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Wise Words From A Teen Entrepreneur - with Paola Ochoa [Podcast Ep 15]

May 25, 2020

Paola is a 17 year old entrepreneur. She runs a social media agency as well as a empowerment page for teen entrepreneurs. She shares her wisdom and her story with us today.

  • Why she created teen bossbabes
  • How she is building an amazing community for other teen entrepreneurs
  • Her tips for other teens that are or want to be entrepreneurs

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Jenessa (00:24):

Hey everyone, welcome back to the elevate podcast. It's Janessa here and I am here with, I know I'm going to butcher this name again. Say it for me. Paula, Paula, a Choa and she is the founder of teen boss babe. She is a 17 year old girl. She is killing it right now in social media. And she's going to come on here and she's going to talk to us about why she's doing this. What got her started at this age. I mean, I know when I was 17 I wasn't thinking about starting a business. So welcome and tell us who, tell us about you. Tell us who you are, who you help, and what you do.

Paola Ochoa (01:11):

Yeah. Thank you for having me. I'm really excited to share who I am, what I do and see. Help you. I mean show you guys the purpose of team boss vapes. So, hi, my name is Paula. I am 17 years old. I am from California. I am a, I tell myself 18 entrepreneur. Um, I started a social media freelance business about nine months ago, which is social swipe out LA. And nine months later I K I started a teen box faves teen Bosphorus is a community for teen entrepreneurs. When I was starting out my entrepreneurial journey, there was no community for teens. Um, so I was like, this is a time for me to start it, to make that community, to find those other girls that want to be entrepreneurs or are entrepreneurs and they need a safe space to be in a place where they could trust other people. They can relate to girls if that's even like high school problems or business problems or self-confidence problems, anything that teams go through. And that's the reason why I started it.

Jenessa (02:08):

That's amazing. Did, um, if you don't mind getting a little bit personal, was there any of those issues that you felt like, you know, you could use support in and with other, you know, teens your age?

Paola Ochoa (02:22):

Yeah, so I started out being the only person I knew was in teen entrepreneur. I didn't know there was anyone else out there, you know, you could think, yeah, like famous teen entrepreneurs but not any like small like just starting out, you know, normal teen entrepreneurs. So I was going through problems with, I didn't know what to do today or like not today but I don't know what to do. You know, starting my business. Like I dunno what steps I had to take. Like I don't know how to control like my high school time, like school and stuff and projects and homework to business and I was like I want to connect with other girls and I want to relate to other girls that are going through this. Yeah. I can relate to women that are, you know, 20 2223 which is the typical Facebook group age. But it's different when I am 17 and they're 23 like it's better to connect with someone my age.

Jenessa (03:12):

Yeah, yeah, I understand that. And you know, all of those issues, like we, all of us entrepreneurs still have those issues today. We all sit there sometimes and go, what do I, what am I doing today? What do I do and how do I balance all of this stuff that's going on? Um, you know, yours is school. Ours is, you know, it could be family or friends or you know, and I'm sure yours too. I mean, you know, you got to spend time with your family too, right? Yeah, yeah. And I'm sure you know, mom, dad, whoever it is that you know is part of your family is like, okay, you know, let's, let's have some family time now. Cause yeah, sometimes we get so involved in our business that it, it becomes our identity, you know, and we forget that life life is happening outside of our business, you know, so yeah. That's amazing that, uh, how many, not, you don't have to give me specific numbers, but is there, you know, a good chunk of people that are teens that are like, yes, this is me.

Paola Ochoa (04:20):

Yeah. So started out team boss sweeps a, I just started out as an Instagram just to post content, just places where girls can connect. Um, and it's been about a month now and I've grown like about 300 followers, which is alright for starting out. Um, but I had the idea of starting a creative team, our ambassador program for girls that wanted more like an in person connection, like more connected to other girls. So I started my team boss Bay creative team, which is where the girls can show their creative side. Um, so they haven't, you know, started a blog where they do have a business, they do have a blog getting, want to be more creative and share their content with other teens. I started the creative team for that and we currently have 20 girls in there, which is crazy. We just had our first like meeting team meeting and we're literally all best friends already.

