, are there cameras in here? Are you psychic? You must be psychic. Like, I want you to help me because you're psychic-- because you know exactly what I'm doing right now. And that's really what we want. Right. We want to connect on that ridiculously deep level. 

And that's where the magic happens.

Yes absolutely. Absolutely. I find that being a spiritual coach myself, and you know, talking about things that, you know, probably not a whole lot of people want to talk about, which is mostly, you know, looking inside yourself and all those thoughts. And if things that we don't do, because we're telling ourselves we can or whatever it is that, especially the spiritual part of it, I guess, like I say, all the time, like when I came out of the whoo closet, right. It is that sometimes I felt like I wasn't going to be able to find a coach that would like, I guess, for lack of better words, get it. But that I felt comfortable enough being like, Hey, this is what I need. Like, I am spiritual. I love crystals. I love tarot cards. I love changing with candles. Like, like all of the things, you know what I mean?

And yes. Does it sound weird to like mainstream society? Yes, it does. So going out and looking for a coach that gets, that is so super important and that's why we need to be ourselves. Right. Because if we're not ourselves and we don't tell everyone what we do and how we do it, and even it doesn't have to be business, it can be like, you know, your morning routine or whatever it is. They're like, Oh my God, thank God somebody else that does, you know, meditates in the morning with candles and then like does a, a spell or something or some kind of a ritual or something like that in the morning. Thank God. Because I'm going to talk to her and see you, how we vibe. 

And coaching was a very intimate thing. I mean, for my clients, they, get Voxer access to me and a lot of what they need isn't just marketing strategy. They need self-care. And so if you have a coach who's more into fitness and you're saying, Hey, I'm down and out. And they tell you to go run the block. And you're like, I don't want to do that. Like I want to sit with my crystals and a card. Like then you're with the wrong coach. Cause they're going to look at you. Like you're crazy. 

And so, you have to find somebody that you would want to be like friends with and, you know, get to know them, that intimate level. And if, if you're with someone who's a type a and you're over here and you're like, I don't want to be that perfect. You know, it's just going to be a tough relationship.

It's funny because I think if a coach ever told me to go run a block, I'd be like, I run for my life. Like that's about, that's like the only time I run. That's so funny. All right. So once they are really clear on their messaging and they feel like they're in alignment and they're kind of putting, you know, not kind of, they are putting themselves out there, they've got the confidence behind it. And then they're like, okay, now I need to start getting people in here. Like I get, get myself known and I need to start building this email list. Talk about a funnel for me. 

So a funnel, people get confused about what a funnel is because there's kind of two, two ways to describe a funnel or two ways you can have a funnel. So when you're first starting, the funnel is the whole, your whole business. It's the strategic journey of your clients from where they come in with you to where maybe the exit or how they ascend your value ladder. Most of us entrepreneurs, when we hear the word funnel, we think of a marketing website. And that's kind of where the term comes from, but I like to describe it as it's the strategic journey that a customer takes with you through your business. So it's all of your content, your email marketing, the way your offers are ascended, basically your sales call, all of that stuff. But we'll, we'll talk about an actual page of a funnel because that's the more popular term.

And what makes a funnel is the strategic marketing strategy behind it. Otherwise, it's just a website. And what happens is when entrepreneurs first start going, Oh my God, this funnel thing, it's the answer to fixing my whole business. That's where people have problems because a funnel is just another tech tool. And so if you haven't validated or become successful with your messaging in an organic manner, without the automation of a funnel, then the funnel isn't going to work. And I've seen this again. And again and again, because I love Russell Brunson. I love ClickFunnels. I'm going to continue to be with them for the rest of my online career journey because he helped me so tremendously much and introduced me to this world and is a good, good soul. But his messaging that hooks us all in is these testimonials, these coaches, where they hit like $30,000 in one launch without actually telling us how they did it, or the fact that they've been in business three to five years.

