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Reclaiming Your Energy Body So You Can Fast Forward Your Success with Beau Maxwell [Podcast Ep 73]

May 31, 2021

In this episode, Beau Maxwell shares how to you can reclaim your energetic space to find more balance and abundance with the work you do. She also shares her story of how she overcame being a spiritual skeptic and now believes we all have incredible intuitive gifts.


  • The impact other people can have on your mood and energy
  • Steps to dispel energies that are not your own and transmute to them
  • How to shift your mindset from being a problem solver to a builder and how it can benefit you in your business

Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell is one of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development today. Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to the field of spirituality. She has helped people connect to their authentic, natural intuitive abilities for over 15 years.

Isabeau is an internationally known medium, author, and teacher, touching the lives of people across the world. Known for her compassion and accuracy, Isabeau brings peace and comfort to many through her energy work, transformative sessions, and teachings.

The founder of The SAGE Method, a life-changing, and intuitive training program that teaches people how to open to their intuition and live an authentic, blissful life, Beau is also the creator of The SAGE Circle, Discovery Meditation and the author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium.

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Welcome to the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast. I'm Jenessa McKenzie an intuitive business and mindset coach to inspired success, driven solopreneurs like you who are ready to show up as a bad-ass boss and create the impact and income that you desire. It's my mission to help you see who you were created to be. So you can share your gifts with the world and make a difference. My approach to business is not what most would call normal. Thank God, because being weird and unapologetic about it is my jam on this podcast, or mix the glue with the do to help you create the space energetics and strategy to attract the clients and cash you really want, but unapologetically showing up as who you are.

So you can design the business and life you desire from the inside out. So if you're ready to say peace to settling, hiding half-ass, and dimming your light yes. To having the abundant, profitable business and life of your dreams without living on the edge of exhaustion and overwhelm, listen up. As I hit the BS button on the extremely outdated perception that you need to hustle and be something you're not successful in. Thank you so much for being here today. Now let's do this. Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I'm here today with Beau Maxwell. Beau's a spiritual teacher and a mentor, and she works with people who are focused on honing in on their intuition to improve their lives. She's also the founder of the Sage method, which is a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuition and live an authentic blissful life. I am a member of Bose Sage method group, and it is amazing. I love it. And we have just clicked and connected in ways that are, um, you know, universal, right. Cosmic and universal bow. So how are you today?

I am wonderful. And you were so right. We totally clicked. Yeah. I am psyched to be here with you. Thank you for having me on.

Oh, you're welcome. You're welcome. So I know that I kind of gave you, quite the introduction there, but please feel free to tell us a little bit more about what you do, who you help, how you help them.

Well, my entire journey happened right around the age of 31. So for me, pre 31, this is my life it's divided pre 31 and post 31. So Bree 31, I was a complete skeptic. I had, um, I got a degree in mathematics with a minor in chemistry. I opened businesses. Um, I I've been an entrepreneur since I was born. Like I asked for the shopping cart, the shopping checkout toys instead of the like it's. So that, that, that was born with, I get that, but I was a complete skeptic and it was three. I was 31. My grandmother passed away. She was in Minnesota. I was in New Hampshire and within an hour of her passing, she showed up in my living room and like 70%, you know, solid, there was some transparency, but she, it, it rocked me, scared me, just terrified me because I had such a solid belief that, that wasn't real.

So fast forward that over the course of the next year, she kept showing up with goosebumps or images or feelings and things like that. And I really had to force myself to just figure out if it was grief or if it was actually real because I was raising two, you know, young boys at the time. And it was like, well, we never stop raising our kids, but they were young. And I'm like, I need my, my wits about me here. And so I pushed her and I said like lovingly. And I said, here's the deal, grandma, if that really is you, I need proof. Like, I need to kind of prove that you can't turn back from and she gave it to me. And it was a huge turning point in my life. So then what is, you know, somebody who builds businesses and has math majors and does Sudoku on the side, so I jumped into, I have to figure out everything about intuition.

How does it work? Where does it come from? What are books? And I connected with an incredible guide named a big dog. And, um, I tell the story and I've got a memoir of the first two years of, of what unfolded, but in essence, in those two years, I was so driven to understand it, that what came out of it was the Sage method, which is literally all formula, you know, a seven-week formula on here's, how you can get into that space and open up your intuition. And then from there, the community built the community that you're in with my building. And that was, that was a ton of fun.

