Who do you want to BE when you grow up

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Have you ever been asked that question?

Not what you want to do, but who do you want to be when you grow up? Some of us still don’t know what we want to do or what kind of business we want, nevermind a deeper question like who do we want to be.  

We mostly think about our purpose in life as what do we want to do, but I would love to invite you to think about life and business as who do you want to be.

We’re going to change our beings inside of us, how we look at the world, how we look at everything, it will change every single day. Then somebody comes along and throws a question at you that totally flips your mind. 

Let’s not think about what you want to do but who you want to be, what is your purpose for waking up in the morning. This has nothing to do with business, but is a personal thing. Your brand story should include this too. Why do you wake up in the morning, what drives you to keep going, to keep living? Is that why we get up in the morning. A lot of us think that is, but I invite you to think deeper. Everyone has that purpose for living. Usually 99.9% of the time, that purpose you have for living is the purpose you have for bringing an impact to the world through your business or through some kind of volunteer work or charity, or just being you every day. 

The exercise I take my clients through is if you were Tom Hanks on the desert island with Wilson (his friendly neighborhood volleyball), what would make you get up and keep going everyday. What is that thing that drives you from your core? This is not an easy question. When I first heard this question, I had no idea. Most of you would say you have no idea, but dig deep and think about what drives you. 

People say I don’t understand what my purpose in life is, I don’t know what to do in business. Live in the core instead of outside and think about what that fire is that gets you going? 

I ran through the why of my client owning his own landscaping company, so I said what is it about landscaping that moves you? Why do you love what you do? At first he got uncomfortable, he wasn’t sure. For other people it’s hard to figure out, but I know it’s because he loves to make people feel good. He loves to make people happy. When you think of cutting somebody’s lawn, some people might not think that you’re doing anything but cutting the lawn, but that’s not true. Just like whatever you’re doing in your business it has a ripple effect that continues on and on and you’re never going to see 99% of the ripples of the effect that you had by doing whatever it is you’re doing. 

What is that? In this client’s case, he goes and cuts the lawn, he has a happy customer, a happy homeowner, and that homeowner is happy because his lawn is nice and beautiful, they feel excited to go home and see their beautiful lawn, they feel more comfortable in their house because their lawn looks nice, they treat their family better because their happy that their lawn looks nice and then their family goes out and treats other people nice because of how they feel in their home,  and the ripple effect just keeps going. 

Does that make sense? It took me a while to understand what the ripple effect was and what my purpose was. And that’s very close to my purpose. My purpose is an impact in the world that helps people understand that anything is possible, to empower them, to believe in themselves, that’s what drives me, that's what gets me up in the morning. 

If it had nothing to do with anybody else and I said ok this is only about me, what gets me up in the morning. Possibility gets me up in the morning. What’s going to happen today? What can I do today to make somebody else believe in themself. What can I do to make myself believe in myself today? What are all the possibilities of all the things I can do today to make my life better than it was yesterday. It was an epiphany for me when I came across that mind blowing realization that that was my fire. 

You’re bringing something to the world everyday whether you think you are or not, you are.

My fire is that there are a million possibilities. What can I do today to make more possibilities? Possibilities are endless. And it’s just amazing that I can get up everyday and I can empower business owners and entrepreneurs just like you to believe in themselves to believe that those possibilities are out there and that they can create a million possibilities and create anything they want. The life they want, the money they want, the success they want. Anything they want in life they want, they can have it. You can have it. And believe it or not this whole conversation came from a 20  minute talk on the porch with my fiance. 

Another one of my love’s is connecting with people, I love that. Because it creates more possibilities. 

I would love to know what your purpose is, if you did any of this exercise and thought about you being on a deserted island with the volleyball, Wilson, you’re Tom Hanks, what makes you get up everyday? In the movie, for Tom Hanks it was thinking he was going to get back to his girlfriend, but on a superficial top of really what’s going on. There was a deeper burning fire that made him get up everyday, we’re never going to know what it was, but you could know what yours is. 

This deep burning desire purpose that you have, this something that you’re good at that is innately inside of you, that you’ve had your entire life and probably kind of dismissed it because we thought we were supposed to take a certain path in life because that’s what we were taught we had to do. We go to school, go to college get a job, and work everyday, we come home, we do it again and it’s ingrained that that’s the only kind of life we can live. Because that’s what our parents did, that’s what our grandparents did. But when you go back to the early 1900’s, even before that. Most people were entrepreneurs, when immigrants came over from Italy or Ireland, or wherever, some of them got jobs working for somebody else, but most of them opened their own stores, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the laundry guy. When you walk down a city street in the old neighborhood many owned stores and everybody knew each other, and everybody went into these stores and bought things from each other, that’s how they knew how to make money. They came here to make a better life for themselves. 

You’re already here. And you’re ready to make a better life for yourself. So let’s go do that because you can. We want to make sure that we have the funds to survive which is why a lot of us have jobs, we work for somebody else for a certain part of the day, but we have this passion and purpose that we want to get out in the world which is our business. Our ancestors did it opposite. They came here and said I am going to fulfill my purpose and my dream and I’m going to give to the world what my gift is. Whether it’s cutting meat, selling meat from the butcher shop, what did that butcher do? He didn’t sell meat all day, he fed a family and that family was able to survive by eating the food that they got from the butcher. Now that family can continue to provide for that family and continue to do what they do. Everything we do is just a ripple effect. So the best thing that you can do is create that ripple effect from your purpose and go be who you want to be now. 

Be who you want to be. What is the success that you want? What does your business look like at the ultimate point? What does your business look like at the point when you feel like you made it? You feel like, I am much further than I was a month ago, 6 months ago. 

Close your eyes, think about the vision that you want for your brand and for your business and feel how it feels to have that already. And then think about who you are being when you already have it. Are you being that person now and if you’re not why? And what can you do now to get closer to the person you're being when you have everything you want? That’s powerful sh*t right there. 

IF you do the work and do that exercise it’s really powerful. It might bring up some feelings, maybe not so great feelings, but don’t put it in that box. Make it feel good for you. Because you not being the person that the successful you is right now is okay. Now, you know who that successful person is being and you’re doing all of the things you want to do and you’re business is doing what you want it to do, be that person. Mic drop. 

I hope it got you thinking because that is really the purpose, I want you to be thinking the way you’re not thinking because that person thinks differently than you do right now and you’ll find them and you will be them and the closer you can be to being them now, the closer you are to having the business and the life that you want, now.


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