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How To Evict The Mean Girl In Your Head

Dec 28, 2019

Let’s  talk about evicting the mean girl in your head. No you’re not crazy, we all have that voice in our head that pops in uninvited and tells us things that usually sounds like negative self talk. Going into 2020 we want a positive mindset. We don't want or need to be talking crap about ourselves to ourselves. We are our own worst critics and sometimes we don't even realize that we're doing it, it's an automatic thought that just pops up in your head and you don't even mean to think it, but you do.

Acknowledge the thought - realize that they're talking. 

You have to realize that the thought is present and you have to know that those thoughts are negative thoughts. You know the ones, “I’m not good enough”, “I can't do this”, “I am stupid.” 

Be very careful of your I AM statements. Whatever you say after I am, you are telling yourself you are and your brain believes what you tell it period. So when you say I am, make sure something positive is coming after that. So, tip number one is to know that you're saying something that is not productive to you, your well-being, your mental state, your business, your personal life. Whatever you’re talking about, that negative thought doesn't belong in your head. You may not even realize that you are thinking those thoughts because they are subconscious and they're just automatically popping in to your head.

Catch the thought.

Which means acknowledge and understand it. Ask your self, why am I thinking this thought, which current belief or old belief is this thought stemming from. 

Delete it and replace it. 

I will say to myself cancel, delete or cancel, thank you for coming, delete. Because this is your ego talking. It’s telling you that something is uncomfortable or that it thinks something is not safe. I don't mean safe like you're going to die from it, your ego thinks that you're not safe because the feelings that you're getting from doing this thing or wanting to go further in your life, your business, or whatever, is scary because you don't know how it's going to end up, you don't know what's going to happen, you don't know how you're going to get there. So ego shows up and says you don't wanna do that, that's too scary, we're afraid of that. When you hear yourself say I'm afraid of that, think to yourself yes that's awesome, it's awesome that I'm afraid, because on the other side of that is growth. Growth does not come from being comfortable, growth comes from being outside of your comfort zone. 

Then replace it with something positive. You can reframe in to an outcome based question or flip the negative to a positive.  So acknowledge it, catch it, and delete and replace the thought.

After doing this a number of times it will become easier and eventually automatic. You will actually rewire the pathways in your brain to think in a more positive way and the negative nelly that once lived upstairs will learn her role. She may pop back for a visit every once in a while, and now you have a powerful tool to send her packing when she does! 

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