Yeah. Yeah. It does a ton of fun. I love being in there. I love your card readings. I love, I love the way everyone in there is just so open and supportive, like, if they have a question or a problem they're posting in there and being like, Hey, can somebody help me with this? Or, and then everyone's like, Oh my gosh, she asked blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they're all supporting each other. It's just amazing. It's almost like self-run. And then you're like popping in to be like, Hey, here's what I'm going to read your cards today. And you know, like they're just so into it. And so into each other and, and helping it, it's amazing.

And they're like my spiritual family too, you know, sometimes we'll get an email come through from a member or something and I'll be like, no, you don't get it. I remember too, like, yeah, I'm with you in this. This is, this is, you know, just an incredible community. So where can you find a group of unconditionally loving people who completely accept you and also completely accept where you're at on your journey? So you have to come it, I built it that way, kind of a little mama bearish, but you know, it worked out,

You have to, right. So I'm curious when you say you were a skeptic, like what, because some people, I mean, I think all people kind of have heard things like there is another side, where do we go when we die? What happens to our soul, our spirit, whatever. Uh, and they all kind of have certain beliefs around that. Um, what was the amount of information or that you had when you were like, I was a skeptic till I was, you know, 30, and my grandma like sat down with me in my living room after she died. Right. Like, like where were you? And was there anyone in your family that had the gift

To ask some questions? My, um, turns out that my grandmother and my cousin did, I think that, um, I was very much sheltered by my mom, um, out of love, really. Um, and so I didn't find out about my grandmother and my cousin and, um, until the door opened for me and I came, I called my cousin and said, I think I'm going crazy. But I think it just, uh, grandma and she's like, and she's like, okay, well we need to talk. And, and you had that conversation where it's like, well, wait a minute. So I'm in the same room with everybody for like 30 years. Nobody's letting me in on these awesome stories that are happening to everybody. Um, I say that with total love, but it was just, I was, um, kind of, um, partitioned from my family really over guarded, you know, by my mom.

And you have to remember too, this is like 16 years ago. And I remember when people, when I started to have the courage to tell people I'm a medium, a lot of people didn't know what that was. 16 years ago, I opened upright. When some of the big shows started to come out, ghost whisper and medium and stuff like that. And so when those shows came out, then people started to learn more about it. So I really opened up without having a lot of knowing what's going on. I lovingly joke that I had no one around me, which was why I built the community today, but I had no one around me back then that I knew the only person that I thought I could go to was a Tai Chi instructor. And I remember walking up to him saying, okay, you're the weirdest guy I know. And you help me like, and so that's how to shut off I was. What did he say? He chuckled, he laughed. And he taught me how to use the pendulum, how to anchor into my yes and nos, and then how to let that expand. Um, and then he kind of sent me on my way to the next teacher type thing, you know, he's like, I've taught you everything I can. Um, but he was amazing.

That's awesome. So did your mom keep you partitioned? I like the way you say that like not sh you know, like didn't keep you away from them, but partition because she knew they had

Yes. Uh, I suspect, so it's not really a conversation that, you know, we've really had, because I don't think that anything was done wrong or anything. Right. It was just, my mom loved me in a way that she wanted to make sure, I checked off all the boxes that I went to confirmation class that I graduated high school, that I went to college. So it was really important for her to make sure that I checked off all of those kinds of cultural boxes. And so there really wasn't any room for anything, um, odd.

She didn't want you to get distracted,

Correct? Yeah. Correct. And, and she supported me so much in that flow that, you know, I was valedictorian and a, well, not really we'll say salutatorian, but anyway, um, I was like up there in the top of this and I was so focused on studying and focused on, on learning and my education was important. So she really had my back on that and there just wasn't room for, you know, like, um, getting into like the cool group, you know, that wears all black was not an option. So, um, yeah, it was pretty straight narrow, which I'm grateful for, for, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. Because I think some people might be irritated with mom for, you know, knowing that there is this gift in the family and not letting you know about it, and then finding out the way that you did and kind of having some resentment towards mom for that, you know, so it's awesome that you don't have that and that it's, you know, you're grateful for everything that she did and that's a great way to look at it.

Well, I, you know, it takes a little time and a little therapy as a young adult to get to that, then I come alive. But, um, but no, I, I, there there is a respect there because I know down deep, I am successful because of, you know, her path that she put in front of me. So yeah. She was

Just doing what she thought was best anyway. Yeah. Yep. Awesome. So, so you open up, grandma's like hanging out with you for a year. I love that.

