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What Really Happens When You Raise Your Vibe with Alex Bynum [Podcast Ep 79]

Jul 05, 2021

In this episode, I have guest Alex Bynum who is a spiritual guide and professional energy healer who facilitates ancient energy healing that has been around since the dawn of time. She initiated me into the light so I’m very excited to have Alex as my guest. She chats about raising your vibe, how to raise your vibe and what happens when you raise your vibe.

  • The misconception people have about what “raising your vibe” means and why it’s so much more than being more positive
  • How to practice gratitude to permanently shift your vibe into a different state and raise your frequency
  • The benefits of raising your frequency and how it transforms relationships

Alex Bynum is a Professional Energy Healer who owns and operates Empowering Path with two locations in both Brookline, MA and Portsmouth, NH. Passionate about spiritual transformation, Alex facilitates ancient healing modalities that have been around since the dawn of time. Used by Mother Theresa, Einstein, Da Vinci and the like, Alex has no doubt that anyone can achieve self mastery using these time tested techniques that have only been available to the public for 24 years.

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Hey everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I am here today with Alex bine and she's a spiritual guide and professional energy healer who facilitates ancient energy healing that has been around since the Dawn of time. And she's actually the one that initiated me into the light.

So I'm super excited to have Alex here. We're going to talk about raising your vibe, how to raise your vibe and what happens when you raise your vibe. So this is going to be exciting, Alex, how are you?

Yes. Hi Jenessa. Thank you so much for having me on your show today. I'm super thrilled to be here. Yeah, You're welcome. I'm super excited to have you here. So tell us a little bit more about you, about what brought you to be an energy healer about just give me some of your story. Sure.

So I was a professional or a personal development junkie for a long time. I went to a lot of seminars. I did the firewalk. If you know what I'm talking about, I did, you know, the millionaire mind. I did, um, a ton of programs and they were all great and I loved them, but I was still feeling like there was something missing. And this was like in my mid twenties.

And I was just trying to figure out what that missing piece was and the last place I expected to find it wasn't spiritual healing because I'm from Tennessee and the Bible belt. And from the Bible belt, I didn't even know what a spiritual healer was. All I knew was to be afraid of them. And I just, and so I had no context for that in my life. If you had told me when I was growing up, this is what I would be doing.

I wouldn't have believed you. So I was very wary of it. And literally the way I got into it was my friend dragged me to a class. So literally because I owed him a favor because he had anxiety. And that is the story of how might you go put up a fight? And, um, anyway, so I, I did ended up end up in a class that had energy healing behind it. And then I was so baffled by the experience I was having, that I had to know more and I pursued it.

And then as I pursued it, all these things started shifting and moving in my life. And I was like, okay, this is the, this is the missing piece I was looking for. So yeah, that's just a briefer or like, I believe sort of, it was a little different than my upbringing in terms of how I said that. Yeah. Well, I mean, yeah,

No, my story, you're the first person to ever do an energy healing on me. And I almost talked myself out of it a hundred times driving to you. And, um, and just having the experience that I had and having the physical, like, experience that I have, like, I think I needed that. I know I needed that, that physical experience of like the lightheadedness, the like anyone listening right now, Alex is like, are you okay? Like, just sit down. I'm like, I'm good. Holy. Right.

I was like, are you going to play? Because you're going to need to sit down for a minute

And sit down. I think I probably would have fainted. It was crazy. It was crazy. But yeah. I mean, definitely things shift faster, you know, when you're aligned and you're

And you believe right. Yeah. When you believe in yourself.

Exactly. Yeah. And that's really what it comes down to. Right. Living in. Yeah. So

Yeah. It's not really about believing in the healing because the healing is going to do what it needs to do. It's about you moving enough energy to see where you're blocked. Yeah,

Exactly. Exactly. So, um, I actually, I mean, obviously Alex and I know each other, but she did a live what a week ago, a couple of weeks ago about, um, like raising your vibration and what happens when you do raise your vibration. So, uh, Alex, that's what I would really want to talk about today is, you know, that live. So if you can share what you shared in that live with us, that would be amazing. Sure.

