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Compelling content should tell a story, be captivating, be clear, and evoke emotion.

There are different types of content:

  • Longform content, blog podcasts and video. These things are called longform because they have a lot of words and you can repurpose them easily. 
  • Short form content includes posts, stories, short videos on Instagram stories. All of those are short form and you want to create a system that works for you that breaks down your long form into smaller posts and repurpose your content. There’s no reason you have to be on that content creation hamster wheel and be creating new content all the time. 

Then distribute your content everywhere you are online.

Use automated scheduling, but make sure you’re staying true to the platform you’re posting to. Do not push Instagram posts to Facebook. It’s lazy and your Facebook audience will feel second best.

Your hashtags and the @ mentions don’t work on Facebook so when you push your content,  use the scheduling option that Facebook gives you on your page or in Facebook Creator.

Use Planoly or Later to schedule your Instagram posts and you can even schedule your blog posts on your website in batches. If you don’t have a content creation re-purposing process in place, this is the best time to create one.

Rules of thumb for creating content.

When you write captivating copy it needs to tell a story, but it should be to the point. Don’t use industry jargon or use words people won’t understand. Make sure that the words you’re using are words that people will understand. Paint a picture without using a million words just get to the point but bring them in. Paint the picture. 

For example, Coaches will say, “I will help you step into your power.” What does that mean? What kind of powers will I get when I step in? It doesn’t give a clear picture of what you’re going to get. If you say, “I’ll help you discover what you love to do and how to make money doing it,” that gives you a better understanding of what that means.

Look through your writing for anything that doesn’t create a clear picture or anything that doesn’t answer the question, “What does that look like?” Then retell it like it’s hot gossip. We don’t want broad strokes, we want all the little details. Once you’ve made it specific, make it even more specific. Write the way you would talk to a friend, conversationally. 

Do not use your passive voice in your writing. Passive voice are forms of “to be” and includes words like, is, are, am, was, were, will be, should be, has been, have been, get, gets and got. 

  • Example:
    • A sentence in passive voice is: You might get confused by this rule.  
    • A sentence in active voice is: This rule might confuse you. 

Passive voice makes your writing more powerful.

Following these simple steps will help make your copy, no matter where you use it, more compelling and enticing for your ideal client.


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