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Crafting Your Message with Soul - How to embody your essence in a way your soul clients relate to with Stacey Brass-Russell [Podcast Ep 58]

Feb 22, 2021

In this Episode, Evolution Coach, Stacey Brass-Russell drops her knowledge on resilience, possibilities, and how it’s never too late to change and evolve. She shares her tips on how to monetize what you love doing so you can live your life doing what really lights you up.

  • The importance of marketing your business and not being afraid of promoting your services
  • How you can get out of what’s not working for you and your business and how to make changes that work 
  • Why you should invest in yourself and the transformation it could make for yourself and your business
  • The meaning of being authentic and why it doesn’t mean sharing all your dirty little secrets

Stacey Brass-Russell is the founder of INSPIRED EVOLUTION™ LLC in New York City and is a master life coach and business strategist. She works with creative, passionate growth-minded individuals who know that making change is the only way to their next level of success and fulfillment in their work...

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First Quarter Moon Ritual Bath - Self Love & Acceptance

Feb 18, 2021

One of my favorite ways to ground myself in the moon phases is to take a ritual bath.

In this post I'm going to share with you my favorite first quarter moon bath ritual, but first, a little about the energy of the first quarter moon.

The energy during this phase is one of growth and self healing. I use this phase to heal on both spiritual and emotional levels This is also an abundant energy, so what you focus on grows, and what better to focus on than self love!

It's also a time for action, manifestation, and stepping toward your goals. While we are gaining powerful, growing moon energy, it also takes physical and mental energy to be in action and go after what we want. And there is seriously no better feeling than soaking in a nice hot bath at the end of the day to renew yourself, am I right! 

So here is my favorite renewal bath and ritual for self love and acceptance...

What you'll need

Dried or fresh rose petals (you can also use a high quality essential oil - just 2-3...

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Why Isn't My Marketing Working?!: 7 Reasons Why You're Not Effortlessly Attracting Your Soul Clients [Podcast Ep 57]

Feb 18, 2021

Ever wonder why you’re marketing is not working?

Marketing is more than just putting your offer in front of people, it’s knowing how to promote in a way that is enticing and evokes an emotion that makes them want to buy from you.

Listen to this episode for my 7 tips to improve your marketing strategy and attract your soul clients.

  • Why it’s important to know who your ideal client is who you enjoy working with
  • The importance of getting clear on your offer – who it’s for, the solution, and the transformation 
  • Why you need a plan if you want to generate customers and grow your business
  • How you need to show up if you want to be excited about setting and reaching your goals

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Creating Greatness: The biggest lessons he learned in entrepreneurship with Jonathan Antin [Podcast Ep 56]

Feb 08, 2021

Tune into this exciting episode as an internationally renowned hairstylist, Jonathan Antin shares his view on “overnight success,” and how he started as an actor which lead him to his entrepreneurial journey as a hairstylist.

  • The importance of being teachable and how to make your own “twist” to what someone else has already done.
  • Why you don’t need to know everything before starting a business.
  • Why the fear of failure shouldn’t stop you from jumping in and building the business of your dreams.

Internationally renowned hairstylist, Jonathan Antin, is known for creating the most sought-after hairstyles for Hollywood's A-list celebrities. A true innovator in the world of beauty, he made his television debut on ABC's Extreme Makeover and E! Entertainment's Fashion Emergency, effectively pioneering the trend of bringing beautiful hairstyles to modern-day cable and network programming. Antin's acquired fame and success led to a starring role on...

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Business By The Moon: The phases and the energies in a lunar cycle with Jenessa MacKenzie [Podcast Ep 55]

Feb 01, 2021

Do you plan out your business based on lunar cycles? In this episode, I’m sharing the benefits of business planning based on the moon, what the energies are and what to focus on based on the different phases of the moon.

  • Learn the four major phases of the moon
  • What each stage of the moon means and how you can use it to plan your business
  • How to take action and observe how the universe to take you where you want to be.