And so people come in and they're like, Oh my God, all I do is build this funnel and launch it. And then my business is going to take off and I'm so excited. So they go out and they put together some red tag funnel, you know, it looks something like something they saw online. And then they're like a couple of days later, what, I didn't make any money. Like I didn't get any sales or they ran Facebook ads to it. And they're like, oh, I spent $500 and I got nothing. They see it again. And again and again, because it has nothing to do with the tech. It has nothing to do with the funnel. It has everything to do with the strategy of the page because we can't run Facebook ads straight to a consult call. We can't run Facebook ads from a cold audience, straight to a $500 offer. Like those strategies don't work because you haven't created enough time to nurture your audience. Like there's just depending on what your offer is and what your strategy is. There are different ways to build out the funnel and do the messaging. So you have to know what it is that you're what the strategy is. Then the second part of it is the design and the words on the page. When we first start copywriting is it super hard right? Like I've been doing this for two and a half years, and I can't tell you how many hours I've spent writing email welcome series and funnel copy. I think it took me 20 hours to write my first nine emails welcome series-- 20 hours. I sat there for 20 hours writing this thing, and now I can do it in about six, and it can be well-written this time. But again, two and a half years of practicing, practicing, writing, rewriting. And if you're a spirituality coach, you don't want to do that. Like, that's what a funnel, nerds, and copywriters are for. Like, we love to nerd out on marketing philosophy and copywriting and like the psychology behind words, like that's our genius zone. But that's what I see with, with the funnel, and the issues are that they're like, okay, I'm going to manifest my clients through putting up this thing called a funnel. Here are some words and pictures go and it normally doesn't work. They get frustrated. And then they feel like, you know, like, Oh, this isn't for me. It's not going to work, but they just needed somebody who has made all those mistakes and knows what works to be like, okay, this is what we're going to do. Here's the roadmap let's go.

Yes. Amen to that. Because I think when the other biggest thing as entrepreneurs, whether you're spiritual or not is feeling like this is your business, you need to do the things you are letting them control of things go is hard.  And also paying somebody like, just being okay with being like, okay, I can hand this to somebody because I already know who I am, who I help, how I help them. Like what my core values are, what my brand story is. I know those things. So when I hand this over to somebody that can dig in even deeper for me, and like nerd out on the words and figure out what my ideal clients are, like, thinking, feeling, dreaming, desiring all of the things and put that into a beautiful package called this funnel and then hand it back to me and it works. Hell yeah. Here's my credit card.

And that's the ultimate goal of any business. Once you start scaling is to start automating the lead generation and the sales generation process. And that's the ultimate goal because then we can wake up and look at our dashboard and be like, Oh my gosh, I generated like 50 leads in the last 24 hours or whatever the number is. Or I just, you know, I sold, you know, a bunch of my low ticket items automatically because I have the system for bringing people into my ecosystem and that's the ultimate goal. But I find that you know, most of the clients I work with, even during my strategy sessions, I tell them, it's like, you need to be six months to a year in because otherwise, you're not going to value the session. After all, you haven't gone out and made all the mistakes that you need to make to be like, Oh my God, Keely, thank you so much for like, this is what I needed.

And so I've, you know, now when I bring people into my ecosystem, I ask those questions of like, you know, how long have you been in business? And I don't sell my services if they're not ready for it. And it's the same with a funnel, typically businesses aren't ready for a funnel until at least a year into their business, of having some sort of success or six months to a year after having some sort of organic success. Because if you can duplicate your sales organically, then we can easily take the same messaging and putting it on a funnel, and start automating that process. So now that my business has been consistently hitting $5,000 a month, which was my initial goal after starting it back in October now, I'm like, okay, I'm ready for a low-ticket funnel to start automating the lead generation process for me.

But when clients come to me, I'd say the same thing. I'm like, you're not ready for a funnel. Maybe they get mad at me. And they're like, Oh, I want to do a funnel. I'm like, okay, well, I'm not building you one, cause it's not going to work right now. You're not ready for it. And I don't take, I don't need the money. Like in Mexico, I live so cheaply. Like I want to do projects that excite me. So it's not exciting to build you a funnel. Like there are people, there are the people that are happy to take your money in exchange for a funnel just because you want one, but it has to be well aligned with your business. And if I don't think it is, then I don't, I don't want to take your money.

I mean, you'd be doing them and yourself just to disservice. And maybe they get mad and they don't realize it right now, but they'll thank me later. And they'll come back later after their first couple of funnels, slopped with their initial designer and they'd be like, okay, you're right.

