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Your Brand Messaging - The What, Why & Who

Jan 10, 2020

What is a brand message?

It’s what you're going to talk about across all of your platforms, this is what you want to tell the world about your business, about what your brand stands for. Also it’s going to help connect your people to you and it's going to repel the people that aren’t a match for you. That's really important because your audience won't grow, you won't get the right clients and your business will stay stagnant if you don't have the right messaging that connects to your audience.

Make your ideal client a real person.

First, you have to figure out who your ideal client is. This requires that you dig a little deep and really think about who you’re serving and what it is you’re selling. Before you create your message, you need to figure out who you’re talking to.  We don't want to talk to everybody because if you talk to everybody you’re really talking to nobody. 

When I first started my business,  I got a lot of...

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The Power of Surrender - How Letting Go Of Control Will Help Grow Your Business

Jan 08, 2020

We have made busy our new drug.

Why? Because busy means we can avoid fears and emotion and we stay in control or at least we think we do. Because giving up control, surrendering, or accepting that we are only responsible for the effort and not the outcome is f’ing scary!

As business owners we spend a lot of time thinking about the results we are going to get or the outcomes we want. How do we think we control that? With the effort we put in right?


So if that’s wrong, then what do we have control over, where do we want to be focusing our effort?

  1. Having the tools you require for your survival and to run your business
  2. The actions you take towards the desired outcomes and results

The actual outcomes and results….do not hang out here

Sure you can predict what the results will be, you can set goals, you can do your absolute best at all the tools and actions, but you cannot fully control the outcome.

Just row the damn boat

Let me give you an example. Your...

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How To Evict The Mean Girl In Your Head

Dec 28, 2019

Let’s  talk about evicting the mean girl in your head. No you’re not crazy, we all have that voice in our head that pops in uninvited and tells us things that usually sounds like negative self talk. Going into 2020 we want a positive mindset. We don't want or need to be talking crap about ourselves to ourselves. We are our own worst critics and sometimes we don't even realize that we're doing it, it's an automatic thought that just pops up in your head and you don't even mean to think it, but you do.

Acknowledge the thought - realize that they're talking. 

You have to realize that the thought is present and you have to know that those thoughts are negative thoughts. You know the ones, “I’m not good enough”, “I can't do this”, “I am stupid.” 

Be very careful of your I AM statements. Whatever you say after I am, you are telling yourself you are and your brain believes what you tell it period. So when you say I am,...

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How To Stay In Alignment With Your Goals

Dec 24, 2019

SO this whole month we have been talking about your goals going into 2020.

How important they are

Why they are important

And how to break them down

If you missed any of those live videos and need to catch up, just click here to go to my Facebook Page 

Today we are going to to talk about finalizing your goals and staying in alignment with them through out the year.

The Story You Tell Yourself

Look I understand that when you set goals they feel like a reason to fail, at least that's how most people look at them. Like if they don't reach them then something is wrong with THEM. This my loves is just a story you are attaching to the word goal.

 This year I would really like to invite you to look at them in a totally different way

Let's look at them as a map to get you closer to fulfilling your vision, and growing your business and yourself! They are the destination of the journey you are on.

Would you tell the Uber driver "I don't know where I'm going, just drive" 


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How To Live Life To Its Fullest Potential

Dec 21, 2019

Going into 2020 we all have resolutions or things that we want to get accomplished, and we often feel like “how am I going to get it all done.” and we don't feel like we're living to our fullest potential. We all get tired, we are human right? We can get easily overwhelmed or feel like we could do or be more but aren't sure how.

These 5 I's will help guide you to living life to it's full potential.


Most of us don't take the time to feel things, instead we just react. Intuition is listening to your gut or that feeling you get when you either know something's wrong or you know something's right or when that feeling is kind of pushing you to do the thing that you're afraid of. It's saying do it or don't do it but we often don't listen to it, we just react with our heads. 

I heard this saying about intuition, and you can phrase this however you want, Universe, Source, Buddha, or whoever you feel is your higher power, but this phrase was related to God....

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How to Take Back Control of Your Schedule

Dec 09, 2019

Take Back Control of Your Schedule

Are you running your schedule? Or are you at the beck and call of everyone else?

