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The Real Deal About Promoting In Facebook Groups with Lacey Sites [Podcast Ep 35]

Sep 21, 2020

In this episode, Lacey Sites and I talk about the do’s and don’ts of promoting in Facebook Groups, the stigma around selling and why it’s important to join Facebook Groups that encourage you to build relationships and market your offers.

  • The importance of joining Facebook Groups that make you feel comfortable giving value, promoting your offers and posting without the fear of being removed from the group.
  • How to manage your Facebook Group to prevent spammy content and how to create boundaries within your group.
  • The right mindset you should have when selling your services or offers.

Lacey is a business mentor and success coach for high-performing women entrepreneurs.

She is the proud owner of two successful online businesses, the creator of the innovative podcast, LITerally™, and the co-host of the Happy Thoughts Show.

Lacey is a recovering perfectionist, crazy dog momma, unicorn lover (or maybe she is actually a unicorn?), personal development junkie,...

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Grow Your Audience Without Spending Another Dime with Jessi Beyer [Podcast Ep 34]

Sep 14, 2020

In this episode, Jessi Beyer and I break down tactical business strategies that you can put in place today without spending another dime on advertising to increase leads, conversions and revenue! She also gives us insight into her approach on money mindset and the impact is has in your life and business.

  • The power of the Conversion Equation and how it can transform your listener’s marketing messaging
  • Why you should hold off on investing in Facebook ads and what you should be doing instead.
  • Key things you should keep in mind when considering working with a business coach
  • The importance of having the right money mindset and the impact it can have in your life and business.

Jessi Beyer is a speaker, #1 best-selling author, and small business strategist on a mission to help business owners create the time and economic freedom they're dreaming of through practical and effective business coaching and consulting. She has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Best...

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How To Create Sexy Biz Goals You Are Excited About

Sep 10, 2020

I was in corporate for over 20 years and I never really felt like I fit in because I never felt like I could be myself. You're sitting behind your little cubicle behind your computer and you’re doing what you do all day. This is fine for a lot of people, but I knew that I wanted more. I was definitely the most authentically “me” person, I think in the whole building.

I've said this before that I don't pretend to be anybody that I'm not. There are times when you show up differently in different situations and you're like quieter than you normally would be, or because the situation calls for it, right. I'm always led though, by how I feel. I can feel other people's energy very easily. So, I do have to protect my own.

Being in corporate, I saw a lot of people really stressed out all the time including me. I chose not to be stressed anymore because it doesn't serve me, my life, or my business. But working in Corporate, they tend to put you in this little box. You have...

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Being More Than Just Fine - Empowering Yourself To Face Your Fears with Else Johnson [Podcast Ep 33]

Sep 07, 2020

Are you still afraid of showing up as the real you? In this episode, Else Johnson and I talk about how to show up unapologetically and the importance of facing your fears and allowing yourself the emotional freedom to create the financial freedom you deserve.

  • How to overcome your fears in each level of your business.
  • The importance of giving yourself credit for things you have accomplished.
  • Reasons you should grow your business based on things you are good at and delegate the rest.
  • Why you should stand up and take responsibility for what you believe in no matter the opinions of others.

Else Johnson is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, an entrepreneur, but most importantly, she’s herself. For years, she tried to live up to everybody's expectations of who she needed to be, and she was always stressed, unhappy, and full of fears. Her breakthrough started with a thought – "It doesn't have to be this way!" She realized that sustainable success in business and...

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The World Is Your Stage, What Are You Going To Do With It? - With Barbara Maisonet [Podcast Ep 32]

Aug 31, 2020

This episode has SO MANY golden nugget moments for entrepreneurs, I almost didn't know what to call it! Listen up as Barbara Maisonet and I dish on the stages we get to show up on in business and life, the power of no, and getting up after falling on your face (literally...she face planted on national television!)

  • The importance of giving your potential clients the opportunity to experience YOU.
  • Know the difference between a literal stage and a nontraditional stage to connect and grow your audience.
  • How to create raving fans out of your product or service.
  • The power of saying “no” to things that aren't  aligned with the vision of your business.

Barbara Maisonet has a passion for partnerships that pursue growth, awareness and transformation…which made choosing to become a Life & Business Coach a natural fit! Her coaching clients for the past 12 years have included doctors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEO’s… all of whom...

