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Align With Your Business From The Inside Out - With Lindsay Schroeder (Pt 1 of a special 2 pt series) [Podcast Ep 18]

Jun 10, 2020

In this episode, we talk all about the woo! Manifestation, intuitive business practices, energetic awareness and how to build a business that you feel deeply aligned with.

  • The importance of interacting with your mind, body and energy so you can focus from the inside out and channel that energy in your business.
  • How you can create the business of your dreams without the overwhelm, but instead feel excited and inspired about what you’re doing.
  • The shift you need to make from a corporate position to owning your business.
  • How you can create a magnetic energy so that people are responding to your energy more than your words.

Lindsay is a spiritual coach, light worker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.

Lindsay is a gifted intuitive and energy worker. She has cultivated a practice all her own.

Her services are often described as "other worldly" "without words" "transformative" and her favorite "like being on a spiritual...

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Imposter Syndrome The Struggle Is Real - with Caroline Matthews [Podcast Ep 17]

Jun 08, 2020

Caroline spills her story of struggling with imposter syndrome while being an award winning fashion designer and successful business owner and what she did to turn it all around.

Caroline Matthews is a multi award winning fashion designer, speaker and mentor to women who are ready to find their voice, own their brilliance and let their untamed side out to the world.

Caroline shows women how to drop labels, create their own, create their own world and live their lives through their own lens and not through someone else's.

You can find Caroline here:




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Speaker 1 (00:06):

I'm Janessa MacKenzie and I help entrepreneurs mindset, messaging, visibility to unapologetically show up and building. So how do you build your brand from...

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Finding Yourself When You Have An Empty Nest - with Colleen Rosenblum [Podcast Ep 16]

Jun 01, 2020

This chapter of "midlife and beyond" is not the same stage as our mothers or grandmothers: we are writing a new story, finding new careers, paths, travels, adventures and relationships. We are setting new goals as we empty nest and we are enjoying this third chapter which may be the best chapter yet. We get to choose.

  • Letting go and creating a new reality
  • Shifting your mindset from full time, they-need-me-all-the-time mom to I-have-all-the-free-time-what-do-I-do
  • Giving yourself permission to focus on yourself and enjoy life
  • Finding your purpose

You can check out the Hot Flashes and Cool Topics podcast here

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Jenessa (00:24):

Hey everyone, welcome to the elevate podcast. I'm here today with Coleen Rosenblum and her and her host, her cohost, um, host the clashes and cool topics podcast. And it is a podcast for midlife women in midlife and they're changing the narrative in midlife and beyond...

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Wise Words From A Teen Entrepreneur - with Paola Ochoa [Podcast Ep 15]

May 25, 2020

Paola is a 17 year old entrepreneur. She runs a social media agency as well as a empowerment page for teen entrepreneurs. She shares her wisdom and her story with us today.

  • Why she created teen bossbabes
  • How she is building an amazing community for other teen entrepreneurs
  • Her tips for other teens that are or want to be entrepreneurs

Find Paola here:

Follow her on Instagram



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Jenessa (00:24):

Hey everyone, welcome back to the elevate podcast. It's Janessa here and I am here with, I know I'm going to butcher this name again. Say it for me. Paula, Paula, a Choa and she is the founder of teen boss babe. She is a 17 year old girl. She is killing it right now in social media. And she's going to come on here and she's going to talk to us about why she's doing this. What got her started at this age. I mean, I know when I was 17 I wasn't thinking about starting a...

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Brand vs. Branding - What's the difference [Podcast Ep 14]

May 18, 2020

In this episode I define the difference between a brand and branding. Many think these words mean one and the same, but that's not true.

  • The definition of a brand and why it's so different from branding
  • Why your brand is more important than branding
  • My Brand Blueprint framework broken down

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Speaker 1 (00:06):

I'm Janessa MacKenzie and I help entrepreneurs mindset, messaging, visibility to unapologetically show up and building. So how do you build your brand from the inside out? This is the elevate podcast.

Jenessa (00:23):

Hey everyone, welcome back to the elevate podcast. It's Janessa, you're here today with me and myself and I, I can come to you talking about the difference between brand, the word brand and the word brand. Dang. I know that many people will get these two words mixed up or they just, I think that they are hand in hand in that the same, but they're not. And I want...

