Stay committed to your purpose

Are you staying 100% committed to your purpose? I wasn’t.

We are on day 5 of self-quarantine and it is so extremely difficult to focus on positivity right now although that is exactly what we need to get through this.

I just had to sit back, not look at my computer and breathe deep for about 10 minutes because thoughts of uncertainty started to overwhelm me. My brain was racing 100 miles an hour and I felt like I just couldn’t think straight. I knew that if I didn’t step back and stop flooding myself with everyone else's words and thoughts that I would drown in the panic and overwhelm everyone is feeling right now.

So I turned it all off and sat in my chair and just started to breathe deeply and released all the tension in my body. I needed to focus on my own thoughts because I couldn’t tell what were mine and what werent. I asked a question and set an intention to just let in what I was meant to be doing right now in the midst of all this chaos. These words kept coming to me over and over.

Hope, Belief, Love, Kindness.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the words I had written a few days ago in my notebook

“stay 100% committed to your purpose”

Now any of you that know me, know that these words are at my core and I live them everyday. I also know that I was focusing on all of the other things going on in my life, not just now but for awhile, that while I still live these words everyday, they were getting pushed back and were not at the forefront. I needed to quiet my mind to let them come up and tell me “this is what is most important right now, this is your purpose, this is where you live and where your light shines the brightest, this is where you can help others shine their light the brightest too.”

Take a few minutes and sit with yourself, breathe deep, release the tension in your body. The outside world can only affect you inside if you let it flood in and take over. While it may feel like you don’t have much control over anything right now, you do, you have control over your own inner universe.


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