Yes, exactly. I mean, that's being fully in alignment right there. And in a lot of people, I think the word alignment is so overused at this point, right? I think it's to the point where people are like, well, I don't even know what that means. Do you know? Like alignment. Great. Okay. Does it feel good? Yes. Does it not feel good? Yes. Like whatever. And they're like, okay, well, if it feels good, then that just must be what I want. And that's, that's being alignment, but it's not like being in alignment is knowing your boundaries and knowing that, you know, yes, these things feel good. Like it's-- like you said, integrity for yourself. It's like, okay, this is what I want to do. This is who I want to help. This is how I want to help them. And this is the transformation I can provide. That's my boundary. Like, that's your line in the sand. And then, you know, if you want to pivot, if you want-- when you evolve, because we're going to all evolve and you choose to move the boundary that's being in alignment.

Agreed. I mean, it's not, does it feel good or does it not feel good? That's part of it. Don't get me wrong. That's part of it. But it's, you know, even that step further of, you know, here is the decision that I've made and the people that come into my sphere, if they're not my sole client and they come into my sphere and they're like, Oh, well, this is what I wanna do. And you're like, but that's either one, not what I do. And that's what happened to me in the beginning. Right. I was like, Oh, well, that's not really what I want to do, but I can help somebody do that. Right. So that's being out of alignment, choosing to do something that you don't want to do just to make money, money, or try to get your name out there or, you know, whatever. So yeah, we do have these little things that we sacrifice in the beginning, but they should never be so out of alignment that, you know, you're like, why did I do that? 

And I think for me, when I was like, I'd heard alignment, the flow and all that kind of stuff. And before my last pivot, like, I didn't understand what that meant. Like I was like, okay, do what makes you happy? As you said, do what makes you happy? Like, do good things, all that kind of stuff. And it wasn't until I read this book called think and grow rich. It's not thinking to grow rich. It's thinking and grows rich. It has this  Chinese-looking cat on the front of it. I don't know if you've read that book. I can't remember. I think it's Pam something like the author, but in this book, she talks about how to get in alignment, and the way you do it is through gratitude. But also, to just do nothing other than what you want to do, like the things that make you excited.

And for a lot of people, they think they can't do that. Cause we're all attached to all of our things, right? Like we got to keep her house, we got to keep our kids in a good school. We've got to like keep this job because it makes us look cool. And it gives us stability. I'm really in this book, it talked about doing something crazy, which was just to sit and do nothing. And then to start chasing the things that make you feel good. So I was very fortunate to be in that position. Once I had sold everything off and came to Mexico and that's exactly what I decided to do. So for the first 30 days of being in Mexico, I just took naps, watch movies on my iPhone, and sat by the pool. Like I didn't feel motivated to work. I didn't want to do anything.

I just made food. And sometimes I went and did this and that. And I remember when Kelsey, my roommate now she's an intuitive eating coach. When she came, she was like, why are you not working? Why are you not doing this? And I'm like, I don't feel like it. But all of a sudden, all of a sudden I was like, got this idea. And I was like, Whoa, I'm going to do this. And ever since then, it's just, my business has been so easy. I feel so good. But I just had to follow the intuition and the bread crumbs and you know, I try something and be like, Oh, that wasn't the exciting, okay, I'll try this. Oh my God. That was great. And I keep following that. And I think a lot of times we try to think too logically. It's always that like, you know when we're thinking about breaking up with a bad boyfriend, but it looks good on paper.

And we're like, okay, pros and cons like pros, blah, blah, blah. He has nice hair. He has lots of money, his truck, his knife, blah, blah, blah, the cons. I mean, I did those things. Like when I was trying to leave my abusive relationship and the logical stuff is what kept me stuck and kept me depressed and kept me in this place of scarcity. And it was finally just doing the illogical thing, which was following the intuition that helped me get free of, of, you know, the negative things I was stuck in.

And, you know, for those people listening to that are like, Oh, that would be awesome. But I have a family. I have to pay my bills. I have to, you know, keep the house that I live in. Like there are things that I, you know, there are responsibilities that I have and nobody is ever, ever saying, you know, let go of your responsibilities because we all have responsibilities that we, you know, we have to keep up with.

Absolutely. I had to tie up all of my loose ends, even now I have lots, I have responsibilities that I take care of. But where I like to say it is that, you know, maybe there are things that you're holding onto that you don't necessarily need. And once you, you know, part of the book, some of the chapters, there are stories of other people and they're talking about how they're struggling to be a parent and all this stuff. And once they finally just, you know, maybe they sent the kids to their parents for like a, a couple of weeks and they, they practice this all of a sudden they came back and they were like a better mother. They were, you know, they were better in their relationship just because they, they found themselves again. They created the space. That was the whole, my whole last year was learning how to create space because I had filled all my space with responsibilities.

