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How To Live Life To Its Fullest Potential

Dec 21, 2019

Going into 2020 we all have resolutions or things that we want to get accomplished, and we often feel like “how am I going to get it all done.” and we don't feel like we're living to our fullest potential. We all get tired, we are human right? We can get easily overwhelmed or feel like we could do or be more but aren't sure how.

These 5 I's will help guide you to living life to it's full potential.


Most of us don't take the time to feel things, instead we just react. Intuition is listening to your gut or that feeling you get when you either know something's wrong or you know something's right or when that feeling is kind of pushing you to do the thing that you're afraid of. It's saying do it or don't do it but we often don't listen to it, we just react with our heads. 

I heard this saying about intuition, and you can phrase this however you want, Universe, Source, Buddha, or whoever you feel is your higher power, but this phrase was related to God. Whatever your faith is, you can relate this to them. They said that prayer is telephoning to God but intuition is God's direct connection to you. I thought was a very powerful statement. That it’s your higher power nudging you saying, “hey let’s do this” “let’s not do it that way” “let’s do it this way” or just guiding you in the direction that you're supposed to be going in. 

In order to hear your intuition you have to get out of your head, you have to listen to that feeling in your gut and not that primal part of your brain that automatically just goes into crazy mode sometimes and tells you “don't do that because that doesn't feel good” or “don't do that because that was scary” or “that's scary because you never done it”. Listen to the energy inside your body, that feeling you get in your gut. Get out of your head when you're faced with making a big decision or deciding what path to go down. Try to think about or feel the gut feeling which is your intuition and listen to it.


Intention is an idea you plan on carrying out. When you set an intention it's like you're putting a stake in the ground and you're saying this is what I'm going to do. It's a deeper intentional way of being, how do you want to be, how do you want to show up. When I say how do you want to be it's not like saying “I want to be happy today”. While that is an intentional way of being, it’s more how do you want to be better today than you were yesterday, how do you want to be impacting your life, how do you want to be impacting other people's lives. It’s setting the intention to do something that is important to you. Setting your intention is very powerful because when you set the intention then you have something to move towards, you have something to look at and say okay this is where I want to go.


Identity  can be a little tricky because some people may think about identity as who we are like on our ID. Who we are as a business owner, a friend, a mom, a wife, but that's not your identity. Your identity is not who you are to everybody else but who you are inside at the deepest level, your way of being. Most of us don't think too much about this because we're so outside of ourselves and so focused on everyone else that we're not focused inside ourselves. It's also about forward thinking. Where do you want to go and who will you need to be to get there, or who would you be being if you were already at that level. If you have a goal for your business,  say right now you're making 10K a month, but you want to be making 30k a month, who do you have to be to get to that 30k a month? Because who you're being right now at the 10K a month it's not who you need to be to get to the 30k. What got you here won't get you there. 

It's also commitment to who you are being and who you are telling yourself you’re being every day. How would I define commitment? Commitment is going to the highest level and understanding that you will see it through to the end, you are dedicated to but in the work and invested in the decision. It is the belief that no matter what you will succeed. 

I hear a lot “my circumstances are this so I can't do that” that's not true.  If you commit to being different and how you're being right now, your circumstances will change. Not can change, they will change. You have to make the commitment to be who you need to be to get to the next level. 

We are all guilty of the I am’s. I AM are two of the most powerful words because we are literally defining what we are with whatever comes after them. Your brain believes what you tell it. So the next time you catch your self saying something like “I am so stupid” or “I am not worth it” please flip your script, phrase a question instead. Whatever made you feel “stupid”, try asking yourself “What can I do to change that outcome” and start telling yourself good things. When you find yourself in negative self talk ask yourself if you would talk to your child, best friend, or mother like that, and if your answer is no, then you definitely shouldn’t be talking to yourself like that.


Imagery or visualization is really a very powerful thing, but most people do it wrong. I was listening to a podcast or actually it was a 30-day challenge and it was all about money and money blocks and how to you know think about money differently. One of the visualizations that they went over was to think of something that you really want, something that you don't have right now, close your eyes and imagine yourself having that thing. See the details of it in your head, then go a step further and feel how it feels to have it. When you feel the emotion in your body of having what you want it raises your vibration. Now you're feeling how it would feel to have it and you're not feeling how it would feel to not have it. What you focus on grows, so if you start with feeling like you don't have, it will just get pushed further away.  So keep the image in your head of the thing that you want and then feel the feeling of you receiving it. Then say thank you for getting it. Connecting your emotions and your feelings to the image is key.

Immediate Inspired Action

The universe favors action. The faster you implement what you learn, the faster you get results. When you gain momentum from immediate action your not feeling like your stuck, doing nothing, or that you wasted time or money learning or getting help so you could do nothing. Think of this as SOI (as opposed to ROI) - Speed of Implementation. You can’t finish if you don’t start.

And a bonus, because you rock!


The world needs your inspiration and your message so go out every day with the intention of having inspired conversation with somebody. Either online, in person, somebody you don't know. I love to talk to the people in the grocery line, I love to talk to the people behind the counter at Dunkin Donuts, I love to talk to the people as I wait in line. It doesn't have to be this in-depth conversation about your entire life. But when you acknowledge somebody, they may have just needed to feel acknowledged that day. I'm not saying go out and have this big long inspired conversation, but be human, have a connection that day, smile at somebody, hold the door. Kindness is inspiration.I know that there's more good than bad out there, I know that people are in a rush sometimes but when you do something that you're not asking anything back for its inspiration for the next person to be kind to the next person so it's this ripple effect of inspiration that can change the world. Your one smile could spark off this crazy ripple of amazingness, and you may never know that it all started with your smile or your hey how are you doing today or your joke at the counter. it doesn't take a lot for you to change somebody's life. And you may never know you changed their life but it's very possible that you can just by saying hi, just by holding the door, just by letting that person go in front of you in traffic. It takes one small act of kindness to change the world.




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