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Finding Your Purpose Using Yoga Therapy - with Becky Watson [Podcast Ep 28]

Aug 03, 2020

In this episode with Becky Watson, she is helping moms’ transition to having an empty nest through yoga therapy. She shows us that through exploration and self-discovery, she started her own business and proves that no matter what age you are, you can still create and reach big goals.

  • Transitions that moms go through when their kids leave and how to reconnect with themselves
  • Finding focus and purpose when their kids leave the nest
  • How you can start a business no matter what age you are

Becky Watson is a mom of 2, a yoga therapist, life mentor and author. After my daughter left home to finish high school at a boarding school, I knew that my time as a full-time mom was soon coming to an end. I'd spent almost 20 years arranging my life around my kids and I had no idea who I was anymore or what to do with myself after they left. That sent me on a journey of self-discovery where I discovered Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Using the tools that I learned in yoga therapy on...

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Creating healthy boundaries and a balanced lifestyle by changing your relationship status - with Bethany Dotson [Podcast Ep 27]

Jul 27, 2020

In this episode, Bethany Dotson helps us overcome low self-worth and bad relationships that have a negative impact on our career, emotional, physical and financial health. She shows us how to create healthy boundaries and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Why it’s important to know your limits to prevent burning out
  • How past trauma can unknowingly affect our trust and intuition
  • The affect toxic relationships have on our mind and self-worth
  • How our minds can hold us back because of imposter syndrome and our limiting beliefs

Bethany Dotson helps high-achieving women break the cycle of bad relationships, heal trauma and self-worth issues and attract, healthy emotionally available partners.

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Bethany (00:34):

Hey everyone. Welcome to the elevate podcast. I am here today...

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Taking Small Steps Towards Your Big Goals - with Emma Lenhart [Podcast Ep 26]

Jul 23, 2020

This week’s podcast guest is Emma Lenhart, the owner of the digital marketing agency, Avira Media. In this episode, she discusses how she fulfilled her entrepreneurial dream of owning her own business and how she had to resist the pressure of getting a “traditional” job.

Why being resourceful is a must if you want to become an entrepreneur

  • How you can use reverse engineering and take small steps towards your big goals
  • The top things you should to do legitimize your business
  • Why it’s important to outsource tasks outside your zone of genius

Social media influencer and digital marketing expert, Emma Lenhart specializes in growing lifestyle brands through the power of digital marketing. As a college student, Emma launched her own lifestyle blog and saw her readers + followers grow organically in the Chicago-land area and beyond. With her loyal community behind her, she quickly realized her knack for authentic storytelling + visual branding. She then went...

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Crushing Your Goals with ALoN DaviD and the 90X Goal Planner [Podcast ep 25]

Jul 20, 2020

I’m very excited to have ALoN DaviD as a guest in this episode! We talk about the importance of coming from a place of service to grow your business, how you can be more successful in reaching your goals by breaking them down into 90 days and he lays out the 90X framework for us.

ALoN DaviD, founder and CEO of 90X®, arrived in America in 1995 without any business leads connections, networks, or promising internships to fall back on; he didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition, drive, and the dream to make something of his life. Through a decade of trials, lessons, failed and successful businesses, divorce, and even hitting rock bottom with a bankruptcy, he persevered and created an incredibly effective goal system which eventually became the 90X® Planner System. Today, the 90X® Planner System is sold in over 200 countries around the world, and ALoN helps entrepreneurs everywhere achieve their highest goals!

Click here to...

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How To Create An Engaged Facebook Group Full Of Your Dream Clients with Melissa Howard [Podcast Ep 24]

Jul 13, 2020

In this episode, Melissa Howard is sharing tips on creating an engaging Facebook Group, how to set rules and boundaries for the group and how to build authentic relationships with others on social media.

  • How to set up rules in your Facebook group to encourage engagement
  • Why it’s important to have a clear purpose when you create a Facebook group
  • How to authentically connect and build relationships on social media
  • The importance of knowing who you are, what you do and who you serve on a extremely deeper level to help feel the emotions of your ideal client

Melissa Howard is an international Confidence Strategist, Speaker, Coach and Empowerment Photographer specialized in supporting overachievers who are ready to end their battle with self-sabotage and regain their kickass confidence.