No, I didn't have kids, but, for a long time, I had like 15 horses. I had like seven dogs. I had two businesses. I was running. I had a relationship that required way too much of me and gave nothing back. And I just had a tremendous amount of relation, you know, responsibilities and no space to become creative and move into the next thing. And I thought I could hold onto those responsibilities while moving into the next thing, but I found it to be impossible. And, and that's kind of the journey that I had and I had to learn to let go and make space.

I love that. And I love that when you got to Mexico, you were just like, yep. Nope. I'm just not, I'm just not going to do anything. Like, not that you didn't do anything, you were actually creating space, but on the outside, it looks like, you know, you're like, yeah, I just sat around and like watch Netflix and hung at the pool. But how important is that? Because in this crazy world today, we're constantly going, going, going, doing, doing, doing. We have like, what's the next thing that I have to do? Or what's the next, like, we sit with ourselves and it's like, Oh, I don't, I don't want to do this. Or this is boring. Or like, you don't even know yourself well enough to even just sit and be.

And I think COVID is terrible. This pandemic has been-- it's been an opportunity for people, to, you know, remove all the distractions. And that's what happened to me or moves the distractions. And then I was stuck sitting with myself, however uncomfortable it was, and having to decide what it was truly wanted. And once I was able to reopen my brick and mortar and had people coming in, I heard again and again and again from people, Oh, now that I haven't had to do my job, I wonder if I even want to go back to it. Maybe, you know, now that I've been stuck living here without the distractions of going to the bar or whatever, I wonder if I even want to stay living here. And, and it was really interesting to see that because it was the same thing I was going through. I was like, wow. It was like taking the, you know, removing the clouds and being like, wow, I see everything. So clearly now because I have and having the process

I mean, as you said, it is awful that this pandemic has taken lives and made, you know, created an illness, on the planet to create such a massive perspective shift for humankind. Like that's what I feel like happened.

And I feel like some took advantage of this and can see the light from it is a difficult situation. And then some just made it worse for themselves --they spent all their time bingeing on Netflix. They ate poorly drank too much at home, and kind of leaned into those more toxic elements because, you know, it takes a lot of strength to be able to lean into uncovering yourself and then healing and moving onto the next thing. And, and it was sad for me to see some of my friends that struggled and they weren't able to have the breakthroughs that I did. I still think that most of humankind has not.

Yes, it's true. But, I cleanse my Facebook all the time and I choose to see the good. And so that's why I also have an extreme passion for the mindset and spirituality coaches because you guys seriously make mass new help people make massive transformations in their lives and become whole and move forward with so much confidence. And that's truly something that even modern medicine struggles with. I mean, the answer that they had for my chronic stress and its manifesting, these other illnesses was a drug that they wouldn't even fix my issue right away. It would help me six months from now because it takes time to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all this stuff. And instead of being like, Hey, maybe you just see someone to talk to, Hey, maybe you just need, you know, some, some energy cleansing like that stuff was too woo. For modern science and medicine. And so it truly is like the coaches, we don't even have certification. We don't even have the Pomos on this stuff, but we can help people on such a deep, intimate level that, that needs to be shared with more people. And that's why I love building out the marketing systems because it's like, it's like putting a magnet phone up to you guys and being like here, yelled at more people. I want you to reach more people.

Yes, absolutely. And what, five, even 10, 10, or five years ago, people, I mean, there were still people out there that were practicing spirituality. There are energy healers, they're all the things, but they were so taboo that they were like, you know, coined as weird or like they're too out there. Like people don't do those things. What, like, you know, for lack of a better word, because you know, we're not crazy, but you know, they're like, Oh, that's, that's crazy. Like who would ever do that? Do you know what I mean? So to have such a quantum leap in that acceptance from, you know, even just five years ago to now is a huge Testament to how humanity is shifting that perspective or that paradigm of, Oh, like it's not all, it's not outside forces, right. It's not my circumstances. It's not the situation. It's me. Like, what can I do? I have a choice I get to decide. And you know, more and more people are coming to that realization now where, you know, you don't have to go to college, get a job, find a spouse, have kids have a dog, have the picket fence, work, work, work, work, work, work, work till you're 65 and yeah. And then finally get to retire. And then you die two years later.

