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Twice a month during the new and full moons we'll meet for intention setting, meditation, celebrations, and release practices that will help ground and guide your energy and focus throughout the lunar cycles for ultimate balance and support in your life.


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Imagine working with natural energy at all the right times so everything flows, helping you achieve your goals and daily tasks with more ease and grace so you can go have fun and enjoy life!

The moon cycles help you to become more present and connect with the natural rhythms of your body, mind, and environment. It serves as a great reminder to follow a regular pattern of setting intentions, creating mindfully, offering appreciation, and releasing that which is no longer serving you.

Brigette Slayter

The meditations are so powerful! I love this membership!

Jen Webber

It's wonderful and I really feel the energy!

Your Membership Includes:

  • Live Zoom meets during the new and full moons 
  • New journaling exercises and rituals every month you can use to help guide you through the lunar cycles
  • A private FB community to deepen your connection to your soul tribe
  • A member portal with lifetime access to all the zoom recordings, journal exercises, rituals and bonuses as long as you are an active member


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Hey I'm Jenessa, a spiritual business & life coach

My spiritual journey started 5 years ago when I decided to start my own business and quickly realized that I could implement all the infinite strategies I wanted, but real fulfillment, freedom, peace, impact, and success (the deep reasons I started a business) came from inside. I had to really get to know me, and it wasn't always a pretty journey, but totally worth it!

One of the coolest things is that while I may have started this journey for business, what I've learned through integrating the lunar cycles into my life has changed my life as a whole. I have gained confidence in myself and who I am, I understand when to push through and when to relax, I am happier which makes being present with family or friends sweeter. This path is a ripple effect through your life and others you touch, which is why I am so freaking excited to share it with you.

My spiritual path has been eclectic, I have learned to take what works for me (no matter what faith, belief, religion or how woo or not woo it may be) and leave what doesn't. I wholly believe that spirituality is deeply personal and it can look and feel however you want it to.

This membership will help you know yourself even better (or meet for the first time), grow with a tribe full of soul aligned people, it will  guide you as you move along your spiritual path, and help you balance your life in the intentional, impactful, intuitive way you want.

There are times to plan, take action, celebrate, rest, release, and make space, and knowing when you're energetically aligned creates a beautiful flow that allows all the things to fall into place. The intention is that the internal work we do reflects in our external reality and I am committed to helping you build your dreams from the inside out, it's my mission is to show you  who you were created to be, so that you can share your true self with the world, make a difference, and create a life by YOUR design.

If you allow it, the work you do through this membership will support you in up-leveling in all areas of your life.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Love & Light


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