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Hey, welcome back to...

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Her 3 Secrets to Success: From Laid Off To A 6 Figure CEO with Heather Chesky [Podcast Ep 54]

Jan 25, 2021

In this episode, Heather Chesky drops her 3 secrets to success and how she went from laid off to a 6-figure business owner. Learn how she overcame self-doubt, how she set herself up for financial success, and the three tips to grow your business.

  • The importance of seeing the value of your services to charge what it’s worth
  • Why you should love what you do and build your trust with your soul clients
  • How consistency can attract leads over time
  • The importance of shifting your thinking from comparing yourself to others to believing in yourself

After an unexpected job layoff, Heather Chesky transitioned into a full-time entrepreneur role initially serving her local area with photography services. Her photography studio quickly grew and Heather became a sought-after Photographer in her local market. She now not only helps her clients feel confident in front of the camera, but she also educates and empowers her fellow photographers to pursue their own photography passion, wow...

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Using The Moon Cycles In Business and Life - An explanation of the phases and their energies

Jan 24, 2021

In today’s post, I'm going to talk about something that I've been doing in my business for a while, and it's using the lunar cycles to plan out things in my business and my life. The energy of the moon is an ongoing cycle, kind of like the seasons.

It has a beginning middle and end with all these in-between awesome energies that you can use to really know when, to step on the gas, full throttle, or when to hit that break. And It keeps you right out of overwhelm and burnout and exhaustion.

So I'm really excited to share this with you. And today, I just want to talk about using the moon for life and business planning, what the energies are in each phase, and what to focus on in the different phases.

The visibility of the moon and the phases are dependent on its position in orbit, in relation with the earth and the sun. That's how we see how the moon is lit up on different days in different weeks in the sky. 

What is a lunar cycle? 

It's the time that the moon takes to...

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Setting Your Sexy AF Goals That You Can't Wait To Show Up For [Podcast ep 53]

Jan 18, 2021

Setting goals can be uncomfortable, but in this episode, I’ll show you how to make setting goals sexy AF and exciting. You’ll learn how to set reasonable and achievable goals, the four tips in creating “sexy” goals, and why your energy behind your goals changes everything.

  • Why you need goals to grow your business
  • The importance of celebrating the small achievements
  • We break down the “S,” “E,” “X,” and “Y” of your “sexy” goals
  • The mindset you should have when you don’t reach a goal

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. And in true January fashion, I'm going to keep talking about goals today.

But today we're going to talk a...

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Leveraging Your Enneagram For Business Success with Sarah Talbert [Podcast Ep 52]

Jan 12, 2021

In this episode, Sarah Talbert shares the benefits of knowing your Enneagram and how you can use this to tap into your business potential. She shows us how to understand your enneagram, how it can reveal the real reason behind negative behavior, and how it helps you make decisions.

  • Understand the three parts of your enneagram
  • What each enneagram number represents and what it reveals about your personality
  • How knowing your enneagram can help you grow your business and build a team

Instagram: @sandbar_marketing_llc
Facebook: @business-growth-unique-to-you/

Sarah Talbert is a conversion copywriter and Enneagram enthusiast focused on helping professionals break free from their stuffy industry persona and connect with their audience genuinely.

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. Today....

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4 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2021 [Podcast Ep 51]

Jan 06, 2021

Are you ready to have a successful 2021? In this episode, I break down the four steps to set yourself up for success in the new year, why you should reflect on your intentions, and how to create a plan to reach your goals.

  • Why it’s important to know the reason behind the goals you set for your business
  • How to prevent burnout when trying to reach your goals
  • Why you need to take action to become visible, put yourself out there, and connect with your soul clients.

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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the elevated entrepreneur podcast and happy freaking new year, who is glad that we are starting a whole new year because we all know that 2020 was a little crazy. Right. So I know that you know, we've all been really looking for connection and support, and I've also seen so many people, people just up awesome and blow up their businesses this...

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