Jenessa (05:13):

Oh, that's so cool. That's great. Especially to have that community connection like with people that are in the same boat you're in, you know? And that's so important. And, you know, I think that's why we start groups and on Facebook, you know, I mean, even, even if it's a subconscious thought that, you know, we want to start our own community to, to have the people that we attract into a group and just have that support and you know, we can all love on each other stuff and on each other and you know, just, it's great to have a community of people that know where you're at.

Paola Ochoa (05:58):

Yes. And especially like your same age and all the girls in the team are 16 or 17, so it's super, super cool.

Jenessa (06:06):

Yeah. Yeah, it is. It's really amazing. So are they from all over the world, the United States? Where are they from?

Paola Ochoa (06:16):

So yeah, we have, most of them are from the U S and we have about two or three from Canada, which is like super cool. I was like, Oh, I thought it was only to get, you know, like local California people. But we've got people from all over the place, um, different parts of the U S as well as like different parts of Canada.

Jenessa (06:34):

Awesome. So is it, is it just for girls or is it doesn't matter.

Paola Ochoa (06:40):

So right now the creative team, it's just for girls since the main topic is girls. Um, but there is always like, you know, guys following us, asking us for tips and stuff, but the creative team is more like a girl empowerment type group.

Jenessa (06:55):

Awesome. That's amazing. And you find that they're all in the same space that you're in, like the same part of their journey that you, that you are or are you, you know ahead or behind or does it or does it, do you even discuss those things?

Paola Ochoa (07:12):

Yeah, so, um, when I was finding the girls for them Basadur program or the great of seen whatever you want to call it, um, I was actually looking through their pages and I was seeing a lot that we were on the same page. We were kind of like in the same journey of like growing. Like we have been in business for a while, we have been growing, but also there was a lot of girls that are just starting and that look up to me and the other girls who have been in the entrepreneurial journey for a little bit longer and they look up to us, ask us for advice. So it's a different type of mix. Um, and I like that mix because like you're able to connect with those girls that are ready, more advanced, but also you're able to connect with the girls that are just starting.

Jenessa (07:52):

Yeah, because at some point, I think every, everybody, no matter what your age is, you start a business, you get into it and then you're like, Oh my gosh, this is a lot of work. Like, yeah, I don't think that we realize sometimes that how much work running a business is and just not on the inside of our business, but an inside of ourselves, you know, like we're looking inside of ourselves a lot more with, you know, our mindset, how we show up are the actions we take due to our belief system, our values, all of those things. So if you haven't gotten there yet, buckle up because it's coming. Um, but I think it's just really good that really great that there's that many, you know, teen entrepreneurs out there that are ready to like just charge this for the next generation. So what, what made you want to start a business at 17? Like just your social business?

Paola Ochoa (09:03):

So I actually don't even know how, I don't remember. I feel like I don't even ha, I didn't have a reason. I just knew that I had all these scales of like social media, you know, managing marketing as well as like YouTube content creation, YouTube intro, stuff like that. Um, as well as YouTube editing. So I probably just like thought of it and I was like, Oh, it's time for me to help people. And it was also the time that I was, you know, more focused into one. Like I knew where I wanted to go to college, I was applying for college, so I knew that I wanted something, you know, that extra little peak on my resume. So I probably just thought like, Oh yeah, let's start something just to help people. But I wasn't starting, I never thought I would be where I am now. Like I would have probably thought I would have stayed at a hundred followers only worked with one person and still be like the, like the old self I was, but it's crazy how one day can change everything because ever since that one day that I started social is by phone at eight or nine months ago, um, it has changed my life.

Jenessa (10:08):

That's awesome. So what do you think was your tipping point where you were like, Oh my gosh, this is really going to work and I'm going to work with more than one person?

Paola Ochoa (10:19):

Um, I think it was probably like one, one month in to having social bipolar because I had grown over 200 followers in one month. Um, and I was already having people reach out to me. So I was like, Oh God, like this is actually serious, like to go somewhere. Um, so I started like batching a lot of content and that was, I started out more with like YouTube intros. Um, so I was just posting a lot of those, creating those, cause I love it. It's so much fun. Um, so that was doing that and then I was like, Oh, cause my uncle kind of like my helper and my business, so he does everything for me. Um, so I was like, Oh my God. Like he was like, you're getting like a little bit too serious. Like this is getting too, like, you know, it's getting out of hand to be just like a normal Instagram page.