So there's a lot of, you know, you can go to target or you can go somewhere and they'll have like the pretty coaster that says, raise your flag with all the rainbow colors and, or you'll have a big poster on your wall. You know, it's a, it's a popular phrase these days to raise your vibe. But most people don't realize what raising your vibe actually is. Right?

So when you go to the next level in your life, perhaps you've experienced this personally, or a lot of people experience it through energy healing. When you rise to that next level, you can't take the old stuff with you. And so it's this funny thing where, well, it's usually not funny for people, but when you raise, but when you raise your bike, then you have to let go of a lot of attachments. And that can be extremely difficult for people that can be confusing.

That can be painful and uncomfortable because you're going to that next level. So you want to be brave enough to raise your vibe and to see what's actually at that next level. But usually that means you're not going to get to take your comfortable patterns with you. Yeah.

I think that a big misconception about raise your vibe is like, be more positive, be more happy. Like while those things are kind of true, like there's so much more to it than that. It's not just about being happier or, you know, finding something external. Let's put it that way, finding an external something to make you happier or more positive. Right. It's about more about looking. You got to look inside for that stuff. And if you can't find it inside, like it's not, you're not going to find it outside.

Well, it's about being real. Right. And you know, I have a big problem with the happiness movement because to me that just, well it's, I mean, yes, we be happy, but happy is always based on something outside of yourself. I'm happy because I got a promotion at work. I'm happy because my boyfriend said he loved me. And it's like, it's always attached to something outside of me. Yeah.

Yeah. You don't, you don't hear very many people say I'm happy. Cause I want to be.

And most people I know that are positive. They have to, they have to really work at it like that. Positivity also for many people is not naturally programmed into them. And so they have to work at that positivity. So it's kind of funny. I almost feel like, um, hopefully I'm not scaring people away, but healing, but healing is, is challenging and yes, it will bring you to your next level where there is joy and you get to meet new people and maybe you manifest a car or something like that.

That happened to Janessa that, but, um, and you and me. Yeah. Um, but yeah, no, it's, it's, it's more complex than just a rainbow coaster that says raise your vibe or be happy. So

Yeah. So what do you feel like is the best way for people to start raising their body? Uh, well, uh, immediate, well, that's a tricky question.

Well, there's a lot of answers, but an immediate, uh, popular answer is gratitude because gratitude and forgiveness are the two highest, two of the highest frequencies that where you have access to. And a lot of people struggle with forgiveness. That's a big block for a lot of people based on what they've been through in their life.

But gratitude, you know, it really does open that door to raise your vibe into a higher frequency. So that gratitude journal is important or that those things you say you're grateful for when you wake up, where you go to bed, it's those are, those are a great way of permanently shifting your Biden into a different state. Yeah.

I'm not a big, huge routine person. Like every morning, this is what, yes, I do have every morning. This is what I do. Like I make coffee, like I do the thing, but I'm not a big, like I write in my journal every day. I meditate every day. Like at this time, at this hour for this many minutes, like I'm just not that person.

I like to just kind of go with the flow. Um, but there are, you know, when I am feeling like not at a really high frequency or high vibration, that's one of my first go tos is to be like, okay, what w what am I grateful for today? And it's like listing the little tiny things that you really take for granted every day. Like I'm grateful for breathing. I'm grateful for my bed.

I'm grateful for this pen that I'm writing with. Like just the more, the smaller that you can get in the details of gratitude. I think the bigger, you know, the higher vibration and higher frequency that you get too, because you're like, oh. Like, there really is a lot of things that I can really be grateful for.

Yeah. I find for myself, the first few are like pulling teeth and like, ah, I'm grateful for this movie or whatever. And then, and then about five or 10, 10 items into the list, and then it just starts rolling so much easier because you're, you're, you're vibration is shifting.

Yeah. And try to look like not just external, try to look internal too, when you're writing a gratitude list, because it's easy to write down what you see and what's tangible, but what kind of accomplishments have you made? Yeah. Like where were you and where are you now?

That that's a huge one. Um, when I did that the first time, like when I really realized all the work that I've put in, in the last, you know, three years, I was. And then, and then it's like, that only took three years. Like, I can't even imagine what's going to happen in the next three years of that. All of that happened in three years. Right. And you just, it blows your own, you blow your own mind. You're like, well, if that's all possible, then there really is no limit to the possibilities that can happen.