Uh, Oh. And I should tell the proof part, you know, I'm going to listen to this and be like, well, what was that proof? Right? Like you just dangled that in front of me now. You're not going to tell me the juicy stuff come on. So, um, I was driving and I was running a couple of errands. I was alone. It was just me and I, that, that whoosh went through my body again, the goosebumps for the hair on end. And I knew it was her and I had this pet and pendulum practice now Pendle and practice that, that the Tai Chi instructor showed us. And so I pulled over and I was using the pendulum to get yes and no answers from her. And when you are doing only yes and no answers, it takes you 20 minutes to get, you know, two sentences, but that's okay.

I did it, you know, is this about family? Is it's about work? Is this about, you know, and you narrow it down? And I narrowed it down. So specifically that it was, uh, it was about my mom and that my mom was going to need, um, help financially that she would ask me for help, but that I wouldn't help her. And instead, a friend would, I mean, that's how long that's how many? Cause I was, I was going for the home run this time. I was like, I want, yes. And no's on the most detailed part of this. And I said, well, now, when that doesn't happen, I'm good to go. So I left that parking lot when ran another errand, maybe I can't remember the time very well, maybe 45 minutes to an hour later, I got a phone call from my mom and she said, Hey, um, I've got a bank issue.

She goes, and I need you to do me a favor. I need you to go to your bank, get some cash, bring it over to my bank, deposit it into my checking account. And then it'll be instantly accessible and I can get you that money back in two days. And I said, okay, hung up the phone and started driving to my bank, going, okay, this, this is really weird, but you know, it's not like it's something that hadn't happened before. So I was like, okay, see, I could still be making this up and I'm going to put the money in the bank and this isn't going to be accurate. Well, get the money. Drive to her bank, pull in the parking lot. Park the car. She calls again, Hey honey, don't worry about it. You don't need to deposit the money. My friend helped me and she already did it for me. And

You were like, Oh yeah. Okay.

Yeah, that was, that was a very, that was a moment where you don't turn back. If you can use a pendulum you. Yes or no. Questions answered to find out your mom is going to need help with money, but you're not going to help her. A friend is. And then that unfolds that same day.

Yeah. In and out

In an hour. Yeah, it was. It was. And it wasn't like I was saying, grandma, you better prove it. I was saying, grandma, please, please. You know me, I am a stubborn driven rolled me, please, please, please. So I was actually more begging her and her, she did. Yeah. Life-changing never looked back, never looked down it again.

Yeah. It's kind of like, um, totally not as, uh, as grand as that, but the first time I ever went to get an energy healing, I literally, the whole time I was driving there, I was like, am I out of my mind? What am I doing? Like, I'm going to spend money on somebody to like, just wave their hands in front of me, chant some things and tell me that my energy is clear. Like, how am I going to know that this worked right? So I get there. I like totally love this girl that, that does my energy healing. Uh, her name is Alex and she's amazing. Um, and I think she kind of knew that I was just kinda like, you know, not really sure about this, but here we go. Like, we're just going to do it anyway. And she started doing her thing and I literally had a physical reaction to it. I, um, I thought I was going to faint. Like I got hot. All of a sudden I was nauseous, started sweating. I'm like, I need to sit down.

And that's

Like, that does not happen to me. Like that. It was instant. Like I, everything actually started to kind of get really bright in front of my face. And I was like, oh, I'm going to pass out.


She was like, you okay? She's like I told you this wasn't a joke. And it's so funny because I never said that to her. Like I never said to her, I don't believe this. I don't know if this is going to, like, I never shared a doubt with her. Um, she said to me, I told you this was no joke. I was like, but I didn't

Say that. She's like, yes. But in those, those spaces in between the molecules, I know you said that and she's so supportive.

I know she's amazing. She was amazing. Um, but yeah, if I didn't have that reaction, I don't know if I, I would've, I probably would've left there still thinking, did this even work? Like, am I crazy for doing this? What is happening right

Now? Do you know?

But yes. So you know, those of us that have never like something. So beyond that, we can't go back from, um, you do some, we do need that, right. It's almost like w we're here in these human bodies and we don't remember what, we don't remember anything before this and which is probably, you know, we have all had all the knowledge then, but now, then we, you know, made this contract to come here and forget it all. And um, now we're going, okay. Well, I only believe what I can see. That's right in front of me that I can touch, taste, feel here. And unless that happens, it's not real. Exactly. Yeah. So yeah, you definitely need, I needed and you needed, and I'm sure a lot of others need to have that tangible, something that says this isn't a freaking joke. Right?

