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Setting Your Sexy AF Goals That You Can't Wait To Show Up For [Podcast ep 53]

Jan 18, 2021

Setting goals can be uncomfortable, but in this episode, I’ll show you how to make setting goals sexy AF and exciting. You’ll learn how to set reasonable and achievable goals, the four tips in creating “sexy” goals, and why your energy behind your goals changes everything.

  • Why you need goals to grow your business
  • The importance of celebrating the small achievements
  • We break down the “S,” “E,” “X,” and “Y” of your “sexy” goals
  • The mindset you should have when you don’t reach a goal

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. And in true January fashion, I'm going to keep talking about goals today.

But today we're going to talk a...

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Leveraging Your Enneagram For Business Success with Sarah Talbert [Podcast Ep 52]

Jan 12, 2021

In this episode, Sarah Talbert shares the benefits of knowing your Enneagram and how you can use this to tap into your business potential. She shows us how to understand your enneagram, how it can reveal the real reason behind negative behavior, and how it helps you make decisions.

  • Understand the three parts of your enneagram
  • What each enneagram number represents and what it reveals about your personality
  • How knowing your enneagram can help you grow your business and build a team

Instagram: @sandbar_marketing_llc
Facebook: @business-growth-unique-to-you/

Sarah Talbert is a conversion copywriter and Enneagram enthusiast focused on helping professionals break free from their stuffy industry persona and connect with their audience genuinely.

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. Today....

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4 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2021 [Podcast Ep 51]

Jan 06, 2021

Are you ready to have a successful 2021? In this episode, I break down the four steps to set yourself up for success in the new year, why you should reflect on your intentions, and how to create a plan to reach your goals.

  • Why it’s important to know the reason behind the goals you set for your business
  • How to prevent burnout when trying to reach your goals
  • Why you need to take action to become visible, put yourself out there, and connect with your soul clients.

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast and happy freaking new year, who is glad that we are starting a whole new year because we all know that 2020 was a little crazy. Right. So I know that you know, we've all been really looking for connection and support, and I've also seen so many people, people just up awesome and blow up their businesses this...

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Finding Your Mojo: How to attract your ideal client on social media with Lizzie Vince [Podcast Ep 50]

Dec 28, 2020

In this episode, Lizzie Vince, helps you find your mojo, shares tips on attracting your ideal client on social media and how to attract money into your life. She shows us how we can identify our “mojo” to monetize it and build a profitable and scalable business.

  • The importance of self-love and self-worth before you begin your journey of healing 
  • How your subconscious and past experiences can create mindset blocks
  • The true meaning of what your “mojo” is and how to find it
  • Why you should show up as yourself to have more clarity on your goals and your “why”

Lizzie Vince helps unfulfilled and unhappy women who either have a business or work a 9-5 "find their mojo" so they can live a purposeful & abundant life. She helps them identify their "mojo" and shows them how to monetize it to build a profitable & scalable business.

Facebook: @FindYourMojoCoaching

Instagram: @findyourmojocoaching

LinkedIn: @findyourmojocoaching

Download your...

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Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, How She Retired at 27 with Rachel Richards [Podcast Ep 49]

Dec 21, 2020


Rachel Richards is a bestselling finance author and she is sharing her tips on passive income, early retirement, real estate investing, and money management. Listen to this episode to see how Rachel made over $10,000 per month in passive income and how you can too.

  • Why you don’t need a ton of money to create passive income streams
  • The true meaning of passive income and why it’s different than MLM
  • The importance of knowing your ideal client on a deep level and knowing who you are as a business owner before you begin to create passive income
  • Different ways you can create income streams including online courses, renting out storage space, and even coin-operated machines

Only 27 years old, former financial advisor Rachel Richards has made a name for herself in the personal finance realm. In 2019, Rachel quit her job and retired, with over $10,000 per month in passive income! She is the bestselling author of “Money Honey” and “Passive Income,...

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Working With The Moon For Business Success - New Moon Energy

Dec 19, 2020

Understanding the lunar phases and the energy of each helps us know when to plan, act, celebrate, reset, release , and make space so we can make better decisions and expect better results in our business.