Yeah. Yeah. My, my boyfriend, Sean sent me a picture yesterday and it was just from a year ago and I was looking at the picture. I'm like, I don't, like, I know that girl, but like so much has happened in one year. One of my favorite parts about gratitude is even, you know, like you said, you can just look back like how far you've come as part of your gratitude and just be in bliss over that. So, yeah. I totally, I totally agree. Yeah. So

I think that most of my audience probably knows what we're talking about when we say vibration and frequency, but let's just define that a little bit. Um, because I know me personally, I used to think like, like I know that we all, everything, not we all as humans, but everything in the universe has a frequency, right. Everything actually physically vibrates. So

Even the chairs we're sitting in, even the chairs we're sitting in like frequency to that. That's How we are hearing each other talk is through frequency and vibration. Um, it's how we communicate. It's like how everything happens. Right. It's every single thing happens because of frequency and vibration. And I used to feel like, oh, okay. Like I have to literally feel like I'm Vaught. Like literally I pray differently In my body for me to raise my frequency. And I Mean, it's true. I mean, exercise does raise your frequency. So, you know, there is some truth to that, but also you can be blissed out just sitting in meditation and it doesn't have to be does it?

I think, I think, you know, kind of a lot of programs, they know how to raise frequency. Right. Which is why you feel good when you go to those programs, but long lasting vibration and long lasting frequency is also something I was interested in. Um, yes,

Because I feel like people like, oh, okay, well I have this regular frequency, or I can't even say people because this was me too. Like I have this regular frequency that I was naturally born with that I naturally vibrate at and I can raise it and it can lower. But if I'm not in either one of those spaces, then I'm always just going to vibrate at this regular natural born frequency, which isn't true. We can actually change it and keep it at a different level.

I kind of look at it in terms of like, do I like what I'm seeing? Like, do I like what I'm seeing in my world? If I don't, then I need to change the frequency. If I'm vibrating at the frequency that I don't like, what I'm seeing, then it's time to shift into a higher frequency and the higher ego and frequency that my experience has been. The more me I've become the closer to the light I get and light, I would love to define it, but it's a personal experience for everyone.

So you'll know when you're, when you're accessing it or tapping into it. Yeah. But I, you know, I find my environment changes as I raise that frequency. And then I'm like, oh, I like this frequency. How do I stay on this frequency? How do I keep, keep going higher?

Yeah. And it's, you know, when people say level up, like, yeah. So that's kind of what it is, what it is, right. In an energetic space. That's what it is. You're like leveling up your energetic frequency. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, even like relationships have a frequency to them, businesses have a frequency to them and you know, we say, does something resonate for you? It's like, are you aligned with that frequency? Or are you not aligned with that frequency? So this, this literally what we're talking about, plays into all areas in all aspects of our lives all the time.

Because you know, whether you're hearing it from me or from you Janessa, or from any personal development person, they're going to tell you everything is energy. Yeah. And so there's truth to that. And it's like, well, what, what, what game do you want to play? Do you want to be on the, you want to be with the high energy folks? So you wouldn't be with the low energy folks, like where what's, where are you in your growth on that frequency scale. Yeah.

And I find that when you, like, when you just said, if you don't really like what you're seeing in your reality, or that reality, it's not necessarily that you don't like it, but maybe it's just become like a stagnant reality. Like it's not going anywhere. It's not going up. It's not going down. And you're like, okay, I think I've got this one. I think, I think I got this. We're good.

Everything's kind of, you know, just chilling out here. What's next. Yeah. So when you, and you'll realize when that happens, like, you'll just be like, there's more, something will just tell you there's more. And you're like, oh, okay. Next frequency. What's that gonna look like? And it is, it is a game, right?

It is a game a little bit. Yeah. It's like, Ooh, what are we going to do next? Like excited

And trust me that those were not my words a while ago. It was, you know, crap,

I'm glad we're talking about it. Cause this is the part that people don't talk about is when you do actually your vibe. Oh. Yeah.