If you're not setting boundaries around your availability, then that needs to change right now, friends!

It's time to take control of your life, your business, and your schedule by creating clear boundaries.

Here is how to unapologetically take control of your calendar now.
1. Create drop dead, line in the sand, working hours.
2. Purposefully choose days to work "on" your business and days to work "in" your business.
3. Do not create a schedule that makes you available ALL THE TIME

Create drop dead, line in the sand, working hours.

Ok, this does not mean "I work M-S 12am to 12pm" It does mean, choose reasonable working hours and stick to them. You will need to commit to this and it should be part of the vision for your business that you are living and breathing everyday. You're not going to miss out on anything, in fact your customers, clients, and vendors will appreciate...

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How To Create a Week of Social Media Posts in an Hour

Dec 04, 2019

The Never Ending Content Wheel

Who feels like they are on the content creation hamster wheel? You feel like you need to come up with a new post or content EVERY DAY to keep your audience engaged and growing. And while that is true, it is not the whole story.

You Do Not Have To Create New Content Everyday

What! Listen, I thought the same way you do right now. That I had to come up with a new post every day for every platform I was using. UGH, so exhausting! I said "there has got to be a better way!" After months of google, youtube, free pdf's etc. etc. etc. and a lot of overwhelm I came up with a simple content process that has worked extremely well! 

How To Schedule a Week of Social Media Posts in an Hour

Choose 7 categories you will post about each week, one for each day – your own or from this list

  1. About Me
  2. The benefits of your product/service
  3. Inspiration/motivation/encouragement
  4. Personal Insight
  5. Behind the scenes
  6. Showcase a product/service
  7. Your Why

Then choose a...

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The Elevation Society's "IT" Girl Of The Week | Stephanie Powell

Dec 03, 2019


Meet Stephanie Powell!

Stephanie was nominated by last week's "IT" Girl Stephanie Powell. Stephanie's response was "Omg this is so amazing! I so appreciate you Stephanie Powell!!! ♥"

Elevation Society: Stephanie tell us what you do and who you serve.

Stephanie: I am a Network Marketer and Engagement and Growth Specialist

Elevation Society: So cool! Tell us about your business

Stephanie: I serve high level business minded women who need more time freedom! I love to help people see their full potential and aid in them growing their business when they have a clear and much needed message to share!

I want people to know that although my business looks like it runs smoothly and successfully, I am no different than anyone else. I run into bumps in the road and am a hard worker who is constantly figuring things out. I built my business while raising my babies and have family first...
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Why Your Selfie Isn't Cutting it

Nov 30, 2019

But I love my Selfie!

No doubt! I love selfies too! They are a great way to show your friends and family your latest face. Or to get yourself in the picture with your favorite band playing behind you at the concert of the year. They will always be a valuable form of self expression in our digital world. But there is also a time and a place for them. Let’s talk about why they don’t work for your business, website, and professional pages.


While the new cell phone cameras are pretty awesome, they still can’t compete with an image that has been resized correctly to fit the platform you are using it on. Professional images, taken with a professional camera, start out as a monster size file. They can be resized to fit the specific parameters that will keep it looking great on any platform. Your phone selfie however has a really good chance of looking extremely grainy or pixelated.

Image from Google

Light, Background, and Angles

A correctly exposed image...

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This weeks "IT" Girl | Elevation Society Member Bethany Hawkins

Nov 23, 2019


Meet Bethany Hawkins!

Bethany's response to being the Elevation Societies first 'IT" girl was epic! When she saw the post she said: "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! I am the first IT Girl!! #honored!!!"

Elevation Society: Bethany tell us what you do and who you serve.

Bethany: I am a virtual assistant to podcasts hosts and small business owners.

Elevation Society: So cool! Tell us about your business

Bethany: So many people have no idea what a fantastic virtual assistant does or how they can change the life of your business. I want to give them that fantastic experience so their business can grow exponentially!

I am obsessed with helping people be seen and heard. I adore being the person behind the scenes making my clients business visions come true. I also believe that all small business owners deserve a time to have a life. So basically, I give life.

Elevation Society: Tell us something about you, outside of your business.


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