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How To Stop Holding Your Self Back From What You Really Want- with Hannah Stainer [Podcast Ep 31]

Aug 24, 2020

In this episode, Hanna Stainer shares her expertise on mindset, imposter syndrome and holding yourself back because of fear of people pleasing.

  • How your ideas in the past can consume your future and ways to appreciate where you are at the moment.
  • How to get in a better head space to be more productive and to make “work” more enjoyable.
  • The importance of building sustainable relationships to build a sustainable business.
  • The affect of people pleasing in your business and how it can hold you back from showing and accepting your true self.

Hannah Stainer is a coach, teacher and speaker. You might know her as a mental health advocate, the host of the Psykhe podcast, or as a geek (marvel, lotr, you get the picture...)

She is a socially awkward introvert but you’ll still find her across social media, mostly sharing photos of her dog Hector and challenging stigma around mental illness. Hannah has experience of living with depression and anxiety, imposter syndrome...

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How To Nurture Any Relationship - with Stephanie Ortiz [Podcast Ep 30]

Aug 17, 2020

In this episode, love and sex coach, Stephanie Ortiz, talks about how we can nurture intimate and business relationships, how to break vicious cycles so we can attract the love and sex we desire and the importance of having open and honest communication in any relationship.

  • How to break away the vicious cycle of attracting Mr. Wrong.
  • The importance of having tough conversations and open communication to strengthen your relationships.
  • Why you should know and be honest about your own weaknesses so that you can hire the right person for your team. 

Stephanie Ortiz is a former college stripper turned love, sex, and intimacy coach. 

Reminiscing on her personal journey she knew this is what she was meant to do. She knew she had a special set of skills and insights that she had to put in place in order to have the love and sex that she desired. Now she helps other women do the same. When it comes to sex and relationships, she’s become a master of clarity and she...

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How To Write Copy That Converts - with Dawn Apuan [Podcast Ep 29]

Aug 10, 2020

This week’s podcast guest, Dawn Apuan talks all things copy. She gives us the tips and tricks on writing copy, how to write copy for your ideal client and the biggest copy mistakes you could be making in your business.

  • Tips on how to write copy for your ideal client instead of writing to everyone
  • The biggest content mistake you could be making on your website
  • How to create a copy bank to nail the language of your ideal client

Dawn Apuan is an expert copywriter and funnel strategist. Former pastor and non-profit Executive Director, her mission now is to help female entrepreneurs communicate a compelling message and automate leads and sales that generate consistent income using a funnel that fits their business needs. She masterfully designs funnels and writes killer copy that converts for her clients.

Dawn's Facebook Fan Page - [Join here]( ref=page_internal )

Pinterest: @dawnapuancopywriter 


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Finding Your Purpose Using Yoga Therapy - with Becky Watson [Podcast Ep 28]

Aug 03, 2020

In this episode with Becky Watson, she is helping moms’ transition to having an empty nest through yoga therapy. She shows us that through exploration and self-discovery, she started her own business and proves that no matter what age you are, you can still create and reach big goals.

  • Transitions that moms go through when their kids leave and how to reconnect with themselves
  • Finding focus and purpose when their kids leave the nest
  • How you can start a business no matter what age you are

Becky Watson is a mom of 2, a yoga therapist, life mentor and author. After my daughter left home to finish high school at a boarding school, I knew that my time as a full-time mom was soon coming to an end. I'd spent almost 20 years arranging my life around my kids and I had no idea who I was anymore or what to do with myself after they left. That sent me on a journey of self-discovery where I discovered Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Using the tools that I learned in yoga therapy on...

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Creating healthy boundaries and a balanced lifestyle by changing your relationship status - with Bethany Dotson [Podcast Ep 27]

Jul 27, 2020

In this episode, Bethany Dotson helps us overcome low self-worth and bad relationships that have a negative impact on our career, emotional, physical and financial health. She shows us how to create healthy boundaries and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Why it’s important to know your limits to prevent burning out
  • How past trauma can unknowingly affect our trust and intuition
  • The affect toxic relationships have on our mind and self-worth
  • How our minds can hold us back because of imposter syndrome and our limiting beliefs

Bethany Dotson helps high-achieving women break the cycle of bad relationships, heal trauma and self-worth issues and attract, healthy emotionally available partners.

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Bethany (00:34):

Hey everyone. Welcome to the elevate podcast. I am here today...

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