And it, and it's scary. Like when you said in the beginning, you can take your old with you. I think that scares a lot of people right there because they're like, oh my God, I got to let go of things. What do I need to let go of? Does that include like, and it could, but I'm in some, in my head or in somebody else's head, they're saying, does that include like people does that include my relationships?

Does that include my, you know, possibly office job? Does that w like, what does that mean? Yeah. And it, it could mean any of those things, but when you start to raise your vibration or your frequency and you get to that different frequency, you're gonna, things will just shift, right. People will either shift out or come with you. Right.

Yeah. I totally agree. But, you know, uh, so many times in my practice clients have said like, okay, if I do this thing, what's going to happen. Like, if I do this healing, can you, am I still going to get, to keep my relationship? Or you're like, yeah. So literally my answer is that, well, I don't know, because I don't know what your, what your truth is.

And like, what's going to happen when you shift to that, to that higher frequency, that relationship may transform become more magnificent, which I've seen happen. Or you may discover that, like, that's not a frequency for you anymore, and you're ready to move on to something else. And the, the part that people do talk about is the bliss state of, you know, the new relationships, the new homes, the new cars, the new, whatever, the frequency, but there always just the, it's almost like the test to get there.

And that, that test of like courage and faith, like, I don't necessarily know what's on the other side of this frequency. I've been vibrating at four for 10 years or whatever. Brave enough to like, yeah. So I definitely think courage totally plays into this conversation as well. Yeah.

And sometimes it just kind of happens too. I mean, you, it can happen unconsciously, mostly it doesn't, but mostly you're like, oh, like, I think it's like, you know, when you realize, like you said that the reality you're having is not preferred, but you want something more out of that.

You know, some people might not equate it to, okay. I need to re raise my frequency or my vibration to change this. It's just a choice or a decision that they make at that moment. That's like, something's got to change. And in order to change, no matter what you need to let go of something else, you need to make space to bring something else in to whatever, whatever it is that you're, you want need space to come in.

Yeah, totally. I think, I think it's happening all the time for people. The trick is being like a conscious creator of what's happening versus just like unconscious to, to what's going on in your world, which can cause a lot of suffering in pain because it's typically like, or my experience has been, the universe is like testing us all the time, but it's like, can I actually be a conscious creator with the universe? Or is this just, am I just going to, am I allowed to cuss on this? Am I just getting my handed to me? Right. Like, what's your, which, which way we going. Um, so right. Yeah.

Like it's happening for you, not to you and Really hard to see in the moment after a really hard relationship or, uh, I don't know the job you've had forever or whatever,

Anything, I mean, anything that you is not a preferred thing is really hard to see that there was a, there is some type of benefit in it and you might not ever know the benefit of it, you know, and it's sucks, but you just have to trust that it's there. It was the right thing that it happened for a reason.

Or you may not know why it happened for quite a while. Like, um, I don't know why this is happening, but I trust all, um, no one day or all I'll discover why I have to go through this process right now of whatever that is. Yes.

And we've all had those moments, right?

Yeah. I'm usually very humbling.

Usually very heavily. It's either Very humbling or you're like, no, you're in this situation where you're like, why does everything just freaking suck right now? Like why, why does this, why is this all happening right now? And that's what you're saying to yourself constantly. Why is this all happening right now? And, but it's usually not in a productive way that you're asking

Yourself, then usually it's usually In the energy behind. It is not, let me, let me figure out, like, why is this happening to me right now? It's usually like, why is this happening to me right now? Like this sucks, you know, which lowers your vibration.

Well, I mean, it can be a huge awakening at the same time, but usually those moments look like boxes of Kleenex, so swollen And that's okay too. Like to sit in that y'all, you have to sit in that, right. You have to sit in it to go through it, because if you don't kind of sit not for too long, but you have to be in it to move through it. Like you have to feel it.

So if you're sitting there with a box of Kleenex and a gallon of ice cream and you're bingeing, you know, whatever on Netflix, like it it's okay for. And you know, my grandmother used to say to me all the time, well, not all the time, but like if, uh, I was fought with my boyfriend when I was in high school or whatever, broke up with somebody or a friend like me off or whatever, she'd always say to me, like, feel it for a day and then move on.