Right. Because retirement is like, every time someone says, Oh, I'm retired. They say depressed because it's almost like you no longer have a purpose. And that's why being an entrepreneur is so amazing because you know, we get to this, we create our purpose and we get to magnify it for however long we want to never have to retire.

Well, it's kind of like, we've retired already.

Yes. I get to do whatever I want all day, make my schedule. I like don't start work until 10 o'clock and 10 o'clock is when I have Spanish till noon. And then I do work. 

And I like to not even call it to work because it's just helping.

It's true. I know. Cause then it sounds important.

See, and that's a belief right there, right? So it's like, Oh, who like, it's an opportunity to go help somebody, who do I get to help today? How do I get to help them today? When do I get to create today? What do I get to create today? Who, what can I co-create with the universe today?  You know it, so when you look at it that way, it's kind of like, Oh yeah, I'm retired. Am I exchanging time? Or money energy. Yes. But it's, you know if you love it so much and you're aligned as you said, and you know, it's not a job. It's a, it's you-- it's a lifestyle. It's freedom. 

Yes. It's a gift. It is a gift. Like every day I wake up and I'm just so incredibly grateful that the universe guided me in this direction, because if I would have never gotten those Facebook ads and started diving into funnels and digital marketing, I would have never known. After all, I have a four-year degree in marketing and sales. They didn't say any, and I'm not even, I'm only 30. Like that was like 10 years ago. Like social media did exist, but they did not teach anything about social media marketing. Maybe they do now, but probably not to the depth that you can learn it through other coaches than online marketing or online courses. But they, it was traditional marketing. Like you went and worked for some corporation like Coca-Cola and you amplified their message. And I struggled with that because a lot of these big corporations that hire people, there, their, their products are disruptive and like greedy and blah, blah, blah. So I had so many rants about that living in Mexico and seeing big corporations like Coca-Cola and how they manipulate the market here. Oh my God. I have a grudge against Coca-Cola.

I'm sure that, you know, going to work for a bigger corporation like that too, and then marketing for them is just a job because, you know, unless you are full, you know, I don't want to say aligned because that's not the right word. Like excited and invested, in that company's message. Like if you're completely, totally behind their message and you fully believe in it, great. Then it might not feel like as much of a job because you're so invested and excited about this company and what they're going to do. And it's easier to market like that than it is to be like, Oh, okay, I'm going to come in and the market for Coca-Cola. How do I get more people to see, you know, the red and white sign? Or how do I evoke emotion from soda? Do you know? Like, it just doesn't sound as exciting.

No, it's not. And I'm so grateful that I'm not in a corporate marketing job, which is what my dad wanted me to do. And he was so excited when I graduated. He was so excited that I would go out there and get a corporate marketing job and sales job and climb the ladder. As he did, man. You know, it created a little bit of a disconnect between us because he doesn't understand what I do. And so he doesn't know how to talk to me because I live like in a different universe. So I, you know, to those of you that are listening, that have that with family members or friends, or you're going to the spouse where they don't get you and they don't understand what you're doing, and maybe they don't believe in what you're doing. Like, I hear you, like, that's a tough place to be. And I have not solved that, that dilemma yet. But keep being, you keep following your arrow because you know, you're not responsible for other people's emotions. I'm an impact. I've had to tell myself that all the time.

Me too. I'm lucky that way. I mean, it took a little convincing sometimes with my fiance in the beginning, he was like, I don't get it right. But like my mom, my family, like they're all glad, it was like open the flood gates. They were all like, Whoa, that's freaking cool. You know, like, and 90% of them will say to me, even my fiance to this day will say, I have no freaking idea what you do, but I'm totally behind you.

Oh yes. That's the best. Yes.  That is the best. And I know that I'm super lucky and I'm very grateful that I have people like that in my life. And I know that some people don't and the people that don't, you know, like you just said, if you're listening right now, just like you said, keep, keep following that arrow and just being you and doing your thing, because it's just going to bring you happiness and it's going to, you know, it might bring some friction and family, but that's okay. It's okay. As you said, you're not responsible for how they think, how they feel anything you're only responsible for you. And that's why you're here, right? Like that's what you're here listening to this podcast because we get you, we get you, you know, I still, like my ex-husband no idea. Like, he's just like, yeah, I got you at all.