Paola Ochoa (11:00):

Um, so that's when we took it into account and we, I got a personal like business email and that was like the first, like long thing that I did. Like I got the business email. Um, and then I started my website cause I didn't have a website in the beginning. I don't know how I did it, but I guess I did it. Um, so we started designing my website as well as like starting to design an actual brand. So we had like logos, colors, you know, aesthetics and stuff like that. So that's when I kinda knew it was like a serious thing as well as just people keep reaching out to me every day and CME me like, Oh my God. Like I love your H YouTube intros. Can you help me? What are your prices? Like? I was like, Oh my God. Like my DMS are bloating of messages.

Jenessa (11:42):

That's so amazing. You must've been, yeah, exactly. You were kind of like, Whoa, what's happening right now? Yeah. Yeah. That's so awesome. So

Paola Ochoa (11:52):


Jenessa (11:54):

what tips you have for younger entrepreneurs.

Paola Ochoa (11:58):

So the tips I always always share with young entrepreneurs is that you have to be ready for it. For entrepreneur journey, like, yeah, you're 17. I think, Oh, I have all the time in my life to do this. Like, I only have high school and I come home and I do homework and I have the rest of the day off. But it's literally not like that. You literally have to think, breathe and live your business. I know it's like a bad thing, but it's just always on your mind too. Um, no matter what it is, like you always want to answer email. You always want to answer a DM. Like you're always worried about something. You always want to grow. You always want to do the best. So that's like the number one thing I tell teens as well as just if you don't have a passion for it, then you won't see any results.

Paola Ochoa (12:39):

And that meaning if you're only going in, you know, to have a business and to have money or to get that fame, you're not going to grow in your, your mindset is not going to be positive because if you don't see yourself grow in a week or in a month or in a year, you're just going to be let down here and be like, no, this sucks. Like I'm not worth it. Like, I can't do this business. But if you go in with a passion, passionate, you know, you love what you're doing, you're going to grow so, so, so much. And I see that from experience because I had started that YouTube channel, you know that YouTube phase, there was a face of everyone in the studies channel. And I did that. And it was kind of like my mindset. I was 10 11 so all I thought it was like, Oh my God, money.

Paola Ochoa (13:19):

Like I can have my own money. So it didn't really go well because I kind of realized like months later I was like, I only did this for money. This is why not? It's not going good. And then fast forward to starting my business. Like I don't even remember how I started. Like I didn't even think I was gonna make money off of it. So that's why I feel like I have grown so, so, so much as well as, you know, being able to start something else and grow so much because I know I'm not doing this for the money. I know I'm doing it because I actually love it and I have a passion for it.

Jenessa (13:48):

Yeah. So when you started, you were just doing the YouTube intros because you love to do that.

Paola Ochoa (13:53):

Yeah. It was just so much fun for me. I love being creative. I always like thought I wasn't, you know, like I'm not an artistic person. I can't even draw a stick figure. Um, but for YouTube and shows like I thought it was like a form of art that I created. Like I was the bomb at and I was like, Oh my God. Like this is my talent.

Jenessa (14:12):

Yeah. Awesome. So that was tip number one for, for young entrepreneurs. Do you have more?

Paola Ochoa (14:19):

Yeah. Um, another tip is that it's okay if something doesn't go well. Um, I always share with my community and my team of girls that if something doesn't go wrong, if something goes wrong, it's okay. Just let it go. We'll learn from your mistakes cause that's what's always going to help you. Um, that's number two. Another one is that there's going to be people that are going to hate on you and not going to believe on you and it's going to happen. There's going to be someone that gets your service and they're not to be happy about it. But you did your best. You did what you usually do and maybe they were just, I don't know, they just hating since the beginning or maybe they just expected something else. Even though your description was good. It has happened to me, but it's fine. Like you just brush it off.

Paola Ochoa (15:06):

It's totally okay. It's one person out of like what the 30 people you've helped. Um, as well as just like, there's people that are going to be like, no, like why are you doing this? Like you're only, you know, you're only de age. Like you're so young, like you're not even, you haven't studied for this. Like, how do you know all this? Like, why are you doing it? You shouldn't be doing a business at this young, at this young age, but it happens and all you have to do is be like, you have to show off who you are and what you do. And you literally show yourself off to them and be like, I did it and here's you hating. And I'm still moving on and progressing in my business, in my entrepreneurial journey.