So, I mean, and I didn't back then, I didn't know anything about energies or frequency, user vibrations or anything else, but it was true. Like, don't stay in it. It's really the decision of what you do with it and how you move through it and out of it. Yeah. That matters.

Yeah. Am I going to grow from this or am I going to lift this Or am I going to let this control my Future? My reality, everything?

Or am I going to control my, yeah. Is this feeling going, going to control everything or am I going to control the feeling so that I can control everything?

Right. And then what I find is when people are, are in that state, like there there've been times in my life when I have been stuck. Right. It's like, we need support. We're not designed to do life on our own, I guess, guidance. We need other people. So there have been moments where like, I would have loved to have been over that relationship.

And one day that would've been great. I would have been fantastic. Yeah. Like, no, I actually, this is a, this is a big one. I really think assistance with this and support so that I can continue to grow and not just a full, like full fold in or whatever, stay stuck, stay stuck. Yeah. Because a lot of people, you know, unfortunately something happens and they don't know how to get over it. And then without seeking that support, they kinda just live there. Or you'll find people kind of stuck in a certain emotional state from what happened when they were 10 years old or 20 years old or whatever. Yeah. Or

Other things just like other behaviors manifest out of that. Yeah. Totally. Like they'll put the walls up they'll, you know, not be very nice they'll, you know, or be overly nice or like, it's like, it's an extreme, usually when things manifest out of something that you haven't healed, the behavior that comes out of that is usually an extreme to one entity.

Yes. I want many, a people pleaser awards in my career.

I think we all have. Don't reach out to me, whatever you do. Um, so I'll, I'll do whatever you need, but that, that doesn't, that only serves to a certain point. And then you have to let that go. Yeah,

Exactly. Exactly.

Or not, or Not. And you can sit in it and probably not be Well. And then just, you know, the, the phrase, well, that's just who I am. Like I, or that's just, that's just how I am. Well, That's just arguing for your own limitations.

Yeah. I think that, that bothers me a lot.

Yes. Yeah. No that, yeah, because we can all change. We just have to choose to. So if there's something you don't like, you just, you, if you don't really don't know how to get out of it, then you do you go ask for help and that's something that's really not talked about. Right.

Especially in like the coaching space or entrepreneurial space. I mean, yes. There are a lot of people that are like, oh, hire a coach. Or, you know, I get it, hire a team or, you know, whatever it is, but there isn't enough people talking about making, asking for help normal. And I think that why that is, is that because everyone's just trying to be, or look like they have all their together, especially in the social media world,

Right? Yes. That's what It's designed that way. Right? Yes.

Like, oh, we're just going to show everyone the highlights. Like, I mean, am I going to take a picture of myself, like in my bathrobe eating a gallon of ice cream and watching Netflix? No, I'm not gonna, I'm not, I'm not going to do that. Will I talk about it? Yeah. I will talk about it, but yeah, you're not gonna like see me sniffling with my ice cream dribbling down my chin, but maybe after with a,

You know, yeah.

Maybe when you're at the gym afterwards, like, well, you know, I find that, um, when I, when I feel something to a certain degree, I can really talk about it. Like I can talk about my eating disorder all day long. Um, but that, you know, that's something I've really worked through and move through. So there's, I'm able to open up about that and share about that.

And I think that's really powerful. I think it's also powerful to remember that coaches and entrepreneurs and healers and teachers, um, you know, most of the time people find their profession because they it's what they want to learn. So like, I, you teach what you want to learn. So like, I am a healer because I want to heal. I don't know if it's true for you, but I imagine your coach because there are things that you want to coach within yourself or done. Um, and so I find that over and over again.

So it's like, you know, no matter where you are on this, in this playing field, you need that, you're you, you need that healing or that coaching or that support that you're, that you're seeking. Yes.

Yeah, no, that's true. I never really looked at it that way. I always looked at it as you know, you're led your purpose through your experiences. So most, most entrepreneurs are doing whatever they are doing right now in their business because they're, they needed that at some point or they went through something and can now help somebody else in that same situation, get through it.

