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This weeks "IT" Girl | Elevation Society Member Bethany Hawkins

Nov 23, 2019


Meet Bethany Hawkins!

Bethany's response to being the Elevation Societies first 'IT" girl was epic! When she saw the post she said: "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! I am the first IT Girl!! #honored!!!"

Elevation Society: Bethany tell us what you do and who you serve.

Bethany: I am a virtual assistant to podcasts hosts and small business owners.

Elevation Society: So cool! Tell us about your business

Bethany: So many people have no idea what a fantastic virtual assistant does or how they can change the life of your business. I want to give them that fantastic experience so their business can grow exponentially!

I am obsessed with helping people be seen and heard. I adore being the person behind the scenes making my clients business visions come true. I also believe that all small business owners deserve a time to have a life. So basically, I give life.

Elevation Society: Tell us something about you, outside of your business.

Bethany: I have 2 sons, 1 daughter and a husband. I also make it a point to drive my mom crazy on a regular basis because she is a big deal.

I also have the most amazing friends that I have known for eons and some that I have just met that have become family. When I am not working, I immerse myself with people who are just fabulous.

Elevation Society: Yasss girl! Tell us what you love about being in the Elevation Society!

Bethany: I love the different women that have come together to teach others. Every single woman that has been chosen to help the new group members has walked the entrepreneurial walk. We all have value and experience that cannot be measured monetarily. And we are all pretty rad!

Elevation Society: That's awesome! Where can people get in touch with you?


Elevation Society: Bethany thank you so much! You are amazing and we are so grateful for you and your incredible contributions and huge heart! Let's go Elevate! 



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