In this post we'll talk about the new moon as it's the first phase of the lunar cycle.

The new moon is a planning phase. Think about what you want to conceive and achieve during the next 28 days.

This energy brings introspection, self-reflection, and a fresh start. It's the perfect phase to create a new intention for this lunar cycle to help guide and keep you on track this month.

Here are a few things you can do during the new moon to set yourself up for success during the month.

1. Reflect on the last month.

What happened, make a list of the good and the not so good. This will help you see what you want more of and what you want to let go or change.

2. Organize and prepare for the upcoming month

What's happening for you and your business this month? What do you want to...

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Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Taking Better Photos (even if you don't have a "fancy" camera) with Emily Supiot [Podcast Ep 48]

Dec 17, 2020

 In this episode, Emily Supiot shares why you don’t need a “fancy” camera to take better photos, tips on how to use lighting to look more flattering in photos, and the details you should pay attention to when doing a photo shoot.

  • Why having a “fancy” camera does not make you a better photographer.
  • The importance of using the right lighting to take the perfect picture.
  • Tips on finding the right camera if you’re interested in learning photography.
  • The impact that shade and the background can have in your photos.


Welcome to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I'm Jenessa McKenzie of business mindset, coach, and brand strategist. And I help online experts like you stop self-sabotaging their success and unapologetically build a bad-ass personal book that makes marketing and sales easy. It's my mission to show you how to become who you were created to be. So you can share your challenge with the world, make a difference, and...

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Your SEO Impact and How It Affects More Than Just Your Website with Maria Grace [Podcast Ep 47]

Dec 14, 2020


Maria Grace specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising and shares why SEO is important in your business, the biggest mistakes small businesses make when it comes to SEO, and the role SEO plays in social media.


  • Why SEO brings long-lasting results and how to find the right keywords to drive traffic to your business.
  • The best times to advertise on Social Media including Pinterest and Facebook.
  • The power of SEO in your website images and why the size of your images is important. 
  • Tips to use SEO to increase traffic to your blog and Podcast.


I'm ready. Are you ready? Are you ready? I'm sure you're ready. No problem. No problem. At all.

Welcome to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I'm Janessa McKenzie of business mindset, coach, and brand strategist. And I help online experts like you stop self-sabotaging their success and unapologetically build a bad-ass personal book that makes marketing and sales easy. It's my mission to...

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Setting Your Purposeful Intention In 3 Steps

Dec 11, 2020

Hello all! In today's blog post we are talking about how to set purposeful intentions.

First let's start by defining an intention.

The super simple definition is that an intention is the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your actions. 

Sounds kinda like a goal right? Stay with me...

This practice is energetic and feelings based as opposed to a data driven result. It is something you want to align with in your life. It’s an aim, a purpose, or attitude you’d be proud to commit to. It's calling in more of something through a state of being, a commitment to what you want your journey to accomplishment to look like. 

When you are being intentional, your focus is in the moment. Who you are, what you do and why you do it.

It's like a neon sign to our brain and the universe that says show me more of this, which in turn opens YOU up to receive it, be present to it, and choose the actions, feelings, and ways of being to create it.


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3 Beliefs You Must Have If You Want to Take Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond with Jill Stanton [Podcast Ep 46]

Dec 07, 2020

In this episode, Jill Stanton shares the importance of creating a business that align with your values, the mindset shift you must make around money and the 3 beliefs you should have to scale your business despite facing “failure.”


  • The importance of creating a business that aligns with your values even when it’s scary
  • Why it’s okay to change your business when it’s no longer serving you or your audience
  • The shift you should make in your money mindset to create more abundance
  • Why you should surround yourself with people that support your future 

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I am here today with a super special guest. The freaking amazing Jill Stanton. Jill is the co-founder of screw the nine to five, where she, her, and her husband, Josh help unsatisfied employees quit their jobs, start online businesses, and live lives of meaning and purpose. Jill, how are you? I'm good. Thanks. Thanks for having...

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