But you're right. We're always learning and we're always evolving and we're always growing and, you know, coaches, healers, Lightworkers teachers, anybody, anybody, period, whether you're an entrepreneur or not, you're learning every day, every single day, every second of every day, you're learning. 

Yeah, I have a lot of respect for coaches and healers, because if they're standing there as a coach or healer, then you know, they've been through a lot. So yeah.

Well, they've been through something that's for sure to make

Them choose that profession. There there's something going on there, right? Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. I mean, it, it's hard to coach somebody, something that you haven't been through yourself, you know what I

Mean? Or if you, you know, your, your, your life's been roses and Yeah. Or that you don't believe in yourself. I think that's another big one too, because, you know, asking certain questions and guiding somebody to their own answer. Like, you have to believe that that works right. And you have to, you know, know that the person can get to where they want to go and that they do have all the answers inside themselves. They just need some help finding them.

And if you don't believe that, then you're probably not a coach. You're probably like specifically teaching something. Like there's a difference between teaching and coaching. Teaching is like, you know, here's the information I'm giving you the information and then you're going to go do whatever

With it. Right.

Like being in school, they give you information, you regurgitate it back, you pass great. All done. Right. But coaching is a little bit of, a little bit of teaching and a whole lot of guidance. That's way more personal. It is way more personal.

Yeah. Right. Cause now you're getting into the nitty gritty of what's specifically going on with me. Yes.

And asking the hard questions. So you've gotta be ready to answer the hard questions. When you, when you hire a coach, you gotta be ready to look at you and not just at your business or external stuff,

But isn't it nice that the external is usually the reason why we go in. Yes. Do you know what I mean? Yeah.

Yeah. Well, I remember in the beginning I was like, why

Is none of this working? What's going on? What am I not doing? Right.

Something that I wasn't not doing so that I wasn't being. So when you realize that that was like a mind bender, like brain matter started coming on my ears. At that point, I was like, my brain is melting right now. Like what's happening. Um, and that's like, when the whole journey kicked off of like, okay, so I have this brain and I have thoughts. And I always thought that they were my thoughts. And not that they're not my thoughts, but there's way deeper things. Yeah. I could talk about that for hours. I like to do, I want to attach to these? Well, I didn't even know that I could like change my story. Yeah. Right. Like the story moving forward.

I just thought the beliefs that I had, like, I didn't even realize they were like beliefs and I'm air quoting here, like limiting beliefs, beliefs that weren't serving me. I had no idea that I could really dig into that and figure out why I believed the things that I believed and then change the story going.

Yeah. And how much more empowering is it when you actually choose it?

Yeah. Way more.

Just like, this is what I was told.

Exactly. Exactly. Which is why I feel like I, and it's true. You have to unlearn to learn and then unbecome to become,

We always, we always say it in the work that I do that, you know, it doesn't add anything to you. There's nothing to add. It's just removing the crap that isn't actually you in the first place, you know, like that's, that's all healing is. Or maybe the coaching. It's just like getting the crap

Out of the way. Yes.

Amen to that.

Which crap we're in the crop removal business. Pretty much. Pretty much. Gosh, that's hilarious.

Consequently, racist, your vibe.

Uh, it's so funny. Like when you just put it in different words and you're like, okay, now we're just getting silly. Yeah. But that's the fun part, right? Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Getting down to it. Wow. This was an enlightening conversation, Alex.

Well, thank you for having me. Yes. Thank

You for being here. Tell everyone where they can find you.

So if you want to find me, uh, empowering path is the name of my business. The website is empowering, Facebook empowering path, Instagram. Empowering.

Amazing. So you're listening right now. I want you to screenshot this episode. Then I want you to put it in your stories and tag it, Alex. And I, and tell us what you thought. Tell us your ahas. Tell us all the stuff, all the good, good, and bad, whatever you thought we want to hear it.

And then send us DMS. If you have questions about anything that we said here today, send Alex some love. She is an amazing, amazing energy healer. Um, and she is located near me. So she is in the new England area. Um, if you're local, definitely check her out and I'll link all her stuff in the show notes so that you can find her without, I don't know, just without worrying about where to find her. I don't know. I can't even find the words right now. I'm just like, just click on the link. All right, everyone. We'll see you in the next episode.

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