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Is Your Identity Sabotaging You? [Podcast Ep 70]

May 10, 2021

In this episode, I talk about your identity, what you actually identify yourself with, and the importance of identity in your life and in your business. I also share a simple exercise to help you dig deep and find out how you’re really showing up.


  • How to identify your subconscious to change your beliefs
  • Tips to push forward to get out of the loop of self-sabotage and move into self-empowerment
  • The importance of understanding how powerful your thoughts are and how it manifests for you in your life

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Hey guys today, we're going to talk about identity, your identity, and what identity you actually identify with. Does that make sense? I hope so because it's actually really important to realize what you are really identifying within your life and in your business, in your business. It is important to understand that because you want to attract people with the identity that you are identifying with so that you can help those people. Because usually those people with the same type of identity identifying identity are the people that you want to call them as ideal clients, but in your life, it's, you know, it can be more than that. It can be, it is how you're showing up in the world, how you are showing up in your business with your kids, with your family, for yourself. Uh, somebody said to me the other day, I struggle and we dug deeper into that and she realized that she actually identified herself as a struggler.

So if she's identified with being in struggle all the time, that is how it's going to show up in her life and her business all the time. So that she's, you know, energetically, she is saying, I struggle. So what's going to happen. More struggle is going to be attracted. Right. So how do we identify? We identify within ourselves, uh, w that conversation before I even go forward, that conversation, like really even hit me. I was like, Oh, like, that's a big realization right there to realize that you identify with being someone that struggles. And it, it really made me think, and I'm like, Ooh, what you know, where, where am I showing up? Or where am I not showing up? That's that I'm identifying with on a subconscious level. So really the only way that while you're doing this yourself, if you're doing it yourself, if you're doing it with somebody else, you know, it might be easier to quickly get to the bottom of what it is you're, you're really identifying with. Um, but if you're doing it yourself, it's going to be unconscious. At first, it's going to be an unconscious, this identity that you're like, okay, okay, I'm showing up this way. I'm showing up this way. So you're going to need to really hone in on your behaviors. Um, if you are avoiding, if you are, um, struggling, if you're, you know, thinking those things be, here's what I want you to do. I want you to be completely honest with you yourself.

And throughout your day, I would love for you to just stop for a minute, reflect on the last half an hour of your day, and write down how you were showing up in life, in business for yourself in those last 30 minutes, try to do it every hour for 24 hours. I know that that's, that's a commitment, especially for us business owners. We, our time is valuable, but this is important stuff, right? So this is you're, you're doing some shadow work here. So this is, you know, really digging deep into yourself, into yourself, and being that completely honest person. Your higher self is going to say to you, you're avoiding this. Your, you know, you're identifying as an avoider. You're identifying as a people pleaser, you're identifying as an imposter. Um, so when you uncover those things and you're like, Oh, this is what I'm doing.

We need to flip the script and rewire that belief. Because even though you don't, you may not consciously believe that that's how you're identifying your subconscious is identifying that way. So now that we've brought it up into consciousness, now we can change the subconscious beliefs that this is what you are, air quotes. What is it that you want to identify with and tell yourself that I am an amazing, amazing entrepreneur? I am an expert. I am a conscious human being. I am a spiritual light. I am an energy worker. I am a lightworker. I am, whatever it is, whatever you want to identify as every time you catch yourself, going back to that subconscious belief that you were having, because now that you brought it consciously, it's going to become more apparent every time you do it, which is the beautiful, beautiful part of digging deep is that now you're bringing it consciously. Now you're like, Ooh, my conscious is now aware of this. So every time it happens, now, you're going to be able to say, that is not how I identify. This is how I identify

So that your brain is just going to turn neuropathways, they're going to break the old ones. Your brain is going to be like, Oh, okay. We don't believe this anymore. We believe this now, uh, our brains are incredible. And they think what we tell them to think from our subconscious, you can go down a complete rabbit hole here, and I could absolutely go down a complete rabbit hole here of how our brains work, um, and that they are a, they're like this massive, amazing computer machine that drives us in life, like on autopilot. And that we, we do all of us, have these limiting beliefs in the back of our, in our subconscious, I want to say in the back of our mind, but really if you've heard that before, that means in the back of my mind, it's really my subconscious and I need to bring the things that are self-sabotaging me on this loop of how I keep showing up in certain situations every day for myself, all of these things bring them forward to consciousness and then shifting into a new belief that is going to help you move forward and not hold you back any longer.

