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Not All VAs are Created Equal - Tips on hiring the right virtual assistant for your business

Dec 02, 2020

Guest Blog By Emily Reagan

Emily Reagan is a digital media implementer and instructor of digital marketing virtual assistants in the Digital Media VA Crash Course


You’ve reached that point. Where you can’t get ahead in your business. It’s just too much work.

Every week you’re coached to create a signature piece of content that hits value out of the ballpark. You have to find ways to promote this content and repurpose it. Think: blogs, vblogs, podcasts, Facebook lives, emails, Pinterest pins and social media posts. 

At the same time, you’re supposed to be engaged on social media with daily posts and stories, all the while booking yourself on podcasts, speaking gigs and earned media to grow your visibility. Don’t forget to add in a killer reel, TikTok video or guest blog from time to time. And that’s just the front stage of your business.

Behind the scenes, there’s inbox, calendars, books and customer support to manage. You...

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Deliver Your Genius with an Engaged and Profitable Facebook Group with Christina Jandali [Podcast Ep 45]

Dec 02, 2020


Do you want to increase engagement in your Facebook Group and make it profitable? In this episode, Christina Jandali gives us tips on how to grow an engaged Facebook group, the different forms of traffic to bring members into your group and why you should be comfortable with who you are and who you’re inviting into your group.


  • The first steps you need to take before creating a Facebook strategy
  • She breaks down the three different types of traffic for new members to join your group
  • The importance of taking your members through an experience when they join your group
  • How to find the true measure of engagement in your Facebook group


Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast. I am here today with Christina Jandali. Christina's a confidence-boosting coach, creating business pro strategies who runs a seven-figure education and coaching company. Helping online business owners create an engaged and profitable Facebook group. And...

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Using Numerology to Elevate Your Business with Jo Soley [Podcast Ep 44]

Nov 23, 2020

Ever wonder how numerology can improve your business?

In this episode, Jo Soley, shows us how the power of numerology can help elevate your business success. She also helps us understand the unspoken energy in numbers, how numbers can uncover your destiny and how to channel your creativity.


  • How to understand your number and how it can reveal who you are and who you were
  • The unspoken energy when you change aspects of your business including your business name, product name and membership name
  • Learn the meaning of each number and how it uncovers your personality, beliefs and creativity
  • The importance of understanding your numeric energies to be successful and live your true passion and purpose.


Hey everyone. Welcome back to the Elevated Entrepreneur podcast. I am here with Joe Soley today and she is a business numerologist. She has a company named Bizology and she just gave me a reading right before, a quick five-minute reading before we started recording and...

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Systemize to Optimize: How To Create More Time and Space In Your Business with Tracy Medeiros [Ep 43]

Nov 18, 2020

In this episode, Tracy Medieros helps business owners of all industries create custom blueprints to simplify and systematize their business so they can step into the role of CEO, have more freedom and...


  • The importance of creating systems in your business to help you reach your end result
  • Why you should treat systems as a living, breathing thing that evolves with you as your business grows
  • The importance of letting go of control to allow yourself to step into the CEO role and delegate tasks so you can focus on growing your business
  • How systems can give you more freedom so you can create the schedule you want and have more time for yourself and your family

As a systems strategist and operations consultant with Medeiros Consulting, Tracy has helped small business owners realize that the chaos and overwhelm of owning a business is not their new normal. Through systems...creating processes that give you the FREEDOM to do the things in your business that make you...

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Making the shift from and employee to an entrepreneur with Holly Knoll [Podcast Ep 42]

Nov 11, 2020

In this episode, Holly Knoll helps us shift our mindset when transitioning from working at a 9 to 5 job to becoming an entrepreneur. She speaks to us about the importance of creating your own rules in your business and working with clients who are aligned with you so that you can build a business you love.


  • How our mindset can block us from believing in ourselves and reaching our goals.
  • The importance of designing your business the way you want even if it’s a different structure than your 9 to 5 job.
  • The major shift in mindset from being an employee to becoming a CEO in your business.
  • Why it’s imperative to show up as yourself in your business and be confident in your own shoes.


Hi, Holly. 


How are you?

I'm good. How are you? 


Are you doing video? Or are you not doing video?

Oh well, I will pop mine on for a minute.

No pressure. I just put on mine just for you and...

We can see each other's faces for a minute, but...