You know, even my kids are starting to come around a little now, you know, they're like, Oh, like my daughter is 12. And she likes to meditate with me. She likes crystals. My son, like I, will discuss with him about he's 18. And, you know, he was having a hard time with school and stuff like that. Like he's not the social type. And having conversations with him, he's just like, thank you. Like you get it, you know? So it's awesome to be able to impact, you know, not just however many, as millions of people there's a potential for all of us to impact millions of people. So it's not just impacting people. I don't know. It's impacting people. I do like the people that I care about and impacting them just by being myself, it doesn't like, I'm not pushing anything on them. I'm just being me around them. And that rubs off, you know, it rubs off. So I love what you just said. And I know that that was probably a great, like, kind of closer to this episode, but I am going to ask you anyway, is there anything that you would love to say to close this episode?

I guess the biggest thing is to just keep following what excites you and do not be afraid to keep trying things and discovering that they weren't for you, because I like to kind of say, it's like I say this a lot. So if anyone comes, follow me, you hear me say it more times, but it's like when your alarm's going off and you're trying to reach for your phone in the dark and you go left and right. And you miss it and you kind of touch it a little, and then you finally dialed in, you grabbed your phone. The way we flow through life is the same thing. Like we have that, that navigational radar and we're always going left and right left and right. Trying to find the path for the straight line to where we're going. And it's not, it's not going to look like a straight line because we're going to go over here and try this little number over here.

But every step of the way, you're going to learn new skills that will build on themselves for the next thing. And it's, I always talk about it as like the level 10 opportunities. So when I was trying to figure it all out, I started my whole business. You know, I bought and sold horses and train, train horses when I was in high school. But then when I got out of college, I tried multilevel marketing companies and, we started the Sama in business, and then I did craft fairs. And then that led me to open my vintage brick and mortar. And then I was selling even more on eBay. And then trying to scale that I got into coaching people, how to sell vintage online, which then got me into even more funnel building, which then led me to rebel funnels. And so I went, I just kept trying things and don't be afraid to pivot away from them when you find that you're no longer excited about it because you know, so many people, when I was closing, my brick and mortar were like, well, you only have two more years.

You only have two more years. And then you hit that coveted like five year Mark, and then you can sell your business and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, I can't make it two more years. Like I need to pivot now because something internally is telling me I need to do this now. And it was right if I had held on for two more years, I might've been massively failed. I would be, it's like snowing in Oregon right now. And I hate the snow. And then my business would be closed because of the snow would also be struggling because of COVID. It would, you know, why drag it out, thinking that I could make it to five years when the pivot is now I make money than I ever did in that brick and mortar. I don't have to deal with employees. I don't have to deal with an inventory. I don't have to have the overhead and I get to be free. So keep trying and testing and don't be afraid to fail, and don't be afraid to pivot. Don't be afraid to lose money. Don't be afraid to let friends go when I don't understand you, like, just keep going, how you want to go, and be grateful for each step of the way.

I love that. I love it. Tell people how they can find you.

Of course, there are several places you can find me.  I have a Facebook group and in that Facebook group, I have a free workshop called how to get crystal clear on your messaging to generate leads more easily. And the name of the group is digital marketing strategies for coaches of all things, spiritual and taboo. You can also find me through rebel And if you use that link, you can schedule a fixed funnel session. And through there, we'll sit down for 20 minutes and look at your customer journey, look at any websites, or if you have current funnel pages, look at them and see how we can build out a roadmap to getting you generating leads and sales more easily. I also put together for those of you in the phase of your journey, where you're trying to build out, funnels yourself, I put together a lead generation guide, and it will walk you step by step on all of the tech needed to set up your first funnels. And you can get [email protected] slash lead hack. As well as on Facebook at rebel funnels and Instagram at rebel funnels.

Awesome. Keely, thank you so much for being here. I love this conversation.

Of course, it was really fun. I loved it. Thank you so much.

It was great. All right, everyone, go follow Keely everywhere and sign up for all the awesome stuff that she just offered you. And then take a screenshot of you listening to this episode, tag us on Instagram, and your stories. Ask us questions. Tell us your aha moments. DMs we want to hear from you. So, again, Keely, thank you so much and everyone else we'll see you in the next episode.


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