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Personal Branding Photography - The Boss Queen Experience

May 01, 2020

Hey there, you savvy boss queen. 

So you're ready to finally get those branding images and show off what you got! Yes, let's get it girl!

I'd love to start off by saying that this experience is just EXPERIENCE. I am not a wham, bam, thank you maim type of photographer. So if your looking for someone to just show up and snap some pictures and hand them over with no thought, planning, collaboration from you, attention to details, or amazing perks then I am not your gal.

Now on the other hand, if your business is your baby and you want the best of the best for it and help to nurture it so it can grow strong and thrive, then you are in the right place.

I created this experience based on how I would want someone to treat my business...serious as a heart attack with a very knowledgeable Dr. McDreamy who cares about what I want, waiting on my every need, want, and desire during my stay so that I leave feeling refreshed, confident, and energized. Knowing I received the best quality care with the best quality products anywhere. And you bet your ass if I ever even need a splinter removed again, I am going back there. 

If that sounds amazing then let me show you what the Boss Queen experience looks like here at The Brand Maven from beginning to end.

You've scrolled my website, or maybe you found me on Instagram or Facebook. Either way, you love my vibe so you schedule a consultation call. This is a call where we get to talk for 30 minutes, get to know each other, talk about your business, your ideas, and your vision. I will answer any questions you have and we will see if we are a fit for each other. If we are, we will talk about the next steps to book your session! If we're not that's ok too, we just got to talk to another human who is cool as shit and made a new connection.

You are ready to book! (Happy dance)

Let's pick a date and the perfect package for your needs. I recommend booking at least 30 days in advance. Like I said before, this is an experience, we will be communicating, appointment making, and collaborating up until the day of your shoot. For your date to be set in stone (aka my calendar) you can either pay in full or put down a 1/3 deposit and make automatic payments to be paid in full 7 days before your shoot date. If you are really savvy and chose the Double Shot or Just Hand Me The Bottle package a 1/3 deposit or full payment is due at booking and a custom payment plan will be created based on your shoot dates. I will also send you a contract to sign.

Now we get to creating the magic!   

You will receive a customized digital welcome magazine chock full of tips and information. A link to your own Pinterest board so you can pin everything you love, like poses, location, clothes, quotes and anything that inspires you and the feel of your brand. 

We will schedule a time to have your Boss Brand Breakthrough Session. It's a 1 hour Zoom call where we dig in to your brand, how you envision it, the feeling you want to give people, locations for your shoot, map out our day, your vibe...literally all the things so that I can make sure I understand you fully so that your images reflect your vision. If you are not quite sure yet how you want your brand to look and feel we will use this time to get you clarity and work through it together, like your own coaching session! I will send you the recording of our call and an itinerary for our shoot day so you know exactly what to expect. 

I will pass your information (including your brand profile we create during our Boss Brand Breakthrough call) on to my HMUA and personal stylist so they can reach out and set up appointments for your hair and make up and your personal styling session. Both of these are included with your session so you just need to make the appointment and show up!

Your personal stylist appointment can happen anytime before your shoot. Jen Ginty is the owner of Defining the Style, and is a certified image consultant and personal stylist with years of experience helping women and men define their own style with wardrobe organization and personal shopping. Jen has consulted with everything from casual wear such as jeans and tops to styling for the corporate world. She's seriously a bonafide rockstar when it comes to fashion and creating outfits that you will feel comfortable and confident in. 

How does a personal stylist call work you ask?

Jen will set up a time to have a virtual call to go through your own closet with you and help you choose outfits to wear during your shoot, including accessories and shoes. She also offers personal shopping and closet reorganization as add on services, which are not included with your session.

Your hair and make up will be done the day of your shoot and will be scheduled approximately 2 hours before your shoot depending on your location vs. the first location of your shoot. Your stylist will reach out personally to make the appointment.

You can feel confident that the amazing women I choose to be on the team are complete professionals that I have worked with on other projects or shoots.

If I am traveling to you for your shoot or we are heading to a specific destination outside of my normal area, I will screen, talk with, and research hair and make up artists thoroughly, to ensure professionalism and an amazing personality! And I will always use someone I have worked with in specific areas before if possible. If you have someone you love in your area please let me know, my main priority is that you are comfortable.

It's shoot time!

The real magic is about to happen and you are going to shine! I know getting in front of a camera can be a little intimidating (trust, I get it!) so this is where you sit back and look gorgeous and know that I have got your back. I have photographed many women of all sizes, shapes, and colors and spent countless hours honing my craft through hands on and virtual training. I am a master with my camera, light, angles, and posing and will walk you though it all while taking the most flattering, gorgeous images of you that you have ever seen. We will laugh, strike lot's of poses, and have an incredible day.

About 2 weeks later I will send you a link to your images so you can download them and start getting your gorgeous face and brand out into the world to build your empire.

I love to keep in touch with my clients, support their businesses, and continue working with them in all different capacities. So I am sure this will not be the end of our journey together.

If you are ready to have a Boss Queen Experience let's talk!

See you soon Queen!









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