Exactly. And you know, we all have guides. We all have loved ones that watch over us and you know what, they know, they know what we need. They know they see what's coming a week from now. And so they know they have to get us from Monday to Sunday. So, you know, well, this has got to happen, you know,

To get her

To open up to this.

Yeah. Well, it's funny because the first time I ever picked up a pendulum, I was like, I bought it at, from like this crystal lady at the flea market. Right. Um, and I don't know. I don't know why I like never used one before. I was just like, oh, I'm going to get this. Cause I've I had seen it like used or talked about or something. Let's go, I'm going to get one of these. See if it works. Right. Well, some people say it took me a while to get my pendulum to work. No, mine swings like fricking monkeys on trees. Okay. It's like, I put mine over my hand and it starts to shake it. Like literally the, uh, mines it's Jasper, a blue, uh, blue Jasper. And it literally vibrates over my hand. Um, there was no, like, is this working? No. It was like, show me. Yes. Like back and forth. I'm like, okay, this is working. And then when I say, thank you, it stops say show me. No. And it swings the other way. Like there isn't a question. So the guys are strong here. I feel like

They are so, so I love this. You get the energy work, it shifts you into, okay, there's something here. And then you get the pendulum and it's just cranking, you know, swing and super strong. And I can relate because I had that moment with my grandmother where I tested her so much and it came true. And then it was shortly after that, that no mind you. Cause she's the only one that I visually ever saw up to that point. And shortly after that, I'm in a grocery store and there are me and three living people in, in an aisle for a second. And then the next second, there's me and three living people on six deceased people in the aisle. And I, I, I know some people have a memory of me running out of that store because I ran I'm too tech. Cause I was so scared.

Yeah. I was terrified. And cause I was instant, I'm still fresh off of the skepticism thing. So I'm instantly in a horror movie, you know like they ran to my car and I got in my car and my grandmother showed up again in the passenger seat and I turned and looked at her and she was like, well, what'd you expect? What do you have warned me, grandma like me? So when my vision kicked on like that, it just kicked on and it was, you know, like, like your pendulum, it just swung strong. And it was just like, okay, here it is. This is yeah, here we go. Yeah, here we go. Let's figure this out next. What am I doing so

Well, whether you're, you know, intuitively open in that way or not. And you're just an entrepreneur who, you know, loves the spirituality and the woo or just a human who just lives life. Right. We're all we all get into that overwhelm and stress and exhaustion. And we're like, what the heck is happening right now? And why am I, especially, I know for me like I'm an empath so I can freaking feel everything. And uh, I don't like to do that all the time. Do you know? Like I would pass somebody in a hallway and instantly my mood would change. And I'm like, Oh Nope, not mine. That's not mine. Like, and it took a long time for me to understand that that's what was happening, but I was like taking on other people's energies and it would instantly kind of change my mood. Like if they were in a bad mood, I was in a bad mood.

And uh, I'm like, Whoa, like I felt like, you know, kind of a split personality there for awhile. I'm like, what's happening right now. For one second, I'm fine. The next second I'm like, or I'm tired or I'm angry or I'm super happy. So that same woman actually that I did energy healing with. I just went to a class with her a few weeks ago and one of the women in there. So we got initiated into the light. I think I told you about that. And um, and one of the other women in there at the end of it, like when we were all like kind of saying our goodbyes and they were giving us the last little speech, you know, whatever a talk and the woman next to me was so happy and excited. Like I was vibrating.

It's like, I can't even stand next to you. Right. And I was like, I just wanted to laugh

And jump up and down because she was so excited.

And I was like, Ooh, well I don't mind.

And this energy, this is fun energy, but I don't like the energy. You want it when people are angry or irritated. So I know you have an awesome, um, you know, practice that you've taught all of us Sage circle members to do to kind of, you know, ground back into your own energy and just a way to like protect your own energy. I think the way you put it as like your own energy body so that you're like, okay, this is mine. And now I can focus on what's in front of me instead of worrying about all the stuff that's going on outside of me, that isn't me.

Oh yeah. And this, this is my favorite tool, my favorite spiritual tool in the whole world. It is a massive game-changer. Um, it's, it's it fast-forwards people, it clears so much up and it literally takes five minutes.

Mm no, like I can do it like this now. Yeah.