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Why Mindset Is Your #1 Marketing Strategy

Nov 04, 2020

Have you ever spent countless hours researching, drafting, and building a marketing strategy that eventually didn’t work?

Your plan seemed perfect realize you are a million miles away from your  goals.

But you’re really not that far if you get your #1 marketing strategy right - your mindset!

There are several businesses with beautifully laid out strategies– some wildly successful while others scramble in frustration wondering what they are doing wrong. Total honesty, the success of your marketing and its strategy depends on your mindset.

Grab a seat and find out about the mindset you need for an explosive marketing strategy. 

Your Mindset Is One of Two...

Fixed mindset 

When you think your talents and qualities are static, and don’t believe you can develop them. You just “take things as they are”. 

  • When somethings fails or you don't get the outcome you wanted, you give up,  spewing...
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F%k anxiety and get sht done with Vikki Yaffe [Podcast Ep 41]

Nov 02, 2020

Vikki Yaffe helps us to get sh*t done in this episode. She breaks down the negative effect's anxiety has on our mind and body, the common misconceptions when it comes to anxiety and procrastination and why it’s important to focus on anxiety and get sh*t done.

  • Learn the steps to know your anxiety so you can be more in control.
  • How to reprogram your thinking to overcome negative self-talk and do the things you love doing.
  • The challenges you face when starting a business and why it’s important to face your fears for personal and professional growth.
  • The benefits of building a team and letting go of control in your business.

Hi everyone, welcome to the elevated entrepreneur podcast. I'm here with Vicky Louise. She helps ambitious overachievers manage their anxiety and procrastination with a new BS approach to blending neuroscience, evolutionary biology, life coaching tools, and tough love that teach people to understand their brain, rewire the thinking and feel...

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Girl Awakened: What You Need To Know About The Spiritual Awakening Happening In 2020 with Suzanne Adams [Podcast ep 40]

Oct 26, 2020

All right everyone, welcome back to The Elevated Entrepreneur podcast. I'm here today with Suzanne Adams. Suzanne is a best selling author and has impacted thousands with her speaking, books, events and programs across the globe. She's a thought leader in the field of personal development, leadership and consciousness. Suzanne serves leaders that are looking for more success, abundance and fulfillment inside of both their life in their business. Super super excited to have her here today Suzanne, welcome.

How are you? Hi. Thank you so much for having me. I'm thrilled to be here.

So tell us a little bit more about who you are and what you do who you serve.

Yeah. So I'm really just a woman on a mission to help people tap into the power that lives inside of their heart and create big dreams. You know, I have been very fortunate. I've been able to speak on the TEDX stage and been featured on a lot of media and have really been able to impact thousands of people, through my work. And,...

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The Chatbot Revolution: Marketing Through Messenger with Doug Levin [Podcast Ep 39]

Oct 19, 2020

In this episode, Doug Levin talks all things e-commerce and how to use chat-bots to grow your product-based business. He also shares the importance of providing value to your customers while marketing your brand.

  • Benefits of using chatbots to sell your products and grow your business
  • Tips to grow your audience and how to nurture them by creating a messenger sequence
  • Why you should know your customer first to understand how to market and communicate to them
  • How to use chatbots strategically to prevent spamming your audience

Douglas was a professional drummer living in Chicago, IL for about 10 years before starting to sell on Amazon in his spare time in 2014. He’s done everything from arbitrage to wholesale to private label and eventually got enough money coming in that his wife could work full time for the company. 

In preparation for the launch of his first brand, Douglas started to become obsessed with chatbots and built up a messenger list of over 20k...

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Empowering Women: Supporting female investors in real estate with Alex Breshears [podcast ep 38]

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode, Alex Breshears discusses how she's successful in a male dominated industry and how she gives back to her network by sharing her knowledge and advocating for women to be involved in real estate as owners and investors.


  • Learn the definition of passive real estate investing and how you can get involved.
  • Why women should get involved in passive real estate investing. 
  • Steps you can take to the find the right investor.
  • The importance of building a network and making connections to help grow your business.
  • How having a support group can hold you accountable and help push you to reach your goals.

Jenessa (00:00):

I mean, we've got to keep the men around for something, right? Yeah. It was a couple of things I can think of.

Jenessa (00:17):

Welcome to the elevated entrepreneurial podcast. I'm Janessa, Mackenzie of business mindset, coach, and brand strategist. And I help online experts like you stop self sabotaging your success unapologetically build a...

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