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The Elevated Entrepreneur

The Elevated Entrepreneur

Hosted by: Jenessa MacKenzie

The Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast mixes the woo with the do to help you create the space, energy, and alignment you need so you can unapologetically show up in your life and business, be who you were created to be,...

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Creating A More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Business with Heidi Duss

In this episode, Heidi Duss drops truth bombs on why representation matters, why unique and diverse perspectives is important and three things you can do right now to be more inclusive to create a greater sense of...
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Who Are You Trying To Impress? Lifting The Veil of Societal BS So You Can Show Up Fully & Authentically with Jeff Harry

The importance of finding work that makes you feel alive How you can find all the answers inside yourself so you can implement them, commit to it and do it your way The negative impact that uncertainty has In our...
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What Really Happens When You Raise Your Vibe with Alex Bynum

Episode #79

The misconception people have about what “raising your vibe” and what why it’s so much more than being more positiveHow to practice gratitude to permanently shift your vibe into a different state and raise your...
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EQ is the New IQ: What Is Emotional Intelligence And Why Does It Matter with Grace Mase

Episode #78

The importance of understanding what triggers you so you can recognize future trigger pointsTips on how to improve your communication skills and prevent conflictHow to have more calmer and peaceful relationships with...
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How To Tap Into Your Intuition & Connect With Spirit Everyday with Katie Helliwell

Episode #76

What it means to “connect on the go” and use quicker tools to make a great deep connection even on a busy scheduleThe difference between hearing your own inner voice and hearing a spirit guideHow to trust spirits to...
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Everyday Opportunities to Create a Connected Relationship with Yourself with Jamie Lerner

Episode #75

The effects of not having a good relationship with ourselves and how it projects on to othersHow to avoid getting stuck in beliefs that are no longer serving usWhat to do when you catch yourself judging someone else...
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Is Your Relationship With Time Sabotaging You?

Episode #74

How you can discover your relationship with time with a simple journal exerciseHow your beliefs about time can have a negative impact which leads to stress and overwhelmThe importance of putting attention in the...
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Reclaiming Your Energy Body So You Can Fast Forward Your Success with Beau Maxwell

Episode #73

The impact other people can have on your mood and energySteps to dispel energies that are not your own and transmute to themHow to shift your mindset from being a problem solver to a builder and how it can benefit you...
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Time is Money - How to Prioritize Your Time Based on Profit with Nicole Riccardo

Episode #72

How to use branding to incorporate your personality and things you loveHow to attract the right people into your tribeTips on creating freedom for yourself while growing your businessThe importance of keeping track of...
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Unlearn Everything! - Shifting from an old paradigm into a portal of possibility with James Wedmore

Episode #71

Why we need to unlearn what we think the criteria is for what we deserveThe portal of possibility and the reaction you should have when you see someone who has what you wantThe fake stories we tell ourselves that...
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Is Your Identity Sabotaging You?

Episode #70

How to identify your subconscious to change your beliefsTips to push forward to get out of the loop of self-sabotage and move into self-empowermentThe importance of understanding how powerful your thoughts are and how...
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Using Psychology-Based Design and Winning Words That Position You as a True Expert With Sydney Hart

Episode #69

What you should have at the top of your website to grab attentionThe different ways you can sell without a websiteTips on creating a website that is easy to navigateHow to use psychology to impact potential clients...
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