And every time you do it, so for me, it takes just a few seconds because I've been doing it for 16 years, but, um, it's just it's so for a tool to be that simple and yet have that many results to it is really, um, it's one of my favorites and I know for me, my heart goes out to empath because I'm not an empath. Um, but I've taught so many. And so when you hear, you know, their stories and stuff, you just think, Oh,

Walk around shielding new.

Um, so my heart always goes out for emphasis. So this, the practice is called GCP it's ground clear protect. And it was given to me by that teaching guide, big dog. Um, it was one of the first things that he taught me and in us, it is the foundation. So, um, when, when he gave me that practice, I started using it and I'm a little different than in past. So I love giving it to an impasse because it gives them the chance to reclaim their own emotions and not let other people's emotions ooze in. Um, but for me, and I think a lot of the entrepreneurs listening to this will relate. I defined myself so strongly as a problem solver that I was absorbing everyone's problems. And I would just overhear something in a store and my brain would want to start to figure out their problem.

Why? Because I brought that energy into myself. So, um, and it's, it happens to everybody. We're not really taught about the energetic body as kids. There are a lucky few that are, and I want to meet their parents and give them a big hug and say, you rocked it, man. You gave this person the biggest leg up they could have ever gotten. But for the majority of us, we weren't taught about our energetic body. We're taught about our physical bodies. We're talking about mental health, but we're not taught how to take care of our energetic bodies. And here's the kicker is that the energetic body actually expands outside of the physical body. So our physical body is within our energetic body, meaning things that happen to us out there in the world, things that are said, things that we see, um, emotions that are near us, hit our energetic body before they ever hit our physical body.

Yeah. So would you call the same as your aura? Yeah. Or as another way to say it, your spirit, your, you know, um, and people that have done energy work, you know, uh, know that like if you move your hands back and forth like you're clapping, but you never touch them. You know, anyone listening can do this, just move your hands back and forth and you'll start to feel something in between your hands, even though your hands aren't touching, that's your energetic body. So the reason we're S we can be so reactive. I shouldn't even say that the reason I was so reactive, um, pre 31, this is that pre 31 time. Was that anything that came at me first off, I defined myself as a problem solver. So I attracted more problems to solve. So they would come at me, they would hit my physical body first.

So the energy of the problem hit me first. So before I even heard the problem or saw the problem, I already had that stress, energy within me. And so I would turn around and react. And, uh, when, when he gave me this practice, he said, go out and try it. So, okay. So I did, and I was very reactive. Not going to lie. I'm a Taurus, I'm driven. I'm an only child you can put in, fill in all those blanks. That's me. I get it. Do you know? Um, and I remember when people would get angry with me, like if a stranger or something. Cause as I said, that's what I was attracting. Um, I would just pop up, blah, blah, blah, you know, right back at him. And I would, I would engage if you want someone to fight with juror let's fight. Um, let's go, I'm doing the practice.

I want to go get a chai tea from my favorite coffee joint. And there's no parking downtown. And I see an empty parking lot across the street from a restaurant that's shut down. I was like no harm. Right. I go in there, I pull in, I know I'm not supposed to park there, but I'm just going to run it and come up and come back out and I'm getting out of the car and there's a woman. Uh, there's another car in the parking lot that I now notice. And a woman was reading a book and put the book down, got out of the car, and made a beeline to me. Now, what I didn't know was that she was literally waiting for people to park in this parking lot to yell at them for doing it. Yeah. And you know, honestly the logical level, she needs to direct your anger somewhere.

Cause maybe she couldn't direct her anger where it should have been directed. I don't know. But she came up to me and she just started yelling at me. You know, it's illegal to park here, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I had the most bizarre experience ever. It was like this bubble, this GCP bubble-like everything stopped two feet in front of me. And I had no emotion attached to it for the first time in my life. I was like, that's really weird. Like I was like watching a movie or even a movie will bring more emotion than this situation was. And yet this woman is just raging mad at me. And then all of a sudden she's like, what, what? And I didn't realize that I was so stunned by witnessing how I was not emotionally affected by this, that she had got done yelling and was just standing there waiting for me to respond.

And, and so I was like, Oh, Oh wait a minute. Okay. I need to think, I, I have to think of what I have to respond to this. Um, I'm sorry. I was just really stunned by this thing that I started doing. So then I started to sound crazy, right. It really works. Like it read like you're yelling at me and I don't care. This actually works. This is like wild. And so I just told her, I said, you know what? You're right. This is illegal and I am wrong and I'm, but I'm still gonna go in and get the coffee. And if you told me, the girl is you, you you're right on. You know, so I get that, but I'm making my choice, knowing my consequences and it's going to be fine. And I just went in and got my coffee stunned. The next morning I woke up and I realized, I didn't call a friend to tell her the story.