Jenessa (15:39):

Yeah. Just say bye to the haters. Yes. I'm off of love. Yeah. I agree with all of those things. And I will tell you that you're probably, you know, many strides ahead of a lot of older entrepreneurs just by saying those things that you already know. Those things is, is, is awesome because we all get stuck at some of those points, you know? Um, it's especially, you know, with the haters, we all get them. And at every age it doesn't even matter. You know, we all get them and we all are afraid of failure. Nobody wants to fail, right? I mean, we don't start a business to fail. We don't go, Oh, I'm gonna start this business and then I'm going to go fail. But maybe we should, because like you said, you learn from it and you grow from it. So really failures are not failures. I consider, I consider it failing when you stop, you know, like if you're, if you just train yes. When you stop trying and anything else that doesn't work out right. It's just a lesson, a lesson that you can learn from. So those are definitely wise words. Wise words. Thank you. Yeah. So why don't you tell everyone where they can find you?

Paola Ochoa (17:09):

Yeah, of course. So you can find my personal Instagram at P a L L a. Dot. O C H O a a two A's at the end. It's about [inaudible]. Um, you can find socials by Burleigh, which is just socials by an NPO LA. Um, and then you can find teen boss vapes at teen boss babes on Instagram as well as a team boss pay podcast. Anywhere you listen to podcasts, you can just look up team boss Bates. Um, yes. Oh my goodness. Okay. Sorry. Of course. No worries. Um, and then you could just find me on my website, which is a social is Um, and team boss food is linked to that as well. So yeah, you can find me.

Jenessa (17:50):

Awesome. So tell me a little bit more about social. So is it a, do you just do YouTube intros or is there more to it than that?

Paola Ochoa (17:59):

So for social bipolar I do YouTube intros, YouTube editing, um, YouTube management, YouTube growth as well. I do as well as I do social media management, social media growth. Um, like I have social media started, gets to start out your social media like learning how to set it up, how to get, you know, those story views, how to get those likes, how to grow your social media basically. Um, as well as I'm planning on doing like a one on one coaching program for YouTube, like manage for YouTube because I feel like that's something that's missing in the community. Not a lot of people do social media growth and I mean social media, right? Sorry, I'm not, a lot of people focus on YouTube and it's a really, really good topic to focus on because I know there's a lot of content creators out there that want to grow. They just don't know how to hit the spots to grow. Um, and I, I've from experience, I've learned all those, so I really want to help that as well. But that's kind of what social is bipolar is.

Jenessa (18:53):

That's amazing. Yeah. And you know, someone my age, I'm in my mid forties and while I've been using social media for quite a while, there are still things that I'm like, I just don't, I can't wrap my head around this, you know?

Paola Ochoa (19:10):

Yeah. And like touching base on that too. Another tip that I always say is like there is no starting point. If you have one skill that's still a starting point. If you have 10 that's a good starting point. But you're always going to learn new skills on your journey and when you're growing. So I also say just don't be scared if you only know one or two skills. It's like you're always going to grow. Everyone starts out with basic skills and they improve them time and time, you know, going on going forward and they even learn new skills.

Jenessa (19:37):

Yeah. And that one skill is a skill that somebody else doesn't have. So there are people out there all the time, no matter what your skill is, that needs your skill. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Amazing. Amazing. All right. Payola thank you so much for coming today. I really appreciate your time and your very wise words because thanks for having me. We could all use all, use those words sometimes all the time. All the time. Alright, so everyone, I want you to show pale as some love on Instagram. I want you to screenshot you listening to this episode. Tag us both. Go follow her and um, you know, send her some GMs, let her know what you, you know, what you thought about this episode and how amazing she is.

Paola Ochoa (20:30):

Thank you. And if you guys ever need help with anything, feel free to DM. Um, if you're not a presence to DM first, I always called the people. Um, so don't worry. Follow me and I'll call DMU if you're scared of damn first, but if not, go ahead. DME, ask me any questions. I love answering questions. I love helping people out.

Jenessa (20:46):

Awesome. Awesome. Thank you so much and everyone have a wonderful day and we will see you in the next episode. Thank you.

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