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Kelly’s Boss Queen Personal Branding Shoot - Wilmington, MA

May 15, 2020

Kelly is the owner of Onyx Boudoir Studios in Wilmington, MA. She has been a photographer for over 20 years and is damn good at it! Besides being an incredible photographer, Kelly’s mission and her why is what makes her one of the top photographers in New England.  

“YES, women will have amazing photographs of themselves in glamorous poses, but they will leave their Onyx Experience with more confidence and self-love, than they've ever had before!   My clients conquer the fear that holds them back from feeling the beauty inside them, and realize how much in life they truly deserve.“ - Kelly Wain

Well no wonder we get along! 

She also has her own story of conquering fear and self doubt. Our why as entrepreneurs usually does stem from something we have overcome ourselves, so make sure you check it out on her website.

Kelly wanted her personality, spunk, fire, and strength so shine through in her images (which she has plenty of by the way). Her personal brand is sophisticated and elegant yet fun and free so her images needed to reflect that. We shot inside and outside for Kelly’s shoot to make sure she had a great variety that she could use everywhere with out feeling like she was using the same images over and over (because who wants that?)

Here is what she had to say about the results

“Jenessa, these photos are so great! You captured my personality perfectly!! I said, "I want people to see my fire, my spunk, my humor and my sensitivity. You did just that girl! Thank you! 

Yes, I am a photographer that hired another great photographer to capture my personal brand. Jenessa does not disappoint! If you are an entrepreneur looking to define your personal brand, you must connect with this woman”

Here’s a sample of what she got....if you want to see more click here!

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Want more info on how to get your own shoot? Check it out here.




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