I didn't stew about it at night when I was going to bed, I didn't to my husband about it. Like, and I was like, I'm free. This is freedom. This is incredible. So the practice itself, the beautiful part of it is it's not, we use the word protection, but it's not necessarily protecting it. It's more like creating a filter because yeah, there are days that you kind of do have to have a bad day. It's part of your path. Yeah. And so when those things happen, um, it will get through because it's supposed to be happening. Um, and for the paths and the problem solvers and those people out there, um, the practice, you can walk into a room and you feel uncomfortable. You can do the practice. If the discomfort goes away immediately, it's not yours

To take. Yeah. It's a game

Changer. Yeah.

I'll tell you my stories. After, after

The results for me, that that gets me so excited, especially for people who are really trying to create something in their life, like a business, the results of using this and doing it once or twice a day for like a minute, each time, um, the results are big because you instantly remove blocks that shouldn't be there. And then you realize, wow, that wasn't even my block.

You're like, what the hell just happened? What was I doing? And then

Next thing, you know, everything starts to fall into place because this, almost shifts you in line with your spiritual path. So that the office that you want to rent magically shows up the funding. You need to do something that magically shows up like this, the stuff starts to happen because like attracts, like, and now the only thing in your system is your passions and desires. So now you are attracting them with ferociousness. I mean, it's just so for entrepreneurs, um, and pass the whole, the whole, I don't think there's anybody that can't benefit from it.

Yeah. Anyone that believes that they have an energetic body and that they can pick up energies that are not their own and react to them. This is for you. So tell us how to do it.

Absolutely. It's very simple. Um, I have a free video course on it, that elaborates into the depths of it. But, um, it's, it's doing three different steps in a certain order, and that certain order is kind of the magic button to it. So you're going to ground, which is just, um, an essence asking mother earth to hold you tight to the earth. So your energy body can go up more balanced. Think of it like the deeper you bury a telephone pole, the taller the telephone pole can be. So when you ground to mother earth, you're saying, Hey, hold onto me. So I don't just go everywhere. Yeah. So, uh, it that youth the, the cool part to GCP when it really, really works well for a person is when they tailor it to themselves. So come up with visuals and elements that work for you in each of these steps.

So from other earth, you could imagine roots coming out of your feet, anchoring into the ground. I imagine a cord wrapping around my waist and shooting down into the middle of the earth. Some people use light to anchor them to the earth, whatever you want to use. I know this just really strong businesswoman should one of my closest friends, she used just metal beams come out of her legs into the earth. I'm like, I love that. Yeah. Um, and then, and then I have another friend who, who imagines being in her garden and her cats are sitting in the garden with her. And then that, that does it. So you got to tailor it to yourself. Hmm. The second step is clearing pick an element that works, firewater, wind earth, however, and have that element go completely through your body, pushing out that, which is not yours, pushy, and not all the negative energy, all the energy of the person who sat next to on the bus.

Like, you know, um, everyone else's problems that you're not supposed to solve. Imagine it going through. Is there a reason why we, you know, a lot of people really like to let go and cry in the shower because the water is clearing you, it's literally clearing that energy off of you. So imagine it going all the way through your body. That's step two. And then the third step is, um, the protection step, which is just creating a bubble. And it's not like I said, it's not that you're keeping the world out or, you know, or that you won't be able to do, you know, energy work or anything. This is just a metaphor for saying, this is my space. And only what is supposed to be on my path can come in that, which is not supposed to be on a path, needs to stay out. It's that easy ground. Think about, think of what a ground, think of a way to clear it all out, think of a way to protect, but by doing it in that order, it sets up your energetic body. It's literally you ceremonially honoring your energetic body and saying, I'm going to take care of you.

Yeah. So here are my visuals. I want to share with every one of mine. So I can do this. Now, when I'm laying down, when I'm standing up, when I'm just sitting here at my desk, what in the grocery store? It doesn't even matter because literally all you really have to do is think of the three steps. Right. And like, believe it and feel it like, that's it. So you don't have to like, you know, be in your room or have your feet flat on the floor. Like you don't have to do, you don't have to do that. If that makes you feel good to do that too, but you don't have to. So here's me, I imagine, um, these like really thick vines, like, you know, the, um, the, like the wisteria vines that, um, like the hanging cool plant vines, like those, but really thick ones. I imagine them wrapping from my knees down to my ankles and then shooting into the ground. That's my ground. And then water is my element. So I imagine like, uh, uh, standing at the edge of the ocean and like waves coming up through me and just pushing all the negative, not my energy out. So it's like clearing and I'm just like, ah, like, like a shower, you know, kind of, and then my, my bubble, this is the funny part is a disco ball.

