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How To Stay In Alignment With Your Goals

Dec 24, 2019

SO this whole month we have been talking about your goals going into 2020.

How important they are

Why they are important

And how to break them down

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Today we are going to to talk about finalizing your goals and staying in alignment with them through out the year.

The Story You Tell Yourself

Look I understand that when you set goals they feel like a reason to fail, at least that's how most people look at them. Like if they don't reach them then something is wrong with THEM. This my loves is just a story you are attaching to the word goal.

 This year I would really like to invite you to look at them in a totally different way

Let's look at them as a map to get you closer to fulfilling your vision, and growing your business and yourself! They are the destination of the journey you are on.

Would you tell the Uber driver "I don't know where I'm going, just drive" 

Probably not, that would waste your time, your money and would probably be stressful. 

You'd be looking at EVERY SINGLE OPTION to get out saying, is this the place, no, is this the place no...and then worrying that you missed an opportunity at any of those places you just drove by.

Versus having your destination, sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the view on the way....way less stressful right?

Who has a negative story attached to goals? Don't be shy, tell me below what your story is. 

My Goal Story

Mine was that if I wrote a goal that means I HAVE TO HIT IT or I failed, which meant I wasn't good enough. I also felt like I didn't know what my destination was so writing a goal with no purpose behind it was silly

So I just didn't do it.

But my NEW story is that my goals drive me forward to where I want to be, where I want my business to be. 

If I don't hit them it doesn't mean I failed it means I go back and look at what I can do better or different to meet or exceed them. 

And just the fact that I was committed to reaching my goals means that 

  1. I am now further than I was
  2. I learned valuable lessons that I can put into play moving forward and
  3. I continued to show up and move forward. Which creates momentum and visibility for my brand. 

Win win win  

When you are reaching for something and taking steps towards it, whether you reach the exact thing you are striving for or not, you kept moving which means things were happening, which means you were TAKING ACTION and NOT SITTING ON YOUR ASS DOING NOTHING so you are now much further along than you were when you started!

Are you still with me, does that all make sense?


So step one is to finalize your goals for 2020. Are you committing to do that?


Staying in Alignment

So now that you are finalizing your goals how do you stay on track and not get distracted by all the shiny things that will show up for you during the year? How do we stay in alignment with our goals?

First, let's define alignment. Alignment in the sense of staying focused on your goals is What is your goal vs. what you are doing in your business

Are you doing the things in your business that will help you reach the goal, or are tied to the goal.

For instance let's say you have a revenue goal for the year that is to bring in 100k. What are you doing to reach that goal.

  1. Are you making an offer or selling your products or services
  2. Are you marketing your products or services

If you are not doing these things you are not in alignment with any kind of revenue goal

One other example

You have a goal to reach or impact 1000 customers or clients.

  1. Are you building an email list
  2. Are your nurturing your audience
  3. Are you building relationships

These would all be in alignment with your goal of impacting 1000 people.

Are you passing up opportunities that are in alignment or are you saying yes to things that are not in alignment.

Remember to ask yourself, if I say yes to this what am I saying no to. If I do this what can I not do or what will I not have time for. Is this in alignment with the goals I've set.


We are entrepreneurs and it's easy to get distracted by the next shiny thing, we get ideas all day long because we are visionaries.

When inspiration hits or you have an idea, write it down then ask yourself this question. If the answer is no it does not align, put it on the back burner. It doesn't mean you can't do it it just means not right now. 

Keep building the bridge you have because a bunch of half built bridges will not get you to the other side where you want to be ie your goal.


I hope you found this valuable and if you have any questions please leave them below and I will answer all of them.

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Also keep your eye out for a new masterclass coming next month on how to elevate your brand powerfully and profitably. I'm super excited about what I've got coming for you guys in 2020 so stay tuned! 

I wish you all a very happy holiday and a wonderfully prosperous New Year.

- Jenessa

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