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You're about to have a library full of images that show off your vibe and your brand...

Now what?

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It's not easy to stand out from all that online noise.

But that is precisely what needs to happen for you and your brand to get noticed and connect to your customers.

If they don't notice you...they pass you by.

But when your images speak to them authentically...
You become the authority, the expert. The person they want to go NEED to go to.

Everyone else in your field pales in comparison because their images are not as dynamic and they don't tell a story.

But yours do.

"If you are looking for a photographer for your branding or just for a gigantic boost to your self-esteem, talk to Jenessa. She is down-to-earth, soul-centered, sister-supporting, and - clearly - talented. She'll get you images that will make your site SIZZLE."

Barbara H
Owner, Daring Spirits

"From beginning to end, both days were such great experiences! Jenessa makes it feel easy to be at ease, and natural. It felt like we could spend hours trying new looks, lighting and backgrounds, and time flew by! She is incredibly talented and able to find the most beautiful version of you. I highly recommend hiring her!"

Kerry H

"My branding shoot with Jenessa was so easy! I was really nervous about getting in front of the camera but she walked me right through every pose and I have never felt more confident! I am so excited to use these images everywhere!"

Keila S.
Owner, KNS Virtual

"After my branding photoshoot with Jenessa, I felt CONFIDENT! When I look at my photos now, I feel beautiful. Jenessa made me feel understood, comfortable, and listened to. I wasn't nervous because I knew she had my best interests at heart. Now I feel like I can share my words and be taken more seriously."

Stephanie P.
Instagram Growth Specialist

“Personal branding is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business…”

Entrepreneur Magazine


Hi! I'm Jenessa

Your online image specialist

Whether you are

  • Getting ready to launch, and need a great photographer to help you infuse your personality, make a strong brand statement, and give you the kind of image that will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Rebranding, and looking for transformative images to reinvent yourself to show off all of the personal and business growth you've undergone.
  • In need of a double shot of confidence with a sass and class chaser to renew your outlook on life and your business, so you'll feel unstoppable when you see your branded images online.
  • Trying to show your customers that there really is a real person behind the curtain of your business that they can feel connected to and get to know.
  • Searching for creative ways to tell your story, so you can share your vision with the world. are the first thing people will see, and as a savvy business owner you know how much first impressions matter.

You need more than a headshot photographer, you need an online image specialist.


They are a first impression and a lasting perception

This is  your brand built by your vision

This is your vision built by your story

This is your story told with your voice

You're more than a brilliant business mogul.  

You’ve overcome adversity and undergone transformation.  You’re full of bold moves and limitless dreams, but you’ve had your share of fear and self-doubt too. And because there are so many sides of you: the strategist, the trendsetter, the spiritualist, the parent, the explorer, the sensualist, the best friend, the rule breaker - it's important to you that your brand's images reflect every facet of who you are.

Hell yes, let's talk!


All sessions include:

  • Boss Brand Breakthrough Call - So you are confident the images you get will reflect your vision 
  • All of your professional quality images (50+ guaranteed) - So you don't have to choose

With amazing options for

  • Professional hair and make up - So you don't have to worry about doing it yourself or scheduling another appointment
  • A one hour virtual call with my incredible professional personal stylist - So you have all the outfits and accessories you need ready to go and you're confident that you'll look your best!
  • Additional time for your shoot - So you have all the time you need to hit all the coolest places that vibe with you, without feeling like you have location FOMO 

Single Shoot - No Chaser

The perfect option to hit it hard once and get your images out there. A one day shoot tailored just for you.

Starting @ $997

Let's Talk!

Make It A Double

2X the fun!  2 shoots with in a 12 month period. A great option to stay up to date with fresh images in different seasons.

Starting @ $1795

Payment plan available

Let's Talk!

Just Hand Me The Bottle

You are a savvy queen and know the importance of fresh content and relationships!  4 shoots in a 12 month period. The option to stay up to date with fresh images in all the seasons.

Starting @ $3597

Payment plan available

Let's Talk!


Yass girl, I got you! Here are the answers to the Q's I get asked the most.

First step is to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page so we can get to know each other and make sure we have a spark! 

Your shoot will be scheduled at least 30 days out from our call*

Read all about how the whole process flows here.

*(if you are in a rush and need images like yesterday, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. An additional cost may apply)

There are lot's of bells and whistles to enhance your photoshoot experience, like:

  • including hair and make up so you don't need to worry about doing it yourself or making another appointment.
  • meeting with my personal stylist to help you pick out (or shop for) the perfect clothes and accessories that you will feel AMAZING in, will photograph beautifully AND show off your incredible vibe.
  • and increasing our time together during a shoot so you get to change locations and outfits as many times as you want and your images reflect every facet of you that you want them to.

All sessions include the boss brand break though session, and all of the professional quality image we create during our 2 hours together, but this is YOUR session and we can enhance it however you'd like!

The day is yours! I only shoot one session in a day so that I can give all my attention to you! 

Standard sessions last 2 hours with an option for more! 

You can read all about the entire process here!

If you will be including hair and makeup in your session and are in the MA/NH area I will schedule an appointment for you with one of the incredible HMUA's (hair and make up artist) I work with. They will reach out to you to confirm a time and location.

If I am traveling to you outside of MA/NH, we will find a professional near you.

That depends on the feel of your brand. We definitely talk about this in our Boss Brand Breakthrough Session so that when you go through your closet or choose to talk with Jen, my very talented personal stylist, she knows all about your brand and your vision and is ready to help you choose the best outfits, accessories , and shoes that will flatter and photograph like a dream!

The standard turn around time is 2 weeks.

If you are in need of your images like yesterday, please let me know as soon as possible and I will do my best to accommodate you. Additional fee may apply

Heck yes! 

I am totally in LOVE with travel! So whether it's traveling to your hood or traveling to a special destination to create the brand shoot of your dreams, I AM IN!

We will discuss all the deets on our consultation call!

So easy!

I accept cash or credit card

You may pay in full at time of booking


A deposit of 1/3 is required to book  with the remaining balance paid in full by the shoot date for single shoots and by automatic monthly payments for multi shoots.

We can discuss a custom payment plan on our consultation call.

Ummm yasss queen! 

Let's talk about it on our consultation call

Ready to make your online brand sizzle!

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