Oh yes, yes.

It's like a big, yeah, it's a big disco ball. And, and the why I chose that was one because I love sparkly things and just go balls are freaking cool.

But when you're saying, oh, you know, anything that isn't mine, send it back to, you know, to send her with love and to be used for the greatest. Good of all. I imagine it just kind of like reflecting off my little disco ball, cue me, or whatever. They are my little mirrors. Right. Being, being, being, um, and then the stuff that's supposed to come in, I just imagine them like opening up and like being like, okay, I'll let, I can let that in. Do you know? Um, but I have many times sat and I get, sometimes I'll just get like this weird pit in my stomach. Like, you feel like something's gonna go wrong or something's gonna happens or something. Um, and I, for a long time before I, you know, even came close to being any type of Lu,

I would

Hold on to this feeling for a long time and not understand, like, and then I would be worried, okay, well, what is this feeling? Is it what's happening? So, so then when I started this ground clear protecting, I would be like, okay, I have, I'm having this feeling. Is this even my feeling I would ground clear protect? And it, normally it will go away because it's not mine. So it has helped me enormously that way.


So yeah, that is, that's how I deal with, um, that, that weird pit. And I love the fact that it goes away now.

I am so grateful, to hear that from you because that's, that's really, so it's spot on. It's absolutely spot-on the anxiety that can be reduced. Yeah. Um, it can, you know, not fix depression cause we have to fix our problems to, to, to walk through that, but it can reduce some of those, some of those, um, experiences that we haven't connected to, uh, dealing with depression or walking through anxiety because some of it is in ours.

Yeah. Yeah. And that's like the weirdest thing to even think of too. Like I, some people might be going, what do you mean it's not mine? Well, just try this, try this and see if it helps you and do it when you're feeling a certain way. So that you have, like, if you're in any type, a skeptic on this at all, do it while you're, you know, angry or do it when you're sad or do it when you're like, why do I feel freaking weird right now? Do you know? Like you do it. Yeah. And just see if there's something that is, it might go away. It might lessen

Not that time, especially. And I would challenge anyone, especially if they're skeptical to think about that time when you walked into a room and you knew something was wrong, but you didn't know what

Hmm. Where

Does that come? Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah.

Going into networking, like a networking group or you're walking into, um, or you're getting online into like a brand new group program or a mastermind, or even with a new coach or whatever it is, do that because it will help you. Yep.

And it will bring clarity, which is what a lot of times we need as business builders and business creators and owners is sometimes you need that clarity to be able to really think through the steps that you're going to approach. And this will help with that as well.

Yeah. Yeah. It helps with the nervousness like the nervousness just seems to subside and you're like, Oh, okay. Like this isn't, this isn't going to be awful. Like the story that you're telling yourself will dissipate.

Yep. It brings you right into the moment and reminds you that you're okay.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. Yay. So something you said earlier, I did want to touch on something that you said earlier, when you said you identified with, um, a PR problem solving and that you attracted problems. I was like, Oh, that's so big right there. Because I think a lot of us entrepreneurs, um, without even realizing it, identify ourselves as strugglers.

Yes. So if you're, and it's in the, sorry, go ahead. I was going to say, and if you're a coach

Or anything else, you know, uh, an online service provider and you're identifying yourself as being in struggle or as a struggler, that's what you're going to attract. You're going to attract the strugglers. And not that we don't want to help the strugglers, but normally our dream clients are not in complete struggle there. They just need a little guidance to help them to get to the next level. They're not like in the victim mode complaining, struggling. I can't do this. I'm not good enough. Like all these things, we might be saying those in our heads, but we're not outwardly complete completely in that mindset. We're in the mindset of, okay, this kind of sucks right now. Um, or are we want our ideal clients to be in the, in the mindset of, okay, this sucks. I need some help with this. I know I can't do this alone. So how am I going to get some help?