Committed to inspiring others to live with more confidence, health and happiness from the inside out, Melissa's mission is to inspire people to become who they were created to be, so that they...

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How Hiring A Team Can Prevent Burnout and Create More Freedom In Your Business - with Kris Ward [Podcast Ep 23]

Jul 06, 2020

In this episode, Kris Ward discusses the importance of productivity and building your business by building a team. She discusses when you should start building a team, the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make and the biggest myth about team building.

  • How hiring a team can prevent burnout and create more freedom in your business
  • The importance of being strategic in hiring the right team members
  • The right mindset you should have if you don’t feel ready to outsource
  • The benefits of building a team to help you continue to run and scale your business

Kris Ward is the leading authority in building your business by building your team. Kris is the founder of the Win the Hour, Win the Day philosophy. She helps entrepreneurs easily double their income and triple their time off. 

After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist. She was thrilled to see that her business had not only survived her absence but was...

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How to get media exposure to elevate your brand, even if it scares the sh*t out of you - With Laura Perkes [Podcast Ep 22]

Jun 29, 2020

With a 20 years career in public relations, Laura discusses how she created a business from doing something she loves, how to overcome fear to elevate yourself and your brand to the next level, and tips on how to get published in the media at places like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

  •  How to push through fear no matter what level you are in your business
  • How to feel like the expert in your business
  • Why it’s important to use the right tools in your business for your ideal clients to find you  
  • Tactical tips to reach the editors of your favorite online publications
  • Why you should spend time doing research before you reach out to be published
  • How to elevate your brand to the next level using the media

Laura Perkes is the founder of boutique PR agency, PR with Perkes and works with ambitious female entrepreneurs and business owners to empower them to share their message in the media, to inspire and influence others to make transformational life changes.

Facebook: ...

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How public speaking can give you the power to transform, inspire and change people’s lives - with Natasha Bazilevych [Podcast Ep 21]

Jun 22, 2020

In this episode Natasha shares her expertise on how to overcome the fear of public speaking whether in front of an audience or on camera. She also discusses the power of human potential and the importance of using our unique gifts.

  • The importance of self-reflection and inner self development to push through obstacles.
  • How public speaking can give you the power to transform, inspire and change people’s lives.
  • Different ways to show up for your audience to help overcome your fear of being on camera.
  • Why it’s important to get rid of obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals

Natasha Bazilevych is an international speaker from Ukraine and a business skill trainer with 12+ years of experience. She is a founder of a US based company called ChangeView, Inc. Her expertise includes, but is not limited to such topics as Giving Presentations, Reaching Goals, Building Habits, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence.

Natasha holds a Bachelor’s degree in teaching...

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Integrating Spirituality Into Your Business for Massive Growth - with Lindsay Schroeder (Pt 2 of a special 2 part series) [Podcast Ep 20]

Jun 17, 2020

In this episode with Lindsay Schroeder, we talk about how to integrate law of attraction, energy and manifestation into your business and how to let go of embedded beliefs that are holding you back from growing a successful business.

  • How to let go of limiting beliefs and getting clear on what it is you desire.
  • The importance of shifting your mindset to help you let go of fear of anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Why investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do for your business.
  • How you can focus on revenue generating activities so you don’t get lost in the busy work when starting to build your business.

Lindsay is a spiritual coach, light worker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.

Lindsay is a gifted intuitive and energy worker. She has cultivated a practice all her own.

Her services are often described as "other worldly" "without words" "transformative" and her favorite "like being on a spiritual drug"


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Side Hustle to CEO - Tips to get you there faster with Katie Thompson [Podcast Ep 19]

Jun 15, 2020

Having a full time "JOB" and creating and building a business is not for the faint of heart! Katie and I dish on some of the best tips to help you make the switch from side hustle to CEO

Katie is the founder of Modern Darling Media and the Host of The Hustlenomics Podcast. Modern Darling Media is a full-service branding, marketing & design agency for creative entrepreneurs who want to make a bold & meaningful impact.

You can find Katie here

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Jenessa (00:24):

Hey everyone, welcome back to the elevate podcast. This is Janessa. I'm here today with Katie Thompson and Katie is the founder of modern darling media and the host of the hustle Nomics podcasts. I'm...

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