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Kelly’s Boss Queen Personal Branding Shoot - Wilmington, MA

May 15, 2020

Kelly is the owner of Onyx Boudoir Studios in Wilmington, MA. She has been a photographer for over 20 years and is damn good at it! Besides being an incredible photographer, Kelly’s mission and her why is what makes her one of the top photographers in New England.  

“YES, women will have amazing photographs of themselves in glamorous poses, but they will leave their Onyx Experience with more confidence and self-love, than they've ever had before!   My clients conquer the fear that holds them back from feeling the beauty inside them, and realize how much in life they truly deserve.“ - Kelly Wain

Well no wonder we get along! 

She also has her own story of conquering fear and self doubt. Our why as entrepreneurs usually does stem from something we have overcome ourselves, so make sure you check it out on her website.

Kelly wanted her personality, spunk, fire, and strength so shine through in her images (which she has plenty of by the way)....

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How To Expand Your Customer Base - with Heather Roberts [Podcast Ep 13]

May 11, 2020

In this episode we discuss why creating a mission, vision, core values, and culture that are all aligned with each area of your business allows you to grow your businesses profitably and in alignment with your goals and values.

  • Why a mission, vision, core values, and culture are imperative to your business success
  • Knowing who you can serve the best and saying no to to people/businesses that do not align with you
  • Why setting up your goals in congruence with  mission, vision, core values, culture as a base is important
  • Why you may not want to pivot and what you can do instead

Heather works with product based entrepreneurs who sell online and want to expand their customer base. 

How to build a foundation for growth pdf


Instagram: @heather_s_roberts 


Get your Next...

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Manifest Your Dream Life and Business - with Natalie Kita [Podcast Ep 12]

May 04, 2020

Listen up as Natalie and I talk about how applying the Law of Attraction and an abundance mindset to your approach to business, especially for a female entrepreneur, will help you manifest the life and business you truly desire.

  • What is the Law of Attraction
  • How you are creating your own reality every day  with your thoughts and the words you use
  • Why your thoughts are so extremely powerful 
  • How to start manifesting what you want today
  • What is means to "raise your vibration"
  • Why women have a natural advantage for manifesting 

Natalie's Free Energy Clearing Meditation:

Get 50% off Natalie's Abundance Badass Blueprint

You can find Natalie here:

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Personal Branding Photography - The Boss Queen Experience

May 01, 2020

Hey there, you savvy boss queen. 

So you're ready to finally get those branding images and show off what you got! Yes, let's get it girl!

I'd love to start off by saying that this experience is just EXPERIENCE. I am not a wham, bam, thank you maim type of photographer. So if your looking for someone to just show up and snap some pictures and hand them over with no thought, planning, collaboration from you, attention to details, or amazing perks then I am not your gal.

Now on the other hand, if your business is your baby and you want the best of the best for it and help to nurture it so it can grow strong and thrive, then you are in the right place.

I created this experience based on how I would want someone to treat my business...serious as a heart attack with a very knowledgeable Dr. McDreamy who cares about what I want, waiting on my every need, want, and desire during my stay so that I leave feeling refreshed, confident, and energized. Knowing I received the best...

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Simple processes that save time - with Lindsay Tramel-Jones [Podcast Ep 11]

Apr 27, 2020

Lindsay breaks down her signature framework to create simple processes that save you time in your business.

Lindsay Tramel-Jones is a NC born and raised southern belle. She started Organized Chaos Design Company because she was not feeling fulfilled in her 9-5. Starting a business while being a wife, dance mom, and full time soldier was what some would consider too chaotic. However, she has learned ways to streamline and organize her chaos while doing the same for side hustlers with very limited time.

You can find Lindsay at

Facebook and Instagram @organizedchaos.designco

Lindsay's gift to you

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Speaker 1 (00:05):

Hi, I'm Janessa MacKenzie brand new and I help entrepreneurs mindset, messaging, visibility unapologetically show up building. So how do you build your brand from the inside out? This is the elevate podcast.

Jenessa (00:24...

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