Exactly. And the, uh, the, the victim thing. So I relate to that because I I've never really stepped into kind of the victim mentality, but I always had problems. So it was so, and it was never like, Oh, what was me? But I always had problems. And the one thing that, that clicked with that was the shift in my mindset on what a problem solver is. Because if you say to somebody, Hey, are you a problem solver? They're like, yeah, like it's a badge of honor. It's like, yeah, I am, I can solve any problem. Which, you know, means you're brave. You're going to step into it. You're going to get things done. Right. But by putting that badge on what we don't realize is that we're, we're actually saying to the universe, Hey, different problem, because I'm the best I can solve it. So give me more problems.

So if I'm a problem solver, that's what my life is solving problems. What does that mean? It means I'm attracting more problems. So I had to shift my mind frame into, um, I'm a builder. That's what I am. I'm a builder. And so I, that's how I identify now, I'm a builder. And my, the two, the two sentences would be, I am a builder, very short and sweet. And then the second one is everything always works out for me. Yes. And it really, it has ever since I made that shift post 31, ever since I made that shift, um, my business has thrived. Um, things just fall into place. The absolute perfect employees that I need just, just land in front of me. Right. I mean, I didn't even put out any ads. A hire was just like you right now. Oh, perfect. And yeah. So that's what it's like when you pay attention to your energetic body and you focus on how are you identifying yourself because that's what you're attracting. So I'm a builder. Everything works out for me and I GCP every single day. And it's, it's, I'm not complaining. It's good, I've had, I've loved my life. Love my life. Love everything about it.

Awesome. Well, this was an amazing conversation, and that we could talk for hours and hours there. I don't think everyone wants to listen to us for hours and hours. So

At least not here. Right, right.

Tell everyone where they can find you. Um,

Please, please find me. Yeah. The easiest place to find me is Sage So T a GS a G E method, Emmy T H O That's really the hub that points to everything. Uh, we have an amazing Sage community, Facebook group. It's open to the public it's Scott. Uh, currently it's got over 10,000 members in it and just incredible people. Um, but that, that website, the Sage will point you to everything. You need information about me, about my books, about the Sage circle, which you're a member of. And I have a Sage method course itself, which is that seven-week formula.

Awesome. Yeah. I will put all of that in the show notes. And as always everyone listening, we want you to take a screenshot of this episode and then tag us in your Instagram stories. And do you have an Instagram though? I do. Yes. What is that?

Uh, actually the Sage method. Okay. So it's just the Sage everywhere. Yeah. Awesome. It's just this major guy that everywhere, Google it. You're going to find me and a fishing rod. And those are the two-page methods in the world.

Awesome. So yeah. So tag us in your stories, tell us your aha moments. Tell us what you thought of this episode. Send us DMS, um, and ask questions or just say, hi, whatever you want. We're here. And we want to help and support you in all ways. So, uh, both thank you again for coming. This was amazing. I loved this conversation as I love all our conversations and everyone else we'll see you in the next episode. Have you ever wondered why? Some days you're so energized that whipping through actions in your businesses, a breeze, and others, you feel like you just want to go back to bed, pull the covers over your head, and totally retreat from the world. Maybe there are weeks where everything feels easier and the abundance is flowing while others feel like you're smashing your head on a brick wall.

And resistance seems to rule leading to a ton of trash talk going on in your head. you're anything like me and most entrepreneurs you've tried to push through and keep hustling. Even when your mind, body, and soul are crying out for rest because that's what we've been taught. We need to do something to be successful. Go, go, go 24 seven. What if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way. Imagine just for a moment that you could create an abundant profitable business without living on the edge of exhaustion and burnout. But if you could actually enjoy your business in a state of joy, ease and flow, where if you could find that healthy balance of business, life, and self, without the guilt of not being on all the time, while you can, by understanding your own unique energy, clearing out the old stories that play on a loop in your head and replacing them with upgraded next level empowered versions that are aligned with your vision, kick strategies and awesome business coaching to move your business forward.

You don't always have to be on to be successful and get big things done. In fact, it's not natural or healthy and could even be a barrier to the ultimate success of your business. Knowing when to floor the gas pedal and when to hit the brake, you'll no longer need to push or force your way forward. Instead, you can switch into receiving mode, find your flow, and be the limitless abundant being you were created to be. I'd like to introduce you to the elevated entrepreneurial membership and this vibration-raising community. I am bringing you the first business-building spirituality-driven membership that shows you how to apply the principles of energy, spirituality, mindset, and strategy to grow your business from the inside out for lasting success. Check out the link in the show notes or visit my website, the elevated for more info.


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