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How To Create a Week of Social Media Posts in an Hour

Dec 04, 2019

The Never Ending Content Wheel

Who feels like they are on the content creation hamster wheel? You feel like you need to come up with a new post or content EVERY DAY to keep your audience engaged and growing. And while that is true, it is not the whole story.

You Do Not Have To Create New Content Everyday

What! Listen, I thought the same way you do right now. That I had to come up with a new post every day for every platform I was using. UGH, so exhausting! I said "there has got to be a better way!" After months of google, youtube, free pdf's etc. etc. etc. and a lot of overwhelm I came up with a simple content process that has worked extremely well! 

How To Schedule a Week of Social Media Posts in an Hour

Choose 7 categories you will post about each week, one for each day – your own or from this list

  1. About Me
  2. The benefits of your product/service
  3. Inspiration/motivation/encouragement
  4. Personal Insight
  5. Behind the scenes
  6. Showcase a product/service
  7. Your Why

Then choose a type of long form content you will commit (at least) weekly to, like a blog, podcast, or video.

Then pull three tips, quotes, or interesting facts from your long form content and use them as posts that week. Then fill in the other categories with posts relating to the 4 remaining categories.

Choose which social media platform you will use as your primary platform (FB, Insta, Youtube etc.)

On your calendar or project management app (like Trello or Monday) type them in under the day you want to use them.

Choose your image and post content and enter it in your project management tool or have a folder on your computer or google drive, you can constantly be adding to these so you have a stream of content.

Schedule your content on your preferred platform for the week or if you are doing a video, schedule the time to batch and record the videos a few at a time.

I schedule on Planoly for Instagram and then use the previous weeks posts for Facebook and schedule them right on my page.

The first week you will need to double up and create different content on two social media platforms, or not post on one for a week (not recommended)

The next week you will do the same thing, except, the content you used for the main social media platform next week is used for the secondary platform this week. So one platform feeds the other every week and you are only creating content for one social platform a week.

What are the benefits of taking these actions?

  1. You are consistent which = increased engagement, clarity on what content works with your audience and what doesn’t
  2. You are NOT on the content creation hamster wheel and you are saving time to do what you really love. This whole process should only take about an hour of your whole week
  3. Your audience will know what to expect from you = know, like, trust
  4. Your audience will grow because you are being consistent and getting more engagement = better organic reach

Some Additional Tips

Make sure you are being true to the platform you are posting on. No hashtags on facebook and change any wording like "link in bio" and instead, add the link to the post.

DO NOT schedule from facebook to insta or push your insta to facebook. It looks lazy and you audience will notice.

Stay focused on your marketing goal when you are choosing what to post. What is coming up or what is the main action you want people to take.

Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be informative, edu-taining, about you etc and 20% should be about asking for the sale or a direct action that will lead them to a sale.

Always have some kind of call to action, even of its asking them a question so they comment. Engagement is queen!

Your audience HAS TO know like and trust you in order for them to buy from you. The sales do not happen overnight.

Always be speaking to your ideal client, keep asking yourself if what you are posting would interest them.

I hope this helps! If listening or watching a video is more your thing you can check out the training here.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Keep shining!





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