None of us want to think that we're holding ourselves back, okay? Zero people, none of us want to think that, and that is why to be completely honest. Two things happen. One, uh, if you are an entrepreneur and it's not, just not working. It just doesn't seem to be working out like I'm doing all the things, but it's not working. There is a loop and unconscious loop in your, in your head that you are replaying and digging into that and figuring out what that loop is, is super important. And there's probably more than one loop. Don't get freaked out by that. The amazing and incredible and happy news about that is is that you can change that we can all change it so that the new empowering belief now pushes us forward to if this is happening in life, outside of business, there's probably an area of your life where you're like, Hmm, this isn't really how I would love to see this happen. This isn't really how I want to be showing up this. Isn't it how I want to be acting or being So digging into that and thinking about, okay, why, why do I do this? When I think about, or when this thing situation, the circumstance is put in front of me, why do I think this, when this happens and it's not going to be pretty like self-development guys spirituality, self-development all of the things like the journey that you are on is not meant to all be pretty.

It's meant to teach you so that you can go and change the world. That is, that is the journey you are on. You chose to be an entrepreneur so that you could change something in the world and help other people get through. Do the same as, um, impact more people. Just like you digging deep into these things is part of it. Is it gonna suck? Yeah, it probably will, but it won't suck for long. That's the awesome part. It won't suck for long bringing the unconscious conscious, acknowledge it when it happens,


Your new identity, act it and feel it, be it be your new identity. This is how you shift out of and break the loops of self-sabotage. This is the most incredible thing that I can ever witness in a person, even in myself, when I do it myself like I'm automatically just shocked. I am. It's so hard to explain. It's so hard to explain the feeling, but you're like, Oh my gosh, like I had no idea that that was even a belief of mine. I had no idea that that was like a block and to be able to shift through it and be like, okay, awesome. We shifted through that. Now we know that something else is going to come up because it does. It does not matter what level you're at in your business, in your life, where you are, anything, it doesn't matter. There's always going to be something else that comes up differently and then figure out how it's manifesting for you in your life. Because you create this, everything that you see in front of you, everything you experience, touch, taste, smell here. See would that third, I have yours, right? Is your creation.

This is your lens for your life. Nobody else can see the same things you see. Nobody can experience them the same way you experienced them. So those are the tips of the day. I hope that these helped you. I know that this is a little bit deeper than what I've been talking about recently in here, but, uh, it's important. It's super important. I, I hope that everyone on the face of the planet can figure out and understand how powerful their thoughts really are. How powerful, just one single thought is, um, you know, nothing in this world has been created without a thought before it. So just imagine that even the world, right?

So there, there you go. That is, today's talk, try those tips. Let me know how they worked out for you. Let me know if you do this because I really, want to hear it. I want to hear how you're shifting through the beliefs that you're looping right now that are not serving you and shifting into the amazing beliefs that you are absolutely capable of, um, and creating a different reality for yourself if that's what you want. And, and this can be any reality that you want, by the way, this does not have to be, um, a super-duper expansive reality. It can literally be something small and it can be something big. It can be as small as you want, or as big as you want. The amazing thing is you are the, you're the creator. You get to create it. You get to create whatever you want. So go forth and create. And let me know, let me know what you did. Let me know what beliefs you busted. Let me know if you need help because this is what I do. And I love to do these things. I love to help you create what you want in your reality. So until the next time, we